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How to find magic slippers for extinct heart of the wife?

... And all the same, in what ideological cradle this International day - whether on March 8, Day of the medic, Day of the builder, the Teachers` Day - yes just any Days which entered our calendars “red“ date was born.

For us all of them are holidays! Gifts, the shining smiles, grateful kisses and - new tenderness in the house!

Well and if ruthless wind of everyday life blew both former love, and the shining smiles from the house for a long time?.

And heart once of the beloved wife went out... So, and the house went out. And the loved dog, having forgotten the pranks, looks at the world the grieving eyes. And the husband is eaten too by boredom. And, without feeling either spring, or a holiday, he cannot even remember from what gifts and words the face of that girl with a fair-haired braid which became his wife and too - alas lit up once! once... - brought so much inexplicable pleasure in his heart and life. Now it in full confusion: what to present to it by the next holiday?. flowers?. spirits?. ring?. house-shoes?.

In any case to guess! That present to it - nothing will please the wife.

Wise men are right: everything passes.


And if the wife went out, both the house went out, and a dog, and the husband... - that there are tens of magic secrets to ozhivotvorit fire of former feelings and at all to dispel ashes of the boredom eating the house.

Secrets are very simple. Once itself reminds that any objects - live and inanimate nature - are surrounded with information. And, naturally, information of any subject influences the person. And we, the person, - on information of all things.

And only therefore one woman even a ring with diamond will give a cold reception - an indifferent look, and another simple house-shoes - squeal of such delight as if it is not slippers, and precious diamond. Also its reaction not depends on the price, beauty or convenience of slippers. And from with what information you - the husband giving slippers - managed to load them.

Wash to you council: load a gift to the wife - love.

I then the elementary slippers will turn into magic! Also will make miracles. Also will dispel a dullness and boredom. And wives. And houses. And dog. And your personal boredom too. And your general life will again be filled with pleasure of heart.

But magic demands the victims. And you should work.

First of all: be adjusted to buy a gift without haste and vanity. Allocate for its purchase several days.

And - begin!

the first

Is slow Day

, a walking step - it is the best of all through park - go to shop behind a gift. And, having rejected habitual business thoughts, remember time when you - white teeth and young - for the first time saw this lovely girl with a fluffy fair-haired braid as your heart suddenly shuddered … As she, having looked back, was confused and became more charming than herself … But here and your shop: counters, gifts, bouquets, bows … Look attentively and try to present what from this petticoat government could be pleasant to your wife. But do not hurry! It is necessary to buy nothing.

Is slow Day of the second

, the walking step - it is the best of all through park - you go to other shop, remembering as dexterously and witty you are quite constraining guy - thought up everything - an occasion to get acquainted with this charming girl with a rare fair-haired braid … And again the shop and gifts, and again you left, without having bought anything. Day the third

I pledge the Word to

- you will look forward to it. To wait for day. Walk on park. Miracle of memoirs.

These walks and these memoirs are and there is a creation of magic.

It will adjust you on love waves. And these waves - as sea waves the easy boat - will beat you to a gift. And in day of a holiday you feel all force of the magic when, receiving from you a gift, the face of the wife lights up - absolutely bewitching - light!

Though you present not diamond or the yacht, and only - house-shoes with a fair-haired, fluffy, fur fringe …