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How to spend holidays of the house?

Of course, each of us dream of holiday - as about the new page of life - where - nibud in the unknown countries, in exceptional circumstances, full opening and beauty. Also it is worth admitting at once that the holiday spent at home - not the most desired of holidays.

But! Even at this recognition the answer to a question - as to carry out it? - it is simply obliged to be unambiguous: with advantage and pleasure! And you have to provide this advantage and pleasure to yourself.

We begin with simple: we sit down in private with ourselves - it is possible even in front of the mirror, we collect in ourselves all the impudence, all victorious spirit, we shine eyes and - with full self-confidence - resolutely we speak: I to nobody and nothing will allow to spoil my holiday! It will be the best holiday from all my holidays!

Delightful beginning!

you right there will notice

how holiday which till this minute looked black faceless, colourless, suddenly sharply changed. As on the picture from the childhood: at first it is similar to a muffled gruel, but once we worked, having rubbed it a wet small pillow of a finger, the exulting and blossoming world unexpectedly opened. Same exulting and blossoming you suddenly saw future holiday. And this picture will not abandon you any more. You will see it every day. If, of course, as the true, hardworking artist, diligently you will begin to invest it with new bright paints.

we start creation of tactics of holiday Now...

we Take

a leaflet of paper and the handle, we will halve a leaf vertical line and as approximate school students (and life, really, our continued teacher, and we are her eternal school students), we begin to plan the holiday which is coming us.

At the left a leaf we will paint weaknesses of current situation. Everyone will have them the. But, suppose, you will have it: the modest budget, the started apartment, not cleared away cases (winter things are not packed yet, and summer are not brought to an appropriate look), the small child or (God forbid!) the unwell mother-in-law, the gloomy husband, need to make a lunch, to go behind products, from time to time to prepare for the winter necessary fruit - vegetables In a word, that inevitable house freight which to bear, except you, just nobody. Let`s call it a negative .

But! Seeing before eyes the picture from the childhood, with its furious magnificence of paints, we come over to the right side of the leaf. We will call it - a positive . Also we will also in detail describe everything that we want - yes are simply obliged! - to make for the pleasure.

We will assume that it will be: to improve health and mood - and the, and a favourite family, to refresh the appearance, to read, at last, that book of which it was dreamed long ago, but there was not enough time for it; to find time for a hobby, to visit with a family outdoors or in private with itself, having bought, for example, the subscription to the elite pool about which all city

All hoots?. Let`s consider then that the content of your holiday is generally designated.

Now - most in detail we will paint the program of specific actions of every day. Easier to say - we will make the working plan , having cleverly built all its points with advantage of a positive. At the same time, mental eyes seeing the picture from the childhood, we try to lodge ourselves in its joyful world. To imagine itself the inhabitant of this world, the careless child who is not knowing fear and capable any difficult business to turn into enticing game.

After that also begin the holiday. Firmly remembering that everything depends on your will and exact implementation of the plan. And, if since morning you undertake a negative: market, products, cooking of food That! You do not plunge into this occupation at all - as you usually got used to do, tiring yourself out! On the contrary! You spare yourself and love. Besides, you have a plan. And even, if your soup did not manage to cook by a lunch or the second remained half-baked, you - without any doubts - switch off gas precisely according to the schedule. A family feed with a rich green salad with yesterday`s cutlet. And favourite compote. And after a lunch - as well as it is planned in your working plan - all have a rest!

Here opportunities are inexhaustible...

I depending on weather - dozhdichek or buckets - it can be walk with a family on the nature. Or at cinema. Or to friends. Or a siesta when all house, including you, plunges into silence. Everyone in own way: someone took a nap, someone reads, someone got the forgotten needlework And there is still such general mood at a family that pulls to talk: to remember something pleasant, to consider general plans, to plan something good, to poulybatsya each other A great thing - a similar sit-round gathering in a family. They give rise to credibility, warmth and true relationship between people.

Of course, you will not escape from the truth: kazhdodnevnost with its negative - difficult Life. And holiday of the house - not the best of holidays. But the word of honor is not an abyss, not a hole, not a reason for moaning and despondency yet. On the contrary! These are excellent opportunity - to win circumstances and to strengthen the self-confidence.

And self-confidence is and there is the most precious treasure of the best holiday.