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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on May 29 - 30? “The prince of Persia“ and others of

As well as last week, we will not see many novelties, nevertheless, movie theaters will definitely not be empty. Let`s begin with the fact that on screens the long-awaited screen version of cult video game 90 - x “the Prince of Persia will appear: Time sand“.

Also at the list there are the Hollywood comedy “Supermakgruber“, the British biographic tape “Become John Lennon“, the Norwegian drama “North“ and the historian - a biographic picture of production of Germany, Norway and Denmark “Max. Manus: Person of war“. And now is more detailed:

1. “Prince of Persia: Time sand“ (Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time). the English director Mike Newell passed a long way from the flashing comedy “Four Weddings and One Funeral“ to sound Hollywood expensive “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire“ blockbusters. This time the venerable producer Jerry Bruckheimer invited Newell to work over the screen version of a cult computer toy “the Prince of Persia“. Young, but already very successful Jake Gyllenhaal (“Zodiac“, “Humpbacked mountain“) got a leading role of the prince of Dastan. The role of its love passion was played by Gemma Arterton (“Fight of titans“), and the burden of the film villain habitually fell to sir Ben Kingsley at whom negative characters turn out much better positive. For outdoor shootings in the deserts of Morocco, tremendous kaskadersky tricks and mass of impressive special effects - here what first of all it is worth waiting from this tape with the budget in 150 million dollars. The picture already started in a number of places and managed to earn 18 million, however the bulk of the audience will be able to get acquainted with a long-awaited show only on these days off and to estimate not only the picture, but also the scenario and actor`s game.

2. “To become John Lennon“ (Nowhere Boy). the Last year`s tape from the director Sam Taylor Wood. No, I do not confuse cases, simply it is the girl with a full name Samantha. It is her debut in big cinema, but not in cinema in general because Wood was already treated kindly by jury of the festival in Sandensa which handed it in 2009 an award for the best short film (“I love you stronger“). The picture “Become John Lennon“ (literally the name of a tape can be translated as “The guy from nowhere“) had rather difficult rolling destiny. The matter is that, despite presence of Lennon, this work is devoted to his childhood and youth. In other words, it is its biography before appearance of Beatles that obviously reduced potential audience. In Russia the movie in general could not get to a rolling grid, however the website Kinopoisk developed a wide action among the visitors that as a result helped and this week this musical drama will be shown in a number of the large cities (but not in all). The book of the stepsister of Lennon Julia Beyrd became a basis for the scenario, and the leading role was played a star of recent “Fuck-up“ by Aaron Johnson.

3. “Supermakgruber“ (MacGruber). Parodies to spy movies and - la Bond appear with an enviable regularity, worthy the best application worldwide. Mr. Bin trains for a new profession in the agent Johnny Inglish, famous Lesley Nielsen becomes “The ineradicable spy“, the famous comedian Steve Carel shows miracles of “idiocy“ in the tape “Crinkle Pressures“. Authors of “Supermakgruber“ decided to bring a level of dullness of the main character to the highest mark, having relied on popular residents of the show Saturday Night Live Kristen Uig and Will Forte. In the company to them invited to steam of stars of the second echelon, Val Kilmer and Ryan Phillip. However the picture was met on the homeland (where, actually, and the most large-scale success was planned) very faded therefore to the first premier Wick - and Yorm Takkone`s movie managed to climb up only the sixth line a hit - parade. Considering that the budget of the comedy made only 10 million that to present measures is simply insignificant, creators still can hope to beat off expenses. Especially as similar opuses go on DVD much better, than on the big screen. Also you should not forget that the movie received a “terrible“ rating of R that already in itself is not really good for the comedy project.

4. “Max. Manus: Person of war“ (Max Manus). the Person of war is an addition of our localizers because the Russian viewer is poorly informed in biographies of eminent persons of the Norwegian resistance movement of times of World War II, and the name of Max of Manus does not speak to it about anything. Nevertheless, this person and his history are known to Norwegians not by hearsay therefore no wonder that the most expensive tape in the history of domestic cinema (nearly 8 million dollars) became in the homeland and the most successful. The movie appeared in world hire one and a half years ago so most of persons interested already managed to look at it. The film film distributor of “Carmen Video“ invites the same who did not take advantage of the opportunity this week in movie theaters.

5. “North“ (Nord). If the quantity of the Scandinavian tapes seems to someone insufficient, then undersign - receive one more. Not about war, and “the road removed in a popular genre - muv“ that in Russian means “that I see - about that and I sing“. On a plot the former athlete, and also the former inhabitant of a cozy room with soft walls, cannot be defined in any way where it is better for it and from it constantly is depressed. However soon in his life there is a purpose because he learns that he unexpectedly - unexpectedly became a father. In this connection, having taken itself only the canister of moonshine and a pack of antidepressants, it goes to the North to get acquainted with the child. Actually, the picture is also devoted to its road adventures.

If forecasts of future box office could become a subject of rates, then the majority, naturally, would make a choice for “the Prince of Persia“. And would hardly miss because in all respects this Hollywood multimillion project a cut above other beginners. Least of all hopes on how many - nibud decent collecting, in my opinion, at the Norwegian military tape. “Supermakgruber“ has every chance to break through in the five of the strongest since it has no direct competitors. However, and strong marketing campaign too. Thus, the main fight for the viewer on these days off will take place between the debutant from Persia and the winner of last week, three-dimensional animation “Shrek forever“.