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How the SEX PISTOLS group “sang“ of the English queen?

Tell that in the second half of 1970 - x pictures where it was in detail drawn how to strike three guitar chords were published in the English magazines. And under everything these there was an inscription: “Now you can organize group and play the punk - fate“.

History of this musical phenomenon was prompt, short and represented series of the scandals replacing each other. Shocking of the punk always began with the words “And to Us to Spit on …“ (further it was possible to add anything at discretion - public morals, musical skill, appearance, show - business etc.) . As a matter of fact the birth of style was response on “institute fate - stars“, to the middle of 1970 - x long ago come off the people and taken refuge in magnificent hotels and limousines. Rich uncles with the grandiose music irritated guys from the street more and stronger, not persons interested to be reconciled with rules of show of that time - business.

They opposed to a success cult a cult of “loser“, fate - to zveda with their musical skill - the simple children from the street who are hardly able to play the guitar, fate - to symphonies with ten-minute soloing - short evil songs with a “dirty“ sound. “Not very well, as well as what you play, the main thing - that you do it with all the heart“ - here the main installation the punk - fate. And though show - to business managed to be swallowed quickly enough and punks, the bourgeois public was obviously not ready to the first attack.

And here in November, 1975 the four of “young and angry“ guys under the name SEX PISTOLS won back the first concert in St. Martin`s college. Performance was impressive - after several songs to group just cut down electricity … Also rushed!

Soon all press indignantly started talking about punks, and thanks to such public relations paid to group attention and record companies at once. However, they obviously did not calculate the forces. The first contract was concluded with EMI, and at the end of 1976 on counters the first single SEX PISTOLS with the effective name “Anarchy in the U appeared. K.“ (“Anarchy in the United Kingdom“) and with not less effective lines - “I am Ana - a rkhist, I - anti-Hrist …“. Society shuddered. And after participants of group swore on the air of the leading TV show, also EMI shuddered.

The contract was terminated, soon the group was taken under the aegis by other company - A &Ì considering itself courageous and progressive. On March 9, 1977 the new contract was signed. The signing of the contract took place directly before Buckingham Palace that made a certain symbolical sense.

SEX PISTOLS prepared by this time one more slap in the face to public taste. Their second single was called as well as the English national anthem - “God Save The Queen“ (“My God, store the queen“) and was dated to 25 - to the anniversary of ascension on Elizabeth II`s throne.

“My God, store the queen,

the Fascist mode!

They made you the cretin

the Potential hydrogen bomb.

My God, store the queen,

I do not have

She not the human being a future

In dreams of England.

... When is not present future

here As there can be a sin

We flowers in a trash can

We - poison in the human

car We the future, your future“.

(the translation - Mikhalych, sexpistols. jino - net. ru)

the Author of texts of SEX PISTOLS was the vocalist Johnny Rotten - it is known. About the composer I am not absolutely sure, but write more often that all main hits of “guns“ were written by the bass player Glen Matlock. Anyway, but to let out a single where the crowned yubilyarka was called “cretin“, A &Ì did not dare though by then 25 thousand copies were already printed. The next contract was terminated in a week after its conclusion, and paid musicians a penalty in 25 thousand pounds. M. McLaren with bitter irony spoke: “I just entered doors and left doors, and paid me for it“.

The check could not heal sincere wounds of group. The worst was the fact that A &Ì forbade to use their matrix for copying of a single, and the printed copies were almost without remainder destroyed.

Eventually in May of disgraced “guns“ the third company - Virgin sheltered. Release of a scandalous single nevertheless all the same was late - packers at the factory making envelopes for plates rebelled this time. The cover of “God Save The Queen“ indeed was, taking into account time and the place, shocking. On it the English queen with the stuck eyes and the mouth sealed by a punk pin was represented.

On June 7, 1977 the group with friends decided to celebrate a single exit, rented for this purpose the boat and drove about across the Thames, bawling songs and bringing the contribution in celebration of royal silver anniversary. Soon troublemakers the river police tied. They say that one of police officers even whispered quietly in ear to Cyd Vishez: “I apologize, the sir, I am your very great admirer, but, unfortunately, it is my work“.

Reaction of society to “God Save The Queen“ was ambiguous too. On the one hand, the press just boiled indignation, and unknown defenders of the monarchy committed several armed attacks against participants of group. The song was forbidden to be sung on BBC, a number of business radio companies also refused it. On the other hand, despite obstacles (and most likely thanks to them), the single about the queen got on the second position of the British top at once, having conceded only to Rod Stewart. Many are still convinced that the result a hit - parade was garbled not to allow “full shkandal“ - a victory of the anti-royalist anthem during monarchic celebrations.

D. Rotten:

“-... If “Anarchy“ took 1 - e the place, imagine how Tony Blekbern speaks (imitates it): “And now listen to the song “Anarchy in the United Kingdom“. Here of what they were afraid.

... I think, this devil`s plate at all not about the Queen. It in general that you think of such women. It is such as all, as far as I understand, when I see it on a TV set, it not the living being. It just you watch a piece of plywood which they hung up and at it from the bus. There is a Queen, here the Queen. And it blind, it and does because she in the shelter sits. Yes, in the shelter, but there is always some exit“.

It is amazing, but despite nigilistic texts (the phrase “Is not present the future“ from “God Save The Queen“ became a peculiar slogan of the punk), a dirty sound and it is nasal - a free manner of singing of Rotten from songs SEX PISTOLS so much fun, cheerfulness, the drive and a vital positive recognized that I still listen to them for a mood raising. Suitsidalno - gloomy motives, often associable with the punk - fate, for “Guns“ were uncharacteristic. By and large their approach to music was present fate - N - rollny buffoonery, purposeful mockery over conventions and stagnancy of society.

As I already wrote above, SEX PISTOLS quickly sputtered out. In November, 1977 they let out the first (and the last) a full-fledged album “Never Mind the Bollocks Here`s the Sex Pistols“, but on it there was no really new song any more. And in three months during the American tours the group broke up … by

the Punk - the idea was purely initially doomed to defeat. “Losers“ became successful, opposition to musical fashion itself became fashion. Soon the slogan “No Future“ will be replaced by new “Punk not dead“. There will be even a term the priest - the punk, and the crested decorated performers will stand in a row those fate - stars against which the punk was created.

I completely agree with the statement that the punk - fate began and ended together with SEX PISTOLS. All the rest was already a post - the punk. Nevertheless, for some time, fresh forces joined fate - music, having generated such ill-matched current as “a new wave“ or the same grunge.

SEX PISTOLS, of course, several times connected, but generally in order that “to cut down grandmas“ on tours (about what openly and without ceremony John Rotten declared). During the next reunion of Rotten even floutingly suggested to execute “God Save The Queen“ personally before the queen - now in honor of her gold anniversary. And in 2000 the British magazine “Q“ called a hit about the queen “the most driving and exciting song of all times and the people“ what personally I will not argue with …