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How to teach to send giving to SMS? Whether control and management of remote objects of

It is possible to protect the apartment or the dacha from penetration of malefactors? Probably and, if to surround with their platoon submachine gunners, minefields and modern round-the-clock system of video surveillance. But such protection is not always necessary to those who do not store gold and exchange stocks, jewelry and other excessively acquired good behind armor doors.

Most often it is only important to the people leaving the dwelling unguarded to know that in their absence nothing unforeseen occurred. The house stands still, windows - doors are whole, strangers were not … What else is necessary for quiet life?

Here networks of cellular communication can come to the rescue. It not only a voice transfer or SMS, but also a set of other functions which only gain the development. The mobile Internet, fee - characteristic examples of such developing service. One of such functions - control and management of remote objects with use of the GSM networks. It means that by means of the inexpensive equipment, there is an opportunity to provide a complex of security services in control of parameters, to inclusion / switching off of various devices and other actions.

Leaving for a while the apartment or the dacha, it is possible to control loss of electricity, internal volume, opening of doors, integrity of glasses. At emergence of any event this device will send SMS or will make a call on phones specified by you. A certain sensor - the movements, temperatures, a smoke, doors or any other is responsible for each parameter. Sensors have contact with the main block of system by means of wires or radio signals. The main unit is called GSM - the modem and serves for transformation of signals from sensors to the messages simple and clear to the owner transmitted through a mobile network.

Such device represents the simplified cell phone, with the this - the map, federal number, but deprived of the keyboard and the screen. It works from a network of 220 volts and has the capacious accumulator capable to support work without electricity long time. On demand in search engines of a combination “GSM - the alarm system“, it is possible to learn detailed characteristics of such equipment.

The system can be interrogated regarding a state or operation of sensors by a certain code and if it is completed with the built-in microphone, then having just called on number, there is an opportunity to listen to a noise situation indoors. Some devices allow to connect a chamber and to send to the chosen number of the photo in the form of a MMS - messages. If the system works in 3G network, instead of a photo it will be possible to watch also video.

The number of the sensors connected to GSM - to the modem, depends on quantity of entrances of this model. Sensors can be the most different: those which were mentioned earlier, floodings, humidity, leak of gas, blow, an inclination etc. which principle of work is based on disconnection / short circuit of contacts. Except entrances, in the “advanced“ alarm systems, there are also output contacts to which necessary executive elements of lighting, heating or watering of a site are connected. They can be also made active by means of command of the cell phone.

Of course, the system is not deprived of shortcomings. As well as all phones, it can be sometimes inaccessible, “lags“ and false operations are occasionally possible, on the account there has to be a certain sum of money. The malefactor is capable to block the alarm system the generator of hindrances or “glushilka“. But all this extreme cases. More advantages are for the rest had.

You judge: there is no monthly fee what to connect and what you decide to protect, places are taken a little, practically does not demand service, it is autonomous long time. The device is twice mobile since in the winter it can work at the dacha, and in the summer - in the apartment or garage. Equipment set cost in the Russian shops begins from 6 thousand rubles. Whether there are similar analogs of security systems for such money?

By itself, we will not prevent penetration into the room of strangers and we will not stop the begun flood, but we will be able to learn about it, being even abroad. What prevents to report to us about the suspicions to relatives, neighbors, friends who are near our property and by that, perhaps, to minimize losses? And if the choice appears: to leave the dwelling just like that or with the mobile assistant inside, what you will prefer?