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Inexpensive and high-quality repair. How to avoid mistakes and deception?

From the beginning of a summer season of many Russians worry a question how to make inexpensive and high-quality repair at itself in a country house or in the city apartment. How to choose the conscientious contractor for repair, similar services offer hundreds of the organizations and individuals.

By what the customer usually is guided, choosing the contractor for construction or repair? Whether he heard (customer) about observance of a construction cycle and CONSTRUCTION NORMS AND REGULATIONS (construction norms and rules)? We believe that, of course, which - that heard, but in representation of the majority these concepts are ranked as area of large housing construction. When it is about construction of a country house or about apartment renovation where everything is in appearance simple and it is even possible to make which - that the hands, nobody wishes to penetrate into CONSTRUCTION NORMS AND REGULATIONS.

Here and in vain. It turns out that the contractor or, what is simpler, team of builders is chosen proceeding from the offered price, operating with such purely Russian word formation as “European-quality repair“. Customers mean by it, first of all, quality of the performed works, and workers - the import or made in Russia on foreign technology construction materials.

So it European-quality repair? In the construction industry such concept or definition is absent. Very few people from us know that the CONSTRUCTION NORMS AND REGULATIONS, for example, mean three levels of finishing of rooms: simple when it is necessary “to nakidat and level“, improved where equal walls and a ceiling are not provided also high-quality - with accurately certain requirements to finishing. Wishing to make high-quality and inexpensive repair, the customer, nevertheless, means finishing only high-quality.

The durable and well executed finishing reminds puff different materials pie, laid in a certain order and in the required proportions in addition ideally exactly. What really happens? During repair the main expenses go to the hidden works which are not reflected in appearance in any way. The hack-work allowed at the same time to the customer will be imperceptible at the beginning. Therefore it is not favorable to contractor to observe a production cycle.

At the same time little disturbs potboilers. For reduction of price and customer acquisition many civil engineering firms will brush away not trembled hand a half of a production cycle, without having informed the customer. There are cases of simple deception - work hidden. And when the tile will begin to fall off or the wall to freeze through, on all questions will find a justification of the non-participation: the house sits down, the tile rejected, gypsum cardboard always bursts, water pressure in the highway jumped up etc. To potboilers not to occupy the imagination.

To attract the client with low prices, unfair firms are ready even to replace in the estimate high-quality finishing on improved with all that it implies for the customer by negative consequences.

What in such situation is done by the customer of works? Usually with subquality work and flaws it is reconciled, considering that won in the price. This “inexpensive“ repair actually cost much to it enough as he paid for outstanding work and correction of the made mistakes. Other customer was cheated at all. Low-quality work is paid with it for inflated price.

Happens that for poor quality of construction and repair work and to ask there is nobody. Theoretically on the place the foreman, but in practice - it on conscience of the simple worker has to be responsible for quality check of the performed works.

The similar simplified approach to inexpensive construction and repair leads to encouragement of unqualified work, corrupts builders and the number of potboilers expands. They already weaned from conscientious work and unscrupulously use that their market is huge also the people ready to lay out the money for deception, will always be.

Forget the word “European-quality repair“. To choose the conscientious contractor and to make repair inexpensive and qualitative, be not too lazy to esteem CONSTRUCTION NORMS AND REGULATIONS and do not hesitate to ask all questions interesting you at the conclusion of the contract.