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“Irresistible Marta“, or What movie is not recommended to be watched on an empty stomach?

to All Europe were necessary to try that at the exit, in 2001, something synthetic turned out. Germano - Italian - avstriysko - Swiss. But it turned out, at the end - that the ends! And winners, speak, do not judge. Though the last is not absolutely right. Judge. Moreover as! With addiction.

But in this case all addictions were on the side of Sandra Nettelbek`s movie “Irresistible Marta“ (“Bella Marta“). On MKF in Valencia only the picture which came to the big screen won a prize of spectator sympathies. On the following MKF, already in Mons, it won practically everything that was possible. Both a big prize of jury, and a prize for the best scenario, and awards to the best performers of both female, and man`s roles.

2002 for “Irresistible Marta“ became in general triumphal. The performer of the leading female role (Martina Gedek) was marked out 52 - y by a national German film award and a prize German film critics. Her partner and, in combination, the leading man of an opposite sex - Sergio Castellito - was given an award of the European film academy. And the movie - a special prize of jury at a festival of the European cinema in the Loess and the prize “Silver Taiga“ at the international festival “Spirit of Fire“ in the Khanty - Mansiysk.

Of course, prizes - prizes. There has to be some work for critics and academicians? But generally movies are issued not for them. And, as it is strange, - for the viewer. And it expressed the addictions of “Irresistible Marthe“ too. Legs. And a purse, having given the Qassam of movie theaters nearly 10 worldwide, and on other sources and all 14 million dollars. Only in Germany the movie was watched by 513 thousand people. In the USA which, as a rule, except native Hollywood, recognizes nothing else and there on “Irresistible Marta“ 712 thousand descended.

And at us … We had this movie “in limited hire“. Offensively, however. Really only in full, and partly therefore - happy Europe, love - it is valid - is more main than money? Or they with such ease are given only because want to see unprecedented and to touch something like that?. In usual life - inaccessible. Well, then everything is not so bad.

And from where to it, this “bad“ to be when the movie... But we will not run forward. One after another.

They say that the way to heart of the man lies only through his stomach. And what? Can quite be. Personally I, so even if it is very strong to ask, I will not refuse a soup plate of rich borsch on - Belgorod. Or portions another of squids with onions. So, the main character has movies, the chief - cooks of one of restaurants of French cuisine in Hamburg, problems with private life should not be just.

But it - theoretically. And in real life not all is as simple as it seems. And it is not as good as there is a wish. Probably, therefore “Irresistible Marta“ is a history of the beautiful, but lonely woman. The big professional in the work and just the same big, just huge unlucky person, but already in private life.

It and it is so not really cozy on a couch of the psychoanalyst to whom instead of asking questions of how all - to adjust private life, she can list for hours time of cooking and frying of different exotic dishes, their ingredients, ways of cutting and processing. To it and it is so not really cozy, and here also death of the sister in road accident. Which has a little daughter. Well, not in a shelter the niece who remained the orphan?

And in Marta`s house (Martina Gedek) there is a little niece - Lina (Maxim Fyorste) with whom, you want - do not want, it is necessary to adjust relationship. And if you do not know - as? Everything is so difficult in life of the main character …

All right only at home or in private life. So here also at work came! Represented by the small restaurant of the nice and brutal cook employed by the hostess - the Italian. Mario (Sergio Castellitto) is the cool expert too and a bast shoe the French onions soup did not get used to sup. But also Marta wants to lose the won positions somehow not really. Both cooks know the own worth. And not only in the professional plan. But also as persons.

This their mutual self-confidence and in standing nearby, at the next finishing little table the person, finally also helps the main characters safely and to happily resolve all problems put before them both the screenwriter, and the life invented by it. And the melodrama in skillful hands of actors gradually and imperceptibly for the viewer becomes that tool by means of which the picture is filled with soft humour and home-style warm charm. Skillful hands of cooks - professionals and diligently helping them will boil, without any haste prepare refined components of both the main subject course, and a garnish for it.

And if the speech about food … came “Irresistible Marta“ cannot be looked on an empty stomach. No way! From one names of all that prepares, moves to a table and it is eaten within those 109 minutes that there is a movie if not to sink into a faint due to starvation, then - it is precisely possible to choke with saliva. And not once. Of course, the death everything is is improbable, but to feel easy discomfort from all these a fu - a gr, lobsters in turned sour - sweet sauce and beefsteaks with blood - it is quite probable. And discomfort, even if it and easy, not the best feeling. From it it is not necessary to wait for pleasant emotions, and here to spoil impression of the movie … This it - can.

And it is better - that could not. Because “March“, it it is valid - “is irresistible“. Fine actor`s game. Both Martina Gedek, and Sergio Castellitto deserved the prizes and awards. Picturesque humour, with soft smack of nostalgia according to good comedies, sentimental grief, a subject intrigue - all in the movie in strict accordance with a classical compounding of the qualitative European melodrama. It is precisely measured and skillfully prepared. At all superfluous. Vulgarity pinches.

The movie so confidentially and frankly tells this pressing I smother a story of two people, each of which at last finds the half that to the most final credits it is impossible to come off the screen. And for all this time the world surrounding us recedes, hides somewhere nearby, in a twilight of the room or viewing hall, and ceases to exist for the viewer who all there, in far Hamburg. Empathizing heroes and sincerely wishing them good luck.

“Irresistible Marta“ - fantastically tasty dish not only for the real gourmets of good game cinema, but also for those who suffer from total absence of appetite. Try - you will not regret.