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How to rescue potatoes harvest?

to Each summer resident who independently grows up garden cultures were necessary to endure more than once a situation when well well-groomed, hilled and plentifully blossoming potatoes site suddenly turns yellow and dries. Leaves become covered by dark stains, and in couple of days on a kitchen garden there are one dry stalks. The impression is such as if plants burned down. Some attribute it to acid rains. Actually plants, as well as we, are ill.

And this illness is called fitoftoroz . First of all from it those plantations where potatoes are planted too densely perish and the next bushes touch each other. Disputes on one leaflet got, and dew, a rain, wind, fog will transfer them to the next bush of potatoes further...

Before those who with own hand grow up potatoes there is an urgent question: how to rescue a harvest? And needs to rescue it, and immediately. As during a butonization and the beginning of blossoming on the lower leaves of plants it is possible to see the first darkly - brown spots of irregular shape are and is fitoftoroz.

There was this illness in the territory of Russia in the middle of the 19th century, causes its fungus - the wrecker striking leaves, stalks, flowers and tubers of root crops. When there are long and cold rains, on the lower leaves the white fungal raid is formed. Sick leaves blacken, dry and rot. For several days fitoftoroz can capture the enormous areas. As a result - productivity decreases, tubers do not gain the normal weight as plants are deprived of healthy land part.

You ask, how to help ? Worst of all, that from a fitoftoroz there are no medical preparations, effective for all 100%. The success of fight depends on the first timely preventive spraying of a tops of vegetable of potatoes preparations (fungicides) of contact action. These chemicals do not treat, and cover with a thin film plants and by that prevent distribution of an illness on all culture. The first spraying is expedient to carry out to time of a butonization and blossoming, the second - in 10 - 14 days after the first, and if necessary process also for the third time.

Among them one-percentage bordeaux liquid is considered effective and less toxic means (100 g of a copper vitriol and 100 g of lime on 10 l of water). Period of validity of all preparations depends on weather conditions: if there are rains, then effect of fungicides weakens. It is necessary to remember that it is possible to carry out the last processing by fungicides not later than in twenty days prior to harvesting, and bordeaux liquid - a minimum for fifteen.

Fitoftoroz strikes not only a tops of vegetable, but also tubers. From the plants affected with an illness the rain washes away disputes of a fungus which get also on a root crop. Having left the dug-out seed tubers of potatoes long lying in the field, the next year we will have one more flash of a fitoftoroz. That it did not happen, it is important to observe also a crop rotation , and in 5 - 7 days before harvesting it is necessary to mow a tops of vegetable and as soon as possible far away to clean from a kitchen garden. And not in which case do not put the struck stalks in compost.

Preventive actions - a light prorashchivaniye tubers before landing, a timely earthing up, weeding and loosening of the soil also will help with fight against an artful mushroom. Prorashchivaniye promotes manifestation of fitoftorozny spots, they also give sick tubers. And in due time landed potatoes of early grades will finish vegetation earlier, so, are exposed to risk of defeat less. And that rather a soil got warm and potatoes gave early shoots, it is recommended to cover the set site with the mulching film. Also do not take in head to land seedling of tomatoes near potatoes, it can become the infection reason.

The potatoes which are already dug out of the earth ripened on a site with fitoftorozy also need careful attitude. It for 3 - 4 weeks is placed in temporary storage, and further sort and discard - injured and struck separate. To save potatoes from this misfortune, it is recommended to grow up grades rather resistant to a fitoftoroz which need the smaller number of processings.

It is better to spray plants in the morning or in the evening, when there is no plentiful dew and wind. It is also worth paying attention to probability of rainfall within the next few six hours, washout of chemicals reduces efficiency of protective measures. Also do not forget about observance of measures of own safety.

It is possible to try to treat plants by national methods . One of the most effective garlic tincture which prepares so is considered : 30 g Zubkov crush, fill in 10 l of water, stir, insist days, filter. Spray in the evening so that drops did not flow down from leaves and stalks. Action is desirable to repeat four - five times during the summer every 10 - 15 days.

And still, having worked wonderfully well on the personal plot and having grown up a fine harvest, you not only will increase the family budget, but also improve the forms - you will get rid of excess weight and receive seductive suntan, of course, if you do not forget to hold up sunshine a tummy.