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Hayking in Greece. How actively to have a rest?

of Hayking - the new word in tourism. In translation from English the word “hike“ means long walk, a campaign. Unlike climbers hayker do not set as an object conquest of mountain tops, do not spend the night in tents in the fresh air, do not carry special climbing equipment. They choose one-day walks on the mountains which purpose - pleasure the nature, contemplation of a picturesque mountain landscape.

Worldwide there is a set of places where the hayking can devote itself. One Greece conceals in itself incalculable quantity of mountain tracks from which the concerning types open. The Hayking here maloopasen - wild animals seldom show aggression.

of the Mystic in mountains

In Greece more than 2000 islands, each of them has a unique landscape, a combination of sea and mountain landscapes. The island Santorini is perhaps the most romantic and mysterious island of Greece. The most impressive place on Santorini - the road from the village Oya to the capital of the island to Fir. The way to Fira takes about three hours. The road passes lengthways is dazzling a white scattering of the houses and temples stretched on a slope highly above sea level. On some sites of the road Nea Kameni`s island, next to Santorini, with a crater of an active volcano is visible. It is the best of all to go to travel in the morning, at dawn, when all magnificence of the fantastic island is painted in mystical one-time - golden shades.

The Hayking becomes more interesting and fascinating if the route is made for the purpose of something to reach, whether it be an architectural monument, the reserve or the colourful beach. In the city of Fira several large monasteries are located, the museum and a huge number of small it is white - the blue churches belonging to wealthy residents. Houses - caves - the unique architectural phenomenon of Santorini, they create feeling of irreality and remind of antiquity. In Fire there are a lot of cozy taverns where it is possible to stop and to have a rest pleasantly after a long way from Oyi. Fira - a kaleidoscope white, pink, it is gentle - blue, yellow ladders, walls and domes which create mystery of a situation and for a long time are stamped on the memory.

the Charming Ionics

the Ionian Islands perfectly are suitable

for those who love a hayking. On the island of Corfu there is an amazing place - Liapades. This settlement located near Paleokastritsa in an environment of a set of small bays. If to stop in Liapades, it is possible to make every day interesting walks in search of the new bays mislaid in mountains. In Greece a huge number of the small hotels and apartments located far from a civilization in picturesque mountains. It is very convenient since it is possible to study nearby vicinities, without leaving anywhere.

On the island Kefalonia a set of the pedestrian footpaths connecting cozy small villages. The best mountain route is located between the settlement of Drakopulat and the settlement of Makriotika. The landscape is especially picturesque in the spring when everywhere abundance of flowers and magnificent greens. From the village of Drakopulat the road passes by ruins of traditional stone houses, small chapels, the turning green meadows on which it is possible to meet wild goats, sheep and cows. At the height of 790 m on Agia Dinati`s height the monastery of the Virgin of Temat built in the 11th century is located from here the magnificent view on mountain Kefalonyyu opens.

of Hayking on the continent

One more amazing place - the cape Pelion. It is near the Hair - large Greek port. Pelion`s coast is speckled by the splendid bays with the purest water. Along the coast and in the depth of the peninsula it is possible to travel the whole day, here the most beautiful landscapes and wonderful mountain air.

Greece attracts hayker not only the turning green mountains, but also beautiful sea types that allows to combine pleasure of walks in picturesque places with bathing in a sea azure. In Greece millions of places for an excellent hayking. The main thing - to manage to choose something special from this variety.