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And you already won against an old age?

A you already won against an old age?

There is nothing more artfully than an old age.

And first of all it approaches the person imperceptibly and as if from all directions. For example, woman 60 more - and by the way, in already foreseeable future 30% of the population of Europe will reach 65 years - but she did not manage to retire as children call her not mother, but the grandmother. Its apartment any more not the apartment - the place of sincere pleasure and a cosiness - and skladilishche all kinds of things which good few children, moving down on the apartments, left “on still“ and forgot. And the grandmother gradually turns into a trouble-free stick - a lifesaver in families of beloved children: descend to the doctor with younger, the senior should be accompanied on tennis, prepare, give a wash, walk a favourite dog … by

In a word, occupied with the career, life, friends, campaigns, fashions, children dump all cares of this dreary, mindnumbing kazhdodnevnost on the grandmother. And gradually it turns into the faceless, gray being who is eternally grumbling and muttering about the sores, impudence of municipal receipts yes of dissoluteness of youth … And when the former student`s girlfriend invited her in theater - and as soon as she manages: both young looks, and still the laugher, and the performance will not pass? - so children directly - were terrified: “What theater?! To you what, it is not enough TV?.“

Familiar situation?

And meanwhile, the most up-to-date geriatrics claims that an old age - anti-evolutionary process. It means that it is a pobedima. And keys from a victory over it - in hands of grandmothers - the grandfathers who powerlessly excluded themselves from active creative life.


It is worth some of grandmothers being gathered courage once and to tell: “All! Point! I do not want to be a stick - a lifesaver! I want to be the person and to lead full-blooded life!“ And here such simple, but resolute desire - according to the Russian gerontologist, the doctor of medical sciences S. Konovalov - starts the hidden mechanisms of transformation. Now our grandmother has one: to support desire - action. First of all: to relieve the apartment of any stuff. And to make it in the most unconditional way, devastating storerooms, cases, baskets and recesses and without sighing over each once favourite blouse. Then she opens recipes of Vangi about health and beauty and - for itself favourite - chooses the most suitable. As if by itself remembering wonderful hobbies of youth: modeling? photo? skis? French?. And in passing calls the student`s girlfriend - something very long ago that does not disturb the culturally - educational programs! - also offers it evening walks in paradise green places of the favourite city. And at the same time - why is also not present? - buys theater tickets!

And even if in the same evening - evening of a visit of &ndash theater; the own children will ask the grandmother to sit with beloved grandsons as they have at work a special celebration and it is impossible to pass, the grandmother answers tenderly, but implicitly: “My family, - I cannot!“ Make


Also be not afraid that children will take offense. They you will understand

. But if do not understand - risk


Eventually, the salutary purpose - great force. And the old age is afraid of those who, safely pursuing this aim, the fills every day - life!

of Lidka