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The forest fairy tale

kroner of the mighty pines directed in the clear sky Stately rustle. The warm breeze timidly swings branches of trees. Having woken up from a winter dream, young leaflets as though exchange words with each other rustle. Every day the wood is filled with breath of life, the nature on green color is generous. You will stop here so in the middle of the wood, you will raise eyes in an azure height, and you are exempted from terrestrial vanity, finding harmony with the whole world. Somewhere behind an edge the cuckoo counts years, larks chirp, the nightingale is filled in. The spring wood is full of sincere pleasure. Time of magnificent blossoming, delicate aromas, light days, bird`s trills came, life time came.

I here, in the meshchersky woods there is a miracle from miracles, the plant included in the Red List - a dream - a grass, or a lumbago spring. Modestly silvery fluffy butonchik grow from the earth. The nature took care of everything, having awarded these flowers with the fluffy hairs preserving against night frosts. The one who at least once happened to see a dream - a grass, never to forget it extraordinary beauty a plant. The lumbago grows at families so quite often the wood is decorated with the whole clearings a dream - herbs. Fluffy butonchik turn into flowers with the hung heads of bewitching violet color which stalks are gradually extended, making them similar to tulips. In a translucent pinery a dream - the grass is visible from far away. In old times connected a set of national signs and beliefs with this fantastic plant. What is cost by only its names: a dream - a grass, a dream - a potion, a sonchik, a sleepiness, a razlapushnik, a subsnow tulip, an easter flower! On an ancient legend, once behind wide leaves the dream - herbs tried to hide from Saint Michael the Archangel a demon. But the Archangel fired in him the lightning arrow which “shot“ a plant why leaves turned into narrow strips. From here and the name - a lumbago. On a belief, since that moment the evil spirit for kilometer bypasses a dream - a grass. She was esteemed not only as preserved against magical charms and an evil eye, but also as a symbol of the victorious weapon. Still sleeping pill of action of a lumbago was in the ancient time noticed. Skilled sorcerers treated by means of lumbago broths sleeplessness and nervousness. The “sleepy“ name of a plant can be explained also with shape of a flower: wrapped up with fluffy hairs, it casts feeling of serenity and a pacification.

At last, a dream - the grass was considered as a magic plant. There was an opinion that the person who fell asleep on a forest clearing among a dream - herbs, will get clairvoyance gift. Collected in the morning and lain in cold water to a full moon, at night a dream - the grass begins to move, and sends prophetic dreams, - other national belief says. The dried flowers a dream - herbs stored in hope to find happiness and wealth. For me a dream - the grass is the most important symbol of spring in the reserved region of our Russia - Meshchora. Coming from Moscow on sadovo - garden affairs, I always look forward to the moment “to visit“ a dream - a grass in pine forest between the villages of Keltsa and Rebusinessmen. To walk on the wood among these magic flowers, to dream, to behold … the Lumbago is brought by

long ago in number of disappearing plants of Russia therefore, unfortunately, it is necessary to remind that collecting it is forbidden. Therefore there is nothing better, than a disinterested meeting of spring. And to keep memoirs about a dream - a grass, I try to make as much as possible photos which viewing every time gives unique feeling of a meeting with the forest fairy tale.