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Than to pay off on the Internet? The virtual Visa

card the Internet is today not only a source of the most various information, a means of communication and fast communication is and unlimited opportunities for commission of various purchases and transactions. It is inconvenient to use at the same time traditional paper money, and the electronic currency like WebMoney on foreign the Internet - resources is not always accepted since the majority of the countries work not the first decade only with the international payment service providers (American Express, MasterCard, Visa, etc.) . Of course, we can use a credit card of one of such systems too, but, unfortunately, it is unsafe.

It appears, there is more available decision - special the virtual card allowing to make payment transactions and purchases with the minimum risk on any the Internet - the resources which are not demanding granting the real credit card. For example, the virtual card of the international payment service provider Visa intended for calculations on the Internet and which is analog of a usual plastic card, having only the most necessary for commission of operations: number, completion date, unique code of identification of the owner.

Anyone can buy the virtual Visa card. For this purpose it is not necessary to address to bank at all and to lose several days on carrying out procedure of registration. The card can be received within several minutes, having addressed in the Internet - shop. And for this purpose it is not obligatory to have the bank account at all, to open data of the credit card or to specify personal information - confidentiality and anonymity of payments are guaranteed. As soon as you pay card cost - instantly receive its requisites. Everyone without effort will choose from a set of types and face values of virtual cards for himself the most suitable for a certain purchase or payment.

The virtual Visa cards are very convenient for the Russian users, they give huge opportunities without problems to make purchases in any foreign the Internet - services and shops, easily and to quickly make various calculations on the Internet: the order and purchase of tickets, replenishment of balance on the account Skype, PayPal, Ebay, Amazon, i - Tunes, on game accounts …

my colleague, the fan to wander on foreign the Internet - to auctions, long did not decide to start to itself the virtual card, she somehow did not cause trust in it. But life hastened it: were necessary which - what frills for a video camera which unexpectedly turned up on eBay at very reasonable price. In only a few minutes he made to himself the virtual Visa card and on the same day issued purchase.

Now speaks: “With this card I feel like rather free person in the virtual world. Purchases at any auctions and in the Internet - shops, payment of a foreign hosting, replenishment of balance of the game account … Any problems and just mass of opportunities! You represent, I presented to the wife on her birthday virtual shopping across Europe! Happy, stocked up on full, having saved a lot of money … And why I braked earlier?“

the Virtual Visa cards are very popular around the world and have the advantages determined by .

In - the first , the sphere of their application is very extensive, and the vast majority the Internet - resources first of all will suggest you to pay off on the Visa system.

In - the second , safety and confidentiality. Use of the virtual card for all the Internet - payments minimizes risk to suffer from fraud, you should not open any personal data, it is not necessary to specify data of your credit card, to enter a pin - a code. Everything that is necessary for carrying out operation, is number of the card, an expiry date and the CVV2 code. On each purchase it is possible to acquire the new card for the concrete sum, it is possible just to transfer money for the card only before purchase not to leave on balance of the big rest. In the rest of the time the account can remain zero. All this will in addition secure you from potential swindlers. The prepaid virtual card is a guarantee of safety, simplicity and efficiency of your payments.

In - the third , availability to any user. The virtual card is cheaper usual, for its receiving it is not necessary to go to bank, to write the application and to wait for it production. It can be bought quickly on the Internet, having received all necessary requisites at once after payment.

This most convenient and simple modern means for the Internet - calculations, allowing to make purchases with the maximum safety and with pleasure. For all who appreciate the time and prefer to spend it rationally, the virtual card - the real find.