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Secret of the prospering business: male character, money, sex. What the general?.

Yes of a vot! - why to be over-modest!? And why not to call things by their proper names? And not to ask direct questions?

Main: and whether something can connect directly them, - at the same time all Trinity? That at once a pace, with speed, speed, slightly perfidiously and despising a head wind in a face. Is not present even enjoying it! Well exactly - in - exactly as on full to a skak in the Russian three. All ask

a question - where and as it is possible to earn elastic rolls of money. And almost all understand that the answer to this question lies somewhere in the territory of psychology. Economy - because it only assumes as, not through financial analytics - because it has only tools. Namely - AS! That is, what behavior has to be as to show itself and to present. - It is already pure psychology.

Sometimes it is necessary to see statements at some preachers of breed of feminists that the psychology of the man is similar to psychology of a dog - he can be tamed easily. Well and let so I think! But also thanks for the presented canines. Because sometimes without them, and with them it is simpler in any way. Yes not all accept and use aggressive strategy of advance on a commodity market and services. But in pack surely there will be the one who stops at nothing, biting on the left and to the right. - Not for nothing recently quotations on competitive investigation raised.

So, nevertheless to the main thing. You should not carry out even opinion poll among strippers how on an office party they unmistakably find the head. - They look around at the most muzhikasty man in crowd. Very few people paid attention to their intuition because any business - trainers, say, give other examples. But all of them exactly keep within one line: if the man knows psychology of women, to seek to seize them, then he just with the same ease manages and to earn money. And if he does not know even from what party to approach women, then and money in its pockets the same frequent guests. The most curious that it is confirmed by the return examples, but from the territory of already fine half. Those who studied trainings in psychology of money or just read a two-three of books - very quickly find to themselves if not party, then on a situation - lover. It is connected with the fact that the woman in this case begins to understand the deep essence, - accurately places requirements and priorities. And the main thing - she begins to appreciate herself. Any man respecting himself the attention to the woman who itself it is low and windy will never pay bears. Butterflies - one-nights are not interesting here - they it is similar to bad money: on bad came - as well left.

of the Man slopes to observe ritual at obshcheniye with women, - not deeply digging - let`s just remind of appearance and a luster. By the way, players too to secure with fate on money - are inclined to perform this or that ritual and to pay attention sometimes only to them peculiar signs and superstitions. That is anyway it is necessary to form psychological motivation, to guess preference of the woman and her spirit.

I if to assume that the female soul something is similar to an essence of money, then is not difficult to grind in itself those boorish abilities rather, to choose the purpose, to adjust on an attack and to those what abilities and talents were provided by the nature - to rush to storm of financial fortress. Who told that he will resist?! Only it is necessary to understand own relation.

Is possible, threatens to seem to me banal, but there is a wish to remind everything that at men of all times and the people the exact and certain notion of the ideal woman is created. Yes I was not mistaken in criteria - and as much as possible I bring closer you to the category - ideal earnings. That it was easy, it is a lot of and it is not a shame.

As a rule, idea of the ideal woman is formed of 7 main characteristics:



Hostess of the house



Absence of jealousy

Sense of style

Wife - mother

Not all are indisputable because the attitudes towards them different, but nevertheless any it is impossible to remove. The same characteristics also should be broadcast on money, allocating with a semblance.

is difficult to imagine the man of means which dislikes money, they from - for fastidiousness are not solved, to put in a pocket and to carry with itself, and as required takes them two fingers for an edge. Money - is attractive in itself. whether

Are clever money? - difficult question. But there is an easy answer: if they can us and the whole world to operate - that not and are silly.

A here, probably, about their managing in the house - dispute cannot be. The refrigerator in which a mouse hung itself, the collected utility payments, one bulb on all house and a small lamp without batteries - the depressing show. But so it turns out - when money is transferred and does not want to manage more in the house.

Sexuality. Here it is possible to manage and no comments: to be given to money - it is not shameful. All of them are attractive.

Tranquility. Money do not love excess attention, especially from some curious bodies, they also force to use quiet approach and at least small planning or a preimage. Grant

, you should not be jealous money - we earn that from them to spend the most part. Yes, - they always look for that who to them the bigger hunter, but this their line needs to be accepted and respected.

Money - maybe to the worst, but became pragmatic lifestyle. They also style also provide sense of style.

Here - only my personal opinion. I in general not strongly resist when care for me and furthermore women gently caress. Therefore for similar behavior from money - I do not object and it is even ready is measured to suffer similar to the grave. And what will be more caress and cares from their party - it is better for those (to me it seems so).

If differently - that, perhaps, is a shame to turn out as sex with the grandmother - and pleasures of nobody and before itself.

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