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Where to have a rest all family, including a dog?

Here and it, beach summer, in all the beauty, and all are completely shipped in process of updating of life: dig, put, wash and paint, sit in beauty shop, hurry to order a summer dress …

But even in the commotion of the updating affairs and desires people - as birds - having a presentiment of flying away time, even more often in talk on saplings and fashion drop phrases about the one who and where will go in the summer.

Routes, tastes, opportunities - the most motley.

By former Soviet tradition pulls someone to Sochi and the Crimea. Others - on healing waters. Someone already rendered habitable Italy, Turkey, Greece. And others in general throws only into exotic, to some Hawaii, Tibet, Thailand …

A we - all family, including an airdale to Remk, - we will go to Ilyichevsk! City of our family love. The paradise place for the present - at the level of a cage - rest. And just about this love - when as why it arose - me and there is a wish to tell.

(Three years ago) we got to Ilyichevsk incidentally. Simply, having left to the address at the Black Sea at this time of night, we got lost under leadership of a second-hand road map. And here, having strayed uselessly difficult night, having exhausted to dullness, at dawn drove to the small clean town, even without knowing its name. But he - as well as any point by the sea - waited for persons interested to have a rest. And we to a descent came across the thick, having plenty curbstone which entirely is stuck around by pieces of paper about leasing - what want: both apartments, and cottages, and rooms, and gostinichno - restaurant complexes with luxury, and temporary barracks, and campings, and tourist bases at the very best seashore …

It was such richness of the choice of the prices (from $20 to $500 a day for the person), conditions, routes, handwritings, discounts, a sladkogolosye that we - all family, including an airdale to Remk, - rushed about from one announcement to another, read aloud, interrupting each other …

I, obviously, lifted such market that unexpectedly nearby someone it is quiet - as if making sober us - told: “In your family structure, dear friends, it is necessary to move on Seaside, to dachas: erdel - the uneasy personality, and with the apartment at you will not turn out …“ We Are all eyes: the gray-haired dry person, in a straw hat and with a can for milk. We violently started asking about Seaside. And it, having explained that in Ilyichevsk all nearby and to Seaside - no distance, was proshchalno touched a finger by edge of the hat - an intelligent stone! (it is visible, the teacher) - and went - went on the shady small street, slightly shaking a can.

Something like that thin and noble was in this gray-haired person that we, having forgotten about the affairs, watched him touched leave. And minutes through five (all is valid in Ilyichevsk nearby) we already drove on Seaside. And having chosen - on heart - modest, with an extensive verandah under a vineyard giving, quickly rented the spacious, sheathed by a board room ($7 a day for the person). For the three-year-old daughter, Remka and the parking for the car the hostess - having told that “took not to earn all money“ - anything. And we, having a little been taken aback from such generosity, with pleasure understood how surprisingly we were lucky.

Good luck gives rise to force

I, having felt this new force, having forgotten about sleepless night, fatigue and concern, we, having grabbed the beach things, rushed on the path conducting to the sea rolled down from the mountain and, plunging feet in hot and soft as silk, sand, rushed in the sea!

Here so unexpectedly - unexpectedly - in the shadow of the natural, already forgotten partially by us human warmth - our ilyichyovsky paradise also began.


the Sea is the sea

Especially at Ilyichevsk. Pure (the new pump station blocked a way to sewage in the sea), warm, it healed, recovered, invigorated. The pleasure of children was boundless. They also bathed, not to pull out from water, and buried in this soft - as tenderness - sand, and rode with the father any boats, catamarans, scooters, bananas. And even - with squeal of delight - flew up over the sea on a parachute.

And I had a rest not just a body - soul. The beach - though was, as well as all beaches by the sea, is covered with plank beds, voleybolno - tennis courts, bars, the top wood and other fashionable shamelessness - from star resorts everything is differed in some special domesticity. As if all who arrived to this beach from different edges secretly agreed - as in a good family - to provide each other freedom. And let everyone will be such what he wants to be. And even Remka, feeling magic of this freedom, - also somersaulted in sand, and started swimming in the sea … And nobody hushed it!

Somewhere for the fifth day, having sated with the sea, we who already sunbathed, vigorous, easy, in bows, hats, smiles, from Remkaya on a lead (as decent people with a well-mannered dog) - went to get acquainted with the city.

Ilyichevsk - the child of port

- for the aid to the Odessa port - on the bank of the Dry estuary began to be under construction Only 33 years ago the international port. Naturally, the port pulled for itself other objects: fish port, ship-repair plant, terminals, moorings, international ferry “Ilyichevsk - Varna“. And, of course, settlement. And in the settlement one behind another was created everything that it is necessary for life: shops, schools, hospitals, banks, libraries, sports complexes, restaurants, bars, cafe, parks, squares, beds, fountains, nurseries and tennis courts.

Modern planning, compactness, purity, abundance of greens and fountains, children`s cafes and unexpected interiors made the city convenient, cozy, cool during any heat. And warmth and an ulybchivost of its inhabitants - on a market, in cafe, in shop - is so natural that it warms hearts.

As well as any seekers of impressions, we went along tourist routes along the seashore with its beauty. Went several times to Odessa to admire its concerning originality, beginning from well-known - the second in the world on beauty - Opera and ballet theater and finishing not less well-known Supply with its richness of fruit, vegetables, fresh products and infinite humour.

Without having kept, we escaped also on the seventh kilometer: the huge world of goods from the most unexpected countries. But! - even Remki - and remained the greatest pleasure for all family walks across Ilyichevsk. I remember how at night - between the trees shrouded in the multi-colored electric bulbs fanned by an easy sea breeze - we, having acquired on the city and having become impregnated with its warmth, went to giving. And everything, even Remka, were silent. And I caught myself that, having met the stranger, I smile to him for no reason at all. Because to me - it is good. And it, understanding me, smiles too, for no reason at all.

However all good quickly comes to an end.

And already burst day when we embraced our room hostess, nestled, have a little cry, wished each other very best … And our “Zhiguli“, shining the washed glasses, left for giving gate, and in five minutes we turned out as faithful Penelope of the Odyssey, waits for vacationers at the old familiar curbstone which is pasted over from head to foot with the most different announcements of leasing of both that, and another, and the fifth, and the tenth …

the City by the sea. And here unexpectedly the husband - for a moment - braked, and all of us turned the heads towards the small street, on which three weeks ago under a shadow of dense trees we were left by the thin person in a straw hat, slightly shaking a can for milk … It seemed to

, we were left by something wonderful. The kind wizard from the fairy tale. Also left forever. And we have to return to our life, with its accidents and a restlessness. From this thought pain squeezed heart. And by itself tears gathered in the eyes. But, feeling in itself some new light force, I smiled weepingly and whispered: “Thanks …“

Thanks to you, warmth of the person! We will return to you - surely …