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Decorative concrete in landscaping.

So, construction of the house approach end: communications are brought, exterior finish is already executed and works on internal facing are performed on a half (at least, it is declared by the contractor when he protects amounts of completed work :)) time to think of improvement of the territory just came. It is necessary to execute an access road, arrival in garage, a parking lot of guest transport, a walking path and td. In the market of construction materials the mass of offers on use of this or that material. What to choose?

As you already read this article, I will dare to draw a conclusion: “You were interested in decorative concrete. At least, appearance of a surface, a variety of invoices and color schemes could not leave you indifferent“. Really among all materials offered in the construction market for the device of coverings of city squares, avenues, garden paths, sidewalks there is no material capable to compete with stamped concrete, both by decorative opportunities, and on operational indicators of the received surface. To disseminate all doubts and to make a final choice it is necessary to understand the technology of stamped concrete.

This technology is one of front lines in building industry of such developed countries as the USA, England, Germany, Japan.

First of all, structural concrete is a monolithic plate which is reinforced and concrete directly in the territory of a building site. Works are performed by a traditional method according to the standard construction documentation existing in the territory of Ukraine.

When working on this technology is observed a number of technological operations thanks to which the beautiful and durable covering turns out:

1. Preparation of the basis (consolidation of the soil basis, dumping of sand and grouting layer of crushed stone).

2. Laying of concrete mix in construct with the subsequent consolidation and leveling.

3. On even fresh concrete, in the course of a mix skhvatyvaniye at the time of water absorption, put the painting component - a hardener (30 flowers). It represents mix of steady pigments, the knitting and ground filler from quartz sand and granite. From - for dispersions of mix of a color hardener there is an increase of density of a concrete plate, in it micropores are excluded and, the most important, is got steady color. Usually enough two layers, each layer rub, trying to obtain that the component became impregnated with moisture, and the surface became smooth and evenly painted over.

4. Put with the following stage the hydrophobic painting component which prevents sticking of concrete to impressive stamps, and also gives to a surface antique effect at the expense of additional contrast shades.

5. Before a shtampovaniye it is necessary to wait some time that concrete in the course of a skhvatyvaniye received the consistence reminding plasticine. Then it is possible to start the most important operation: on even crude concrete textural rubber stamps (mats, matrixes) pour and accurately press through by means of manual tamper.

6. After a set durability concrete the surface is carefully washed out water and acid washing of a surface for receiving a desirable combination of two flowers is carried out. At the same time there is a disclosure of a time of concrete that also promotes the best interaction of a varnish - sealant with concrete. Work as drawing a varnish - sealant for concrete comes to the end.

Use of the special plasticizing and airinvolving additives to concrete increases frost resistance, disperse reinforcing by synthetic fiber increases durability on compression and on stretching at a bend in too time, excepting emergence of plastic and shrinkable deformations, cracks, flakings of a surface. Application of a varnish - sealant allows to reach 100% of resistance to influence of an ultraviolet.

Let`s sum up the result and we will consider the main advantages of decorative concrete:

1. The received decorative covering is a monolithic reinforced concrete plate which design meets requirements of construction standards of the CIS countries.

2. The reinforced concrete plate is carried out with reinforcing by a steel grid and synthetic fiber.

3. Thanks to application of the modern airinvolving additives concrete mix has the raised frost resistance indicator (more than 300 cycles of freezing - thawing).

4. The painting component (dye - a hardener) is applied on a surface of newly-laid concrete therefore the painted-over layer would be a body of a plate, has high resilience to pressure and attrition.

5. The surface of stamped concrete is steady against influence of hostile environment.

6. The decorative covering allows to create the surface imitating natural materials.

A variety of forms, textures and color gives the chance to emphasize identity and character of a country house.