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In what secret of eternal youth? (Part II) of

Once I happened to visit one of the oldest museums of Russia - Tula State Arms Museum. In such places I like not only to examine exhibits, but also to study plates over the years of life of their authors.

I with surprise found out that almost all inventors of the weapon do not fit into statistics of average life expectancy of Russians! For example, Nikolay Afanasyev , one of the best-known designers of small arms lived 92 years; its “colleague from shop“ of Sergey Simonov - 91 years; the designer of the weapon Herman Korobov - 93; Vasily Gryazev - 80 years; Igor Stechkin - 79.

Speaking about “armorers“ it is necessary to mention Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov which in 2009 was 90 years old. In all interviews he very accurately and clearly states thoughts and looks very good. He claims that he is grateful for the longevity to parents (which lived long life) and, of course, to himself, he this time tries not to have a rest too long, constantly works, working for 4 days a week in konstruktorsko - the weapon center.

Only imagine, all these people created history of our country, passed through wars. Also survived, having lived a lot more years. For scientists in this area 80 - 90 years - usual life expectancy. And it is even more, than in the homeland of the most famous long-livers - in Japan - what to speak about Russia.

The same can be told also about veterans of the Great Patriotic War. This year all of us celebrated 65 - summer anniversary of the Great victory. And still is whom to congratulate on it. Many, survived in the war, lived long life and are well still, despite all postponed deprivations and sufferings.

Here still names only of some long-livers which occur:

The artist Boris Yefimov (1900 - 2008) continued to work also after 100 - summer anniversary: headed office of art of a caricature of the Russian academy of Arts, it was appointed to a position of the art director of the famous Russian newspaper, wrote memoirs, drew cartoons, spoke at various actions.

The artist even on reaching 100 years said in interview that he continues to do every morning 456 squats! It is really difficult to believe in it, but it is possible to explain: he played sports during all life, and his muscles always were elastic and prepared for loadings.

The surgeon Fyodor Uglov (1904 - 2008) till last days worked, working as professor of university, holding consultations and rounds of patients and even performing operations. Acted as the ardent opponent of alcohol and tobacco and actively fought against these public “defects“. By the way, having read its book devoted to this subject I once again was convinced of correctness of introduction of “Prohibition“ in my SEDEK system - a set of methods of weight loss, rejuvenation of an organism and strengthening health which I in detail describe on the website www. dubininsergey. ru.

The choreographer Igor Moiseyev (1906 - 2007) even in 100 years continued to do respiratory gymnastics, preferred simple food and for many years refused meat. Here one of his statements: “All the time such feeling that not all is made“.

In February of this year the 95 - the anniversary was noted by the unique person - the people`s artist of the USSR Vladimir Zeldin . If not to know its real age, it is possible to assume with ease that it is about 60 years old. This person is young soul and thoughts and therefore also a body. In his behavior there is no slightest sign of an old age: the accurate speech, the correct, modern thoughts, the free movements, a bearing to become. It as all modern long-livers, passed through wars, revolutions, revolutions. Nevertheless, it kept love to life and aspiration to development.

In a subject about longevity I cannot but talk about business. Last year I began to write out monthly editions of books about outstanding businessmen. Each book is devoted separate business - to the genius. Absolutely incidentally, thumbing through the next volume, I paid attention for years of life. Having revised all books, I found surprising feature: all outstanding inhabitants of the world of business who possess one of the most important and unique ideas and opening lived very long life. You judge:

Ray Krok - the founder of McDonald`s (1902 - 1984, 82 years) of

“Make the way forward: no power on earth will not replace persistence. It will not be replaced by talent - there is nothing more usually than talented losers. It will not be replaced by genius - the unrealized genius already became the talk of the town. It will not be replaced by a good education - the world is full of educated derelicts. Only persistence and persistence are all-powerful“

Henry Ford - the founder of Ford Motor Company (1863 - 1947, 84 years) of

“To everyone, thinking first of all of persistent work, of the best execution of the work, the way to success is open“.

Sam Walton - the founder of a Wal Mart retail network (1918 - 1992, 74 years) of

“My life is a proof of the total lack of any limits of what the simple slogger can reach if only to give it an opportunity, to support him and to allow it incentive to work at full capacity“.

Akio Morita - the founder of Sony Corporation (1921 - 1999, 78 years) of

“Each managing director has to understand need of vigorous exercises for strengthening not only hearts, but also mind, and also for the sake of feeling of confidence in the strength which they will give. And to support feeling of confidence in the forces it is extremely important“.

Konosuke Matsusita - the founder of the Panasonic company (1894 - 1889, 95 years) of

“Needs to approach implementation of the project with belief that it can be executed and not spend energy for doubts concerning difficulty of its implementation. Originally talented people do not allow doubts and difficulties to exhaust the forces. It is one of that truth which the person always has to remember“.

Stanley Markus - the founder of Neiman Marcus, world`s largest luxury retail network (1905 - 2002, 97 years)

“I compare people to copper, telling about the visit on the warship bridge where copper of buttons on uniforms shone as gold. I asked the captain as often they clean copper. He answered: “Every day, every minute: when you cease to scrub it, it begins to grow dull“. I drew parallels with people: none of us are made of gold - all of us are made of copper, but we can look as gold if we work hard, polishing itself the same as the seaman scrubs copper buttons. We, people, can be better, than we are if we make efforts for it“.

Marvin Bauer - the founder of McKinsey & Company, the leading consulting firm of the world (1903 - 2003, 100 years). Retired in 89 years.

“The success is based on several simple things. The task is in that to make them“.

Andrew Carnegie - the legendary American industrialist and the philanthropist. In due time the richest person in the world. Earned by the boy 1 dollar 20 cents a week, and in 50 years created the largest steelmaking corporation. Became the owner of a state in 400 million dollars (130 million per our days. Almost all money offered “Who cannot suspect needs of society (1835 - 1919, 84 years) of

- that fool. Who does not want - the blind man. Who does not dare - the slave“.

I did not do a special selection of long-livers - just took the book behind the book, and all of them showed such solid age.

Such people always have a purpose. The purpose for all times which conducts them on life at any age, without allowing to turn around and regret.

The head is the most important what all our life depends on. From thoughts, a positive spirit, desire the standard of living, welfare, health, family wellbeing depends. Luck, inheritance, education - only secondary factors. Without the correct thoughts they have no weight.

Look at statements of businessmen! Look how they think! It is also a thoughtway of long-livers - force, confidence, the persistence and diligence is visible in each word!

Do not lose the purpose! Under no circumstances do not lower a hand. Make plans, be improved, go to an ideal! Possibly, in it the longevity secret is also covered.