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“Where to go to study“ or “In what I want to be engaged in life“?

Often a question of search of higher education institution are based not on aspirations and tendencies of the child to a certain activity, and on prestige of university and a field of activity, on material reasons of parents of rather future work of the child. All these factors, certainly, need to be taken into account at the choice of “place“ of continuation of education and when receiving a profession.

And all - very few people think of in what the child wants to be engaged. To what pulls the offspring, than he is fond? The ideal option arises when desires and actions - the choice of a vital path (profession) and educational institution which “will kindle that torch“ with which the student has to “burn“ are coordinated to become the real master in the sphere for which he was trained to bring benefit to society and the state.

The ideal option meets seldom. Often “study one, work in another“ - supervision on life. Many after the termination of educational institution go to work to that field of activity which brings financial wellbeing or sincere satisfaction. It means that continuation of study after the 11th class, is reduced only to receiving “crust“ which will allow to earn a living, working and not in the specialty.

The statistics claims that the people happy with the professional activity for whom work - hobbies, a way of life, have the highest material income. Such current situation is quite lawful. When the person likes in what he is engaged, and he is engaged in it constantly, his ability better than others increases to solve tasks which for it are set by work. If it the best, then it gives it considerable advantages before competitors and, therefore, a big salary. Strangely enough, but laws of life coincide with laws of an ekonomiks.

The facts demonstrate that vocational training after school only for 10% defines quality of human life. For 90% the success in a profession and life depends on internal motivation. External circumstances play the part in making of a course of life but which is not defining.

Everyone has to find the way, listening to internal beliefs. Continuation of education after high school as well as the general environment, are urged to help the person to understand themselves.

Then what question is more important also what decides destiny - where to go to study or what I want to be engaged in life in?