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How to buy ideal sandals? We choose the “summer couple“ of

Well, at last summer! Here also time to appear on the street in the streaming sundress and the flying gait in graceful sandals to strike on the spot crowd of admirers …

So, on the agenda they, indispensable companions of women of fashion of all times and the people, our favourites came: on a hairpin, on a platform, with ribbons, bows, without heel, with pastes etc. Generally, it will be a question of sandals.

How to choose those ideal which will decorate your leg will make your foot walks pleasant and comfortable?

The rule No. 1 is the well picked up footwear size. It is no secret that the sizes at different producers not always coincide, and often happens that 35 - y one firm appears more than 36 - go other brand. So to measure and to measure once again. Only this way you will be able “to experience the couple“.

The rule No. 2 says: the summer footwear has to be made of genuine leather, and this skin at the same time has to be soft. If the surface of sandals is made of textiles, then the internal covering has to be leather. Only in this case your couple will ideally get used to your leg, and painful callosities will not sadden your look and to spoil health.

Further the rule No. 3 follows . Check seams on a product. They have to be accurate, existence of the sticking-out threads, pieces of skin, a lining - is excluded.

The rule No. 4 claims that thongs on sandals have to be by all means soft, nice on the touch - only at observance of this condition you are not threatened by attritions on skin after 20 - minute walking.

The main factor of sure gait on summer streets is the rule No. 5 according to which the heel of any height has to be steady, a block - convenient, weightless.

Unfortunately, not all of us are owners of feet of a desirable graceful form, and summer footwear is urged to help us to hide some shortcomings and to emphasize advantages.

So, women with wide foot will not approach too open sandals when the heel and a nose are connected by open space, their models - to the closed sidewalls. If the first finger is shorter than the others, do not buy a sandal with an open nose, you can advise footwear with a small opening on a nose through which it is difficult to make out what finger is in the lead. Low, wide ankles can be hidden the thongs twisting an anklebone, and existence of a high heel is obligatory here.

Very much tapes, scarfs, a beads and cords of the brightest coloring fashionable now decorate female legs.

A platform - the excellent decision for full and low . Slims the first, the second does surer, allowing to rise over itself. However it should be taken into account that fat ladies should choose models not with a narrow graceful trace and as it is possible with fuller. Towering over crowd, be extremely careful, orthopedists establish the fact: anklebone dislocation - the most widespread summer shoe trauma. Especially accurate owners of sandals “without heel“ should be also with tapes and even a scarf around an ankle: the seeming freedom of foot all - threatens with an unpleasant trauma.

One more advice to lovers of the wooden “blocks“ again popular this summer: this footwear not for long socks, the maximum quantity of time for painless stay in these sandals - 3 hours. At longer a sock you feel all “delights“ of neglect as this requirement in the form of burning of foot, emergence “natoptyshy“ and other “pleasures“.

As the epilog, would be desirable to note the rule No. 6 : “be not conducted“ on discounts, bonuses and other upon purchase of summer footwear. If during fitting you feel uncomfortable - obviously not your couple, and you will not go in this footwear most likely.

Also I wish successful purchases to you all - to find the ideal pair of sandals!