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What herbs should be prepared in June?

In June begin the active collecting medicinal wild-growing plants allowing to reserve environmentally friendly natural raw materials for preparation of curative collecting, house cosmetics and fragrant tea for the whole year. In the first month of summer in the central strip of Russia generally collect leaves, a grass and flowers, and also roots of some plants.

In the first half of month collecting spring plants and flowers still continues. During this period prepare a lily of the valley May, flowers of a bird cherry, hawthorn, a mountain ash, a lilac, birch leaves. During the whole month continue to collect nettle leaves by a two-blast furnace, mother - and - stepmothers, cowberry, a plantain, a wormwood, a club moss, kopytnya European, currants, flowers and leaves of a primrose, a dandelion, a bearberry, a shepherd`s bag, young oblistvenny branches of a Labrador tea marsh, “fir-trees“ of a horsetail field, a birch chaga. In more detail than of their these plants it was already told about some in article about collecting medicinal herbs in May.

Many plants begin to prepare in June when they gather the greatest number of useful substances. At this time on fields the tributary medicinal blossoms, extending pleasant aroma. For the medicinal purposes collect the top parts of a grass with flowers. Preparations from the tributary apply as wound healing, soothing, anti-rheumatic, emollient, expectorant means. In traditional medicine the tributary use at treatment of diseases of respiratory bodies, zheludochno - an intestinal path, kidneys and a bladder, a hypertension and atherosclerosis, from headaches and for increase in amount of milk at nursing mothers. Outwardly preparations from the tributary use for treatment of inflammations of joints, wounds, abscesses, furuncles.

In the second half of June begin to collect leaves and flowers of a blue cornflower. There is one feature: to keep the blue color of raw materials, flowers which are pulled out from flower baskets dry in well aired dark room. Leaves dry a usual order. Leaves usually apply outwardly as wound healing and antineoplastic means. Flowers use for preparation of diuretic and zhelchegonny preparations.

In the first half of June collect leaves and flowers, and at the end of the month and berry of wild strawberry. The dried wild strawberry is widely applied in traditional medicine. Infusions and broths of wild strawberry accept at an anemia, diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path, kidneys, a liver, zhelchevyvodyashchy ways, atherosclerosis, a hypertensive illness, as the vitamin and all-strengthening cure for avitaminosis and depressions, for removal from an organism of harmful substances. Outwardly the wild strawberry is applied to treatment of wounds, ulcers, eczemas, skin inflammations, with its help freckles and eels remove. Dried berries, flowers and leaves add to tea, doing it not only fragrant, but also very useful.

During the whole June collect inflorescences of a meadow clover. Preparations from it possess the antiseptic, all-strengthening, emollient, expectorant, sudorific and diuretic action. They are applied at diabetes, tuberculosis, cold, cough, bronchial asthma, a disease of kidneys, female diseases, as the toning, all-strengthening and vitamin means. Usually from a clover prepare infusions and broths, make from it tea.

The willow-herb narrow-leaved (Ivan - tea) which leaves collect during blossoming of a plant uses wide popularity of herbalists and fans of herbal tea. From a willow-herb prepare the preparations possessing calming, soothing, anti-inflammatory, enveloping and anticonvulsive by actions which apply at headaches, gastritises, stomach ulcer of a stomach and a duodenum, prostatitis. Strong tea from leaves of a willow-herb is considered an effective remedy from migraine.

In June begin to collect the top part of stalks with leaves and Veronika`s flowers medicinal. Preparations from Veronika traditionally use for improvement of appetite and normalization of digestion, as soothing, styptic, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, diuretic, zhelchegonny, expectorant means. They are applied at diseases of kidneys, a liver, zheludochno - an intestinal path, cough, bronchial asthma, cold, the increased nervous excitability, a headache, sleeplessness, female diseases. Widely use outwardly for treatment of skin diseases, abscesses, furuncles. Add to bathtubs when bathing children. Apply as powder at perspiration of legs.

Among the herbs prepared in June, the noticeable place is taken by a zvezdchatka average (wood louse). It grows everywhere in crude shady places including as a weed in gardens and kitchen gardens. Zvezdchatka is widely applied not only in the medical purposes, but also in cookery where she is used in a fresh and dried look. Prepare a zvezdchatka during blossoming, dry in a shadow on draft. The plant is applied in traditional medicine of many countries. It possesses soothing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic action. Zvezdchatka is applied at avitaminosis, to removal of fatigue, at treatment of diseases of lungs, a liver, zheludochno - an intestinal path, a thyroid gland, at hemorrhoids and female diseases. Earlier in villages the fresh zvezdchatka was used as effective means for removal of a hungover syndrome.

At the beginning of summer traditionally collect linden flowers. They are broken with pritsvetny leaves when not all flowers got out of hand - at this time in them most of all useful substances. It is desirable to dry lime color quickly, at a temperature about 50 degrees as at long drying it loses part of useful qualities. Since ancient times dried flowers of a linden used as effective bactericidal, soothing, anti-inflammatory, febrifugal, sudorific, expectorant, anticonvulsive, a diuretic. Usually from lime color prepare broths or infusions, the elementary option - lime tea.

Except listed in June collect also other herbs, among them a centaury small, a lavender medicinal, a meadowsweet vyazolistny, a burdock, a sinegolovnik ploskolistny, a shepherd`s bag, a thyme creeping, the thyme, chistotet big, a yastrebinka hairy. In the same time prepare also some poisonous plants - leaves of a henbane black, a dope ordinary, a bindweed field. It is possible to find in reference books the description and other wild-growing herbs which collecting begins at the beginning of summer.

When collecting medicinal herbs you should not forget that to many plants, especially long-term and rare, it is necessary to make thrifty use that they could be filled in the natural way. At a caring attitude to the nature it will always generously share with you the riches.