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What advantages Binary Marketing - Plans in MLM?

Before directly beginning an advantage subject Binarov, let`s understand a basic difference of construction classical linear (and step) marketing - plans and directly Binarov.

Linear marketing

Is under construction by the principle of levels, that is people whom you personally invited - it are yours 1y level, people who were invited by your people - it are 2y level, their people in turn invited the - it is 3y level etc. of

the Scheme Linear marketing - the plan

1y level in this case is, as a rule, not limited as, therefore, and any the subsequent because it is possible to invite unlimited number of people who will be built in a ruler at one level (or in the sun, still speak).

at the same time on receiving money is necessary for minimum “qualification“, as a rule, 3 persons (or 5) at the first level (or in the first line)

is Usually paid from 6 - 7 first levels, a maximum from 9 levels.

Binary marketing

the Scheme binary marketing - the plan in MLM

B such marketing - the plan at “1 level“, (though there is no such concept) is only 2 places when you register the third lichnopriglashenny, he gets up under one of your people though at the same time remains and it is considered your lichnopriglashenny.

But, taking place thus, it will give commodity turnover and to you, and your person under whom you put it. In precisely the same way and under you will take place lichnopriglashenny higher people and your sponsor. That leg in which both your people, and people of your sponsor, nazyvatesya “sponsor`s“ or “spilover“ accommodate. Thus, ALL people are built only in 2 teams.

at the same time payment of commission charges for each person is charged from ALL commodity turnover indefinitely and irrespective of levels, that is from depth of an arrangement of your people at observance of a condition of a proportion of commodity turnover of the left and right leg (as a rule, a proportion one to two or one to one). This proportion also dictates closing of cycles or stages.

That is, for example, if under the terms of marketing the proportion “one to two“ is required, and you have a commodity turnover in the left leg of 5000 points (from all levels indefinitely), in the right leg of 2500 points, then the proportion is observed, and you earn reward.

at the same time, it should be noted that the proportion “one to two“ is more preferable, than “one to one“. Because as you remember, one leg at you “sponsor`s“, and it will be is under construction together with the sponsor, that is it is logical that most likely in it more people will accommodate. It will also give you two parts of commodity turnover in a proportion “one to two“.

Is clear? I did not confuse you still?

And now let`s pass to consideration directly the subjects

“Advantages Binary Marketing - Plans“.

1. Only 2 teams.

For receiving the maximum commission charges in binary marketing - the plan you need to build only 2 teams.

Let`s address statistics. If you already though worked in network marketing a little, then you perfectly know that to find the strong leader in the team, you need to sign on average 10 people. and then 1 of these 10 will actively develop with you. So?

here fully we can feel and visually see advantages of a binar. As you need 2 strong leaders, on one in a kazhly branch, mean to you, proceeding from statistics, it is necessary to sign 20 people, truly? if you work with

A in linear marketing - the plan where it is necessary to develop 5 teams, then to find 5 leaders, you need to sign 50 people, correctly?

What it is easier to make quicker 20 people to sign or 50?

you Feel a difference?

A if here also to consider the fact that in a binara it is absolutely optional that you had a leader on 1murovne there are no qualifications depending on work of your leader, and the company pays you indefinitely.

Therefore, even signing not really strong people, we will call them “consumers“ (that is people who like a product, they buy it, recommend to friends, but purposefully and persistently business is not built). Signing consumers and working with THEIR circle of acquaintances, signing from it consumers and continuing to work ACCORDING TO RECOMMENDATIONS and good comments on you and of production, that is with people who are positively ready for communication with you, somewhere there, among these people, surely there will be a leader. And in a binar to you it is not important that it will be on 10 m or 20 m level. That is you easily can really work at the market of recommendations, on hitting in cold contacts (that much more labor-intensive and difficult process)

In linear marketing where your personal qualification depends every month on what work was made by YOUR LICHNOPRIGLASHENNY, and besides 3 or 5 such leaders who will perform the work and qualification every month, as a rule, to you are necessary to you it is necessary to work at “the cold market“, to communicate absolutely with strangers that causes tension and discomfort, especially in newcomers or not really sociable people (what absolute majority)

2. So, following advantage: Qualification - 2 personal references

and this advantage we already a little bit mentioned. Now let`s look at

on it also here from what party:

On world statistics, average of the invited people on everyone, involved in the industry of network marketing makes 2,2. That is the average distributor invites 2 - 3 persons, and is more often 2, than 3.

from this statistics appeared binara. Qualification allows the person to earn with

money. And it and in linear marketinga, and in binary, truly? whether

Agree you that with what more people in your network earn money, especially business, reliable and stable at you?

That is, the is simpler qualification, the more people (even consumers) carry out it, the more people begin to earn money, the your business is stabler.

What 2 persons either 3, or 5 are simpler? what are 20 or 50 people simpler to sign? we already told about it (you see above)

Therefore, simple qualification is a way to stable business.

K volume when for qualification is required only 2 persons, any newcomer, even for the first week in business, can find couple of people in the environment. The joined newcomers can make the same. Newly made partners will repeat it, etc., etc. again. For this reason binary marketing - plans - the most high-growth marketing!

3. One team from 2kh is under construction together with the sponsor.

As each person under him has only 2 cells for newcomers, the 3rd partner, the person puts under one of earlier invited, the 4th too, down, under the people.

Thus, at each person is formed a “sponsor`s“ leg. That is that leg into which people from his sponsor, and from all people of sponsors which is cost over this person get.

That is in your network in one leg will be not only your people, but also people from sponsors. It is often called “modulation“.

I that the best in it, is that for ALL people who under you, you will receive bonuses even if it is not your people and you do not know them.

Thus, the Sponsor helps not only morally, but also is material, concrete commodity turnovers.

I people in a network are interconnected, and financially interested in development of each other, but not just are “parallel“ branches of the sponsor. It gives rise to strong Command spirit and Mutual aid.

In parallel, releasing you time because people help each other.

4. There are no qualifications and its monthly confirmation

=> it is not necessary to look for constantly new people to the first

line => there is no dependence on the lichnopriglashenny and their actions

=> more time for development of the people and work with them as it is not necessary cares for enough the active and qualified first

lines => it is possible to develop easily business according to recommendations and through recommendations of consumers as it is necessary all 2kh leaders (on the 1st in each leg), and not important at what level they will be. That is it is optional to find PERSONALLY “A star - the leader“, to be exact 3, 5 or more.

5. Payments from all commodity turnover indefinitely!!!

Again - maybe, I will repeat, but it is very important point.

you will receive commission charges for ALL commodity turnovers under you, irrespective of their depth. Why it is important


is known to All that big money lies in depth.

Present development of the network (we will review an average example of width of 1 line - 3 persons) to

1 level - 3 persons

2 level - 9 people

3 level - 27 people

4 level - 81 persons

5 level - 243 persons

6 level - 729 people

7 level - 2187 people

8 level - 6561 persons

9 level - 19 683 persons

10 level - 59 049 people

11 level - 177 147 people

12 level - 531 441 persons

13 level - 1 594 323 persons

etc. of

That is you accurately see that, the level, the more on it is lower than people, therefore, more commodity turnovers, therefore, more from it will pay you.

B linear marketing - plans, as a rule, pay only to the 6 or 7 level, at best to the 9th. And when the biggest commodity turnovers begin cease to pay! Not offensively?

It is also aggravated with the fact that in calculations, we see ideal option of uniform development. I can guarantee to you that I 1 of these your three branches, will develop most deeply, and 2 others are much not so deep as it.

Therefore if you think that “Yes at the 9th level already 19 683 persons - me it is enough“. That I will afflict you because most likely, 1 of branches, at you will be much lower than the 9th level, there can be even below the 20th or 100th level, 2 others as tells the analysis of the majority of big teams, far will not reach the 9th level. (If you, of course, do not build the business 15 - 20 years in a row as some outstanding lidara)

A this fact already very much will cut down your income because on 9 m level there will be not 19 000 people, and is, at least, 3 times less. And if to consider influence of a geometrical progression which will not reach at you to 9 go level, then in about 7 times it is less than 19 000 people.

K volume can be 10 000 dollars a month now, seem to you huge money, and you consider that “When I will earn 10 000 dollars a month, I will live kingly. Same such denzhishch!“ I Will please with

you when you approach this income or already receive it, you precisely on it do not want to stop!

Therefore, what in a binara, to you will be paid from all commodity turnovers of your network indefinitely - it is VERY IMPORTANT!

it will also give you the chance, to construct the business in 3 - 5 years and to have constantly growing income!

Important points at the choice of a binar.

Is different marketing plans and different binara.

Is the companies - pyramids which use binary marketing - plans, and at the same time there are pyramids using linear marketing - Plans (remember nashumevshy Rubin, at least)

Therefore in the analysis marketing - the plan it is important to consider some factors:

- Surely has to be present monthly activity.

In any marketing! In a binara, in a matrix, in a line.

Because monthly activity creates monthly commodity turnover which guarantees the movement of goods of a month a month. Thus, forming you profit, irrespective of the number of beginners in your team this concrete month.

Because you receive money from commodity turnover.

Monthly activity yields to you stable monthly revenue.

One of ways to distinguish a pyramid from the good company is to look what the company pays money for:

If for commodity turnover is a good company,

If the emphasis is placed on involvement of new people - it is a pyramid.

Happens so in binara without monthly activity:

to you are charged by money when closing each of stages: 1 stage - 2/2 (2 brand new person or “contract“ at the left and 2 persons on the right)

2 a stage - 9/9

3 a stage - 21/21

4 a stage - 42/42

What it is fraught with


is known to All that if the company serious and good, then it advances remarkable production, and among people who subscribe, 80% are consumers who do not plan someone to invite specially, only if this by itself occurs :)

Means that when you are at the 3rd stage, there is a high probability of what among your 42 people in team, will be only 8 adjusted on business and from these the 8th everything 2 - 3 really doing purposeful actions for involvement of newcomers in the teams.

That is to you and your 2 - 3 people needs to invite together 84 persons that you closed the following stage, and you received money. What is the time it will borrow you? It can take with

several months, the warm markets, you and your active leaders, most likely, already “worked“, and at work in the cold market demands more time. there is no

as a result as there is no monthly activity, commodity turnover, it is not enough newcomers in a month for closing of the following cycle, and you get into absolutely silly situation: You the leader, at you are a network and team, you work with people, but do not receive money! - Watch

that binary marketing - the plan was accumulative!

Why it is important?

In any marketing, always one of groups shoots ahead on commodity turnovers for some time. Then other group etc. of

you, for certain, know about the law 80/20. It is applicable and here: as a rule, 80% of commodity turnover give 20% of your leaders.

Therefore is important that all points and all commodity turnovers collected that there was an unlimited time reserve for alignment of legs. So you will get profit from all commodity turnover under you.

A if all remaining points (commodity turnover) after closing of the next cycle or a stage burn down (disappear, are not considered any more), then it will significantly cut down your income. Summing up of

the results, it is only possible to tell that binary marketing - plans are actually top of evolution of network marketing today. It is the most modern way of distribution of profit in the companies of network marketing. That way which allows to earn money to the maximum number of people and with the minimum efforts.

Is possible, of course, for the same money works more. But the reality of network marketing such is that only doing is business easily, with great mood and enthusiasm it is possible to make fast and good result.

If works with a gloomy face hard, then so heavy work in a smaller measure will be paid.

I to do business is easy also with pleasure, binar - ideal marketing the plan.

Use it! Progress!

Material is prepared by Nadezhda Nadezhdina,

can be Downloaded in the Word format at the link: