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Than day is remarkable on May 28? Pachomius the Great and the Groin - Bokogrey of

Almost everyone if not to tell more, day in a calendar for our ancestors was connected with these or those events, signs, symbolics. Today it is difficult for us to judge (and why!) were how true worship: each present inhabitant has planets the views, individualism more and more obviously comes into the own. However, if not to assimilate Ivanam, not remembering relationship, then it is good to respect traditions. Here this story is intended for those to whom they are interesting and.

Reverend Pakhomy: for what he was nicknamed Great?

the Christian world reveres on May 28 Pachomius the Great`s memory, the founder of a cenobium in Egypt and one of pustynnozhitelstvo pillars. He was born, as well as martyrs Timofey with Mavra, in the Egyptian Fivaida, and just approximately when they underwent cruel sufferings for belief.

Received pagan education in a family and very good secular education, the young man was called up for military service, under banners of army of the emperor Konstantin. By the way, that which proclaimed later Christianity the dominating religion, and then transferred the capital of the Roman state to Vizanty (Constantinople) and it is read by several Christian faiths Saints equal to the apostles.

Together with other tribespeople it arrived to recruiting station which was a city prison, and besides - under guards which bore protection, at the same time without caring for livelihood and other needs of recruits at all. But brought them food and in every possible way those who called themselves Christians served. Then - the thought that time for the sake of faith in God people so disinterestedly realize love to neighbors, this belief - true sank down in soul of future Saint.

Upon termination of service Pakhomy, according to Life, accepted a sacred Epiphany and lodged in Shenesita, not too populous place, besides led a solitary life there. However it needed the spiritual management which it found in a face of the hermit Palamon.

As narrates Pakhomy`s Life, after ten years of desert life he heard a voice once the heavenly, enjoined to base near ruins of the settlement Tavennisi monastery where he, actually, at that time also was. Together with the mentor it began to build the dwelling for monks on blessing of the Saint aged man Palamon who soon after the begun works rested … But after this a regrettable event Pakhomy had a vision Angela Bozhija, handed it the charter of monastic life.

The elder brother of the Reverend, Ioann who lodged together with him was the first who came to again founded monastery. And then began to come and other people wishing to study, to accept monastic tonsured and to serve the Lord. At the same time the founder of monastery, having established uniformity for all in food and clothes, never lagged behind all other in monastic efforts: and cared for economy, and looked after sick pilgrims.

Visiting them, encouraged, convinced to thank God and to lay hope for his sacred will, but at the same time and gave eases in observance of a post in compliance with medical indications. And still work of obedience in the form of copying of books entered and edified that that and any other, “executed zealously, above a post and a prayer“.

Pachomius the Great what was not called during lifetime, considered and insisted that “monks should not have had own money or accept something otsvoy relatives“. It was very strict to violators (and to itself - and that more), but also it is excellently merciful to unripe souls. So, cases when it averted monks from a martyrdom feat from an arrogance splash attempt are known, calling for humility.

It is strange to read after studying of Life in which it is said that “the Reverend learned to be afraid in every possible way of condemnation of others and itself was afraid even to condemn in thoughts someone“ the description of its biography Grigory Orlov`s feather in “Stories from history of Christian Church“ of which the Saint loudly convicts heretics.

It seems that this judgment is based on a story about how “to the Reverend Pakhomy his sister Maria who wished to see the brother long ago came. But the strict devotee refused to it appointment and transmitted through the gatekeeper to it blessing to take a way of monastic life, promising in it the help. Maria began to cry, but arrived according to instructions of the brother. Tavennissky monks built for it the dwelling on the opposite coast of Nile. To Maria nuns began to gather, and the women`s monastery with the strict charter which was transferred by the Reverend Pakhomy was soon created“.

The received knowledge was most bitter for it, “that the last monks will not have such jealousy of feats as the first, will go as in darkness, without having skilled heads“. He as is narrated, “bitterly cried, appealing to the Lord and asking favor to them“. Also the new voice was the answer to the Saint: “Pakhomy, remember mercy Bozhy. Know about the last monks, as they will receive an award because they should suffer from life, heavy for the monk“.

The Reverend died at fifty-three-year age, having caught “Morava an illness“, the last days it were facilitated by cares of the closest pupil Theodore.

I what most very interesting coincidence: memory of the tsar Konstantin equal to the apostles from whose easy hand the recruit - Pakhomy for the first time thought of Christianity, and Theodore who spent with it naityagchayshy days before death is honored in May. According to Konstantin - 21 - go numbers, according to Theodore - 17 - go. As it is close, however … to

the Groin - Bokogrey: how Slavs dated a name of the Christian Saint for an economic calendar?

Yes it is very simple. The sky is high, and the field - is close. Therefore each sacred face (as well as was to a doprezhda, to a hristianization) should be ranked as cares, actual for calendar time. And as ancestors to our ancestors commanded that when and how to do, and getting on with new religion, they carried out traditional communication. Whether to us to judge? And to whom?! Everything on century precepts was under construction.

So, Pachomius the Great became Pakhom - Bokogrey as since ancient times was considered that put this - very significant both on phenological signs, and from the point of view of the organization of a household. And therefore in country life a number of corresponding proverbs, sayings, sayings and notes took roots. Here, for example:

hi, the Groin - began to smell heat;

on Pakhom warmly - all summer warm;

from Pakhomy weather - such as there will be the whole summer;

from Pakhom is time to sow late oats and wheat;

on Pakhom barley is necessary - it is time to sow.

* * *

the sky and the earth, high and ordinary Are … But unless the name of the Christian Saint by the fact that he entered an economic calendar oproshchatsya? In my opinion, at all, and even opposite. And you as consider?