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What laconic “Eel“ of Syosey Imamura tells about?

Syosey Imamura … Not the most known, moreover, it is rather - an unknown name for the ordinary viewer on boundless Russian open spaces. And therefore it is somehow surprising that someone from unknown sharks of the domestic film market everything is it was gathered … Whether bravery, recklessness, but it was gathered and risked to release several movies of this Japanese director on VHS and DVD.

Though, on the other hand, what here strange? As - the author of a picture, together with Nagisa Osima, is a founder of “A new wave“ in any way in motion picture art of Japan which until the end of the eightieth years of the last century remained almost unexplored territory for the Russian cinema-goers who forcedly were content with legends of a dinosaur and of Narayam. By the way, the last was picturized in 1983 by Imamura and was shown in the Soviet film distribution.

It is no wonder that Imamura sometimes is called already during lifetime, and not only at him in the homeland, the classic of the Japanese cinematography. Including, probably, and for “Golden Palms“ of the Cannes MKF which at different times received two pictures of this director. “A legend of Narayam“ about which it was already told, and “Eel“ . The last film in 1997 divided the first prize awarded in French riviera with the Iranian picture of Abbas Kyarostami - “Taste of sweet cherry“.

Here about this for “Ugra“, a drama tape based on Akira Yosimura`s novel of “A spark in darkness“, it would also be desirable today - a little in more detail.

The movie is shot by seventy-year-old Imamura in 1997 - m. After the long silence which followed a tape about Hiroshima - “A black rain“ (Kuroi Ame). Which should not be confused to the fighter of the same name in whom leading roles were played by Michael Douglas and Andy Garcia.

“Eel“ - not the fighter. It is other movie. At all not about these mysterious fishes from group of karpoobrazny. “Do not trust the eyes“, - as Kozma used to say light of Bars in, already so far remote from us present time that even gray-bearded aksakals hardly remember it. But, despite it, vital supervision of the native of the Solvychegodsky County and the former hussar did not lose the relevance and till today. In the movie, despite its intriguing icthyological name, it is not about fish at all. This movie about social adaptation of the person who served prison sentence for murder of the adulteress in the heat of passion. That`s the way it is! Not less.

Action of the movie begins summer of 1988. Hino Flore`s corporation. - Japan, and, most likely, Tokyo. Though it is impossible to exclude option and other large Japanese city. What you will do here if for us both Japanese, and their cities - all as like as two peas?

Not remarkable clerk Yamasito (Kodzi Yakusyo) leads usual measured life. Every day goes to work. Comes back from it. On days off goes on night fishing.

As suddenly … The smooth current of the subject line of the movie and life of the main character sharply change. Yamasito receives the letter from which he unexpectedly for himself learns that the wife changes it every time when it goes to night fishing. And though further in the text of the play the author, dear sir Imamura, continually emphasizes that under the influence of strong feelings the hero could have hallucinations and delusions, since allegedly taking place to be the letter and the imaginary lover of the wife, but … From a song of words you will not throw out. Equally as from the head - the doubt which arose in it. For this reason leaves one of the next night fishings of Yamasito before usual.

And why only he made it?. To find near the house, as well as it was written in the letter, a white sedan?

Having seen that his wife has sex with another, Yamasito kills her with several blows of a knife. Then, even without having taken off the jacket covered with blood, quietly gets on the bicycle and goes … Directly in a police station. Frankly to admit deeds.

It is natural that the committed crime demands the punishment corresponding as weights of fault of the person, which made it and public danger of illegal act. And therefore for the whole 8 years Yamasito appears in places of confinement from his main work. However, punishment term under sentence of court was big, but, most likely, in Yamasito`s prison behaved rather decently and therefore acquired the right for conditionally early release.

In places of detention of Yamasito for nothing did not waste time. Mastered adjacent profession of the hairdresser and obtained the friend whose patrimonial name is taken out in the name of the movie. With an eel the former convict without special problems finds the general, honestly we admit - very laconic, language also receives in the fish person of both the attentive listener, and the understanding interlocutor. It is quite good, bad the fact that only with an eel. And therefore, most likely, - it is wrong …

However, the song, that is the movie, “not about it“. Not about an eel. And … About love!

Once Yamasito found hardly living girl Keyko (Misa Shimizu) trying to commit suicide. She recovered and remained with the main character. To help Yamasito with a hairdressing salon. She reminded him the killed wife, and, perhaps, for this reason it did not allow either itself(himself), or her more close relations...

And not only about love this remarkable movie. About difficult relationship between people, including between the man and the woman, children and their parents. How at times it is difficult to find mutual understanding even with a limited circle of well familiar people.

Slow and, apparently, the monotonous plot is with interest compensated by richness of a graphic row. Heroes of screen space as though try to get into our world, for a camera lens side. In a lens blood splashes, river water fights, the branches the blossoming Oriental cherry directs. Laconic people try to adjust rather difficult and strange life.

In the final of an eel nevertheless will set free. The Moor made the business … And now Yamasito does not need him any more. The beloved who expects a baby and the beloved is near. Not restrained - … Got involved in a fight for a right cause with several rascals, and therefore rung out again on prison plank beds.

And eel … What eel? To it - that again in prison what for? it Departured. Well, and let will be glad. In total God`s creature. Clever fish the silence such award quite deserved.

The Cannes winner of Syosey Imamura is a psychological drama of understanding and empathy. And it is necessary to watch it slowly, under the corresponding mood. Best of all - on Friday evening when it is possible to stop and try to leave at least on the forthcoming days off behind a threshold daily problems and cares. To leave and think. About eternal and great.

About great, but not about a warm coat for the winter...