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If tomorrow war? “For the Homeland! For Abramovich!“

If tomorrow war. Let`s assume, with Germans. Or with Turks. Or with NATO. Or (fie, fie, fie) with China. Generally, with some potential opponent.

What we will do who will be at war for the Homeland and who will order?

And for what ideals young people will go to fight, having come off computers, “Klin“ and studying of management for departure abroad?

Today it is very difficult to present that before attack the fighter in an entrenchment (on the citizen the punk or the rocker), having thrown a jamb on the earth, speaks to the commander:

- in case of death I ask to consider me as the member of “United Russia“.

I with the grenade under the tank.

Most likely, the young man from the movement “Our“ or “Local“ and will arrive. In one hand - the grenade, in another - the picture “The President and the Prime Minister - the Minister on Vasilevsky Descent“. And with shout “For the Homeland, for Abramovich!“ will run I tear up for the stunned opponent who already got cold feet and ready to give.

I think that in severe reality everything will be not so. In temporarily occupied territories the former party members fast will take places politsayev and heads. They before so many time ran across from one party in another that once again it is a duck soup to change orientation - to them.

- Uterus, mleko, yayka. I - I, mister a shturmbanfyurer.

And if now governors are appointed from above, then why them and not to leave the new power on the places. Hitler kept collective farms, including them very useful invention. Well, there will be not a governor, and a gaulyayter.

The main thing that the order was in the territory entrusted to it. Guerrillas, former discordant that did not lean out. And taxes upward regularly that.

So it did it earlier. Not to get used. And the rating of the occupational mode will not be lower than 60%. And will even hold indicative elections that the new power saw loyalty of the population and would not be afraid if something happens.

And where our valorous Russian army forced to go into battle under the same flag, as ROA of the general Vlasov? Where got to after parade at Red Square? Or all fuel on flight over the administration left, and on the enemy will not act any more? Borrow in Lukoil or Rosneft. Have to share for the sake of rescue of the Homeland. Not nevertheless on the West to drive. Ah, do not give... Only supposedly at market prices and in currency? Then it is necessary to be at war stakes. At us for the present there is a lot of wood.

And opposition? Whether Boris Efimovich is ready to head the guerrilla movement in Gorky area, native for it, and Harry Karimovich underground regional committee in Moscow area? And Lemons to organize “rail war“ in Smolensk region. It is better to give Novodvorskaya to the opponent at once. There with its language more advantage for the homeland will be. Let bullshits the opponent better and brings closer our victory.

Very interesting question - where oligarchs in case of the beginning of military operations will get to. Now all, probably, thought that to London. As a swagger - a major, then and there. And well as England will close border and that. Will go to the front. In group of logistic support. Will fill up army with overdue ammunition and the diesel fuel diluted with water. Or all of them - patriots, despite the huge fortunes? And Abramovich`s yacht will begin intelligence activities in the Mediterranean Sea, and Prokhorov`s planes to bomb Courchevel captured by the conditional opponent?

And with whom you, masters of culture? “My hare“ we will sing before invaders on a scene or before wounded fighters in hospitals? And someone from you will write verses at the level of “Wait for Me, and I Will Return“. Whether and Maxim Galkin will begin to conduct transfer on “Who Wants to Become a Volunteer“ TV. And participants “the House - 2“ together with Ksyushey Sobchak are ready to repeat a feat of members of the Young Guard and to die in Gestapo torture chambers?

It is interesting if Stalin called war with Germans not the Great Patriotic War, and operation on coercion of Germany to the world, we would win? Probably and. Only would be at war much longer.

For now “For the Homeland! For Abramovich! Hurrah - and - and - and!“. What to the computer - that stuck?

“Get up, the country huge“ …