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Frank Sinatra: great optimizer of own life? Today I want to tell

about the person who, without having outstanding vocal skills, remained more than fifty years a variety idol of America and got 11 awards “Grammy“. Besides without any actor`s school he became the owner of the most prestigious of cinema - awards “Oscar“.

Francis Albert Sinatra, the only child in a family of the Italian emigrants, was born on December 12, 1915 in the city of Hoboken, the state New - Jersey.

As the musician he earned the first money in 13 years, entertaining public in the local bar. Since 1932 wrote down several performances on radio. For Sinatra the victory in a competition of young talents on radio - the show “Amateur Hour of the Major Boaz“ became fatal.

Since then its began to invite professional the jazz - orchestras - famous Harry James and Tommie Dorsey. It seemed - nothing threatens career of the young performer. However at the end of 40 - x loss of a voice and cancellation of contracts with the leading sound recording studios (MGM, “Columbia Records“, MCA) nearly became the reason of suicide of Sinatra. Besides, conservative American society with obvious disapproval watched scandalous intimacies of the singer.

“I for everything that helps you to worry night, whether it be a prayer, tranquilizers or a bottle of whisky of Jack Daniel`s“. by

Exactly here also showed a fighting spirit of Sinatra. He started everything anew. The voice was restored. And after an exit to screens of the movie “From Now on and for Ever and Ever“ Frank Sinatra got the award “Oscar“ as the best supporting actor. For career also movies “11 friends of Ouchene“ and “Detective story“ became successful.

“When I sing, the song gets into soul of each of listeners - I think it happens because the song and in my soul too. It occurs by itself, I can do nothing with it. If I sing the sad song about the lost love, then I am hurt by soul. I feel this loss“.

Even emergence super - popular Elvis Presley and “Beatles“ could not push off Sinatra from tops of a musical Olympus any more.

Since the end 50 - x Frank Sinatra together with the friends, variety stars Sammy Davies, Dean Martin, Joe Bishop and Peter Louford unite in the well-known “Rat pack“. They regularly give concerts in Las - Vegas and take active part in the presidential company of John Kennedy. Records and concerts with such monsters as Count Basie and Billey Mai, made Sinatra a recognized star of a swing.

Almost in 50 years after the beginning of the career, in 1980, Frank Sinatra writes down the next masterpiece - the song “New York, New York“. In 1993 78 - summer Sinatra writes down the “Duets“ which brought to him next “Grammy“ and the million fees. Barbara Streisand and Tony Bennet, Julio Iglesias and Bono participated in this grandiose project.

In May, 1998, at the age of 82 - x years Frank Sinatra left, having left behind a huge number of grateful listeners, a big condition and mass of legends.

Sinatra and women

Four times Frank Sinatra consisted in a legal marriage. But three beloved children were from the first wife - Nancey Barbato. Throughout all career Sinatra was pursued by rumors about scandalous affairs with many famous women (among them and Marilyn Monroe).

Besides, several cases when immoderately sensitive fans committed suicide, bewitched by special manner of performance of Sinatra and his personal charm are known.

“If the press reports world news the same as they report something about me, then we have big problems“. Sinatra and mafia

Is considered

that Frank Sinatra became Johnny Fontaine`s prototype in Mario Puzo`s novel “Godfather“. But it was not pleasant to Frank. When someone wanted to acquaint the singer and the writer at restaurant, Sinatra lashed out at Mario with fists.

During lifetime of Frank categorically denied the communications with criminal syndicate. However the facts indicate the opposite. It possessed 9% of a casino “The Sands“. The famous gangsters Meyer Lansky and Frank Costello had other parts in property.

The photo where Frank Sinatra is depicted in the friendly company of family of Carlo Gambino got to the press. After death of a legend of gangster America Lucky Luchiano among its things found a gold cigarette case with a donative inscription from Frank Sinatra.

“You can be the most faultless performer in the world from the artistic point of view, but public - it as the girl, - if not to show the experiences, she will not want to see you …“

(All quotes from interview under the name “King of America“ which Frank Sinatra gave for the Pleyboy magazine in 1963.)