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How to complicate to itself life? Practical recommendations

of People - a being elaborate. And to simplify something not in our habits. We always have to be on call if suddenly life becomes too simple and by clear - it is necessary to do something urgently! I bring to your attention some councils.

1. Always you speak allegorically . In the beginning close people should think up difficulties, and they with pleasure will reciprocate to you. Besides, if to speak it is clear and accurate, you can be considered as the illiterate bumpkin. Create around yourself a mysteriousness aura, communicating hints and semi-hints. Simplicity - for plebeians!

2. Take everything personally . How you think who is always guilty of bad mood of other people? Certainly, you! Everything that you are told in a rush of anger and irritation - the real truth because in other moods people are inclined to dissemble. And, by the way, you get stuck in traffic jams from - for filled with different muck of yours charkas. Clean charkas, companions!

3. And if Repeatedly to make the same mistake - a bad form and a sign of people not especially clever. But we not such, huh? Therefore it is worth remembering carefully that we made not so and to lose this scene in all paints every day, and it is better several times a day. Telling a story of the defeat to friends and relatives, you will be able to indulge in self-abasement fully.

4. Everything is awful, isn`t that so? Any trifle has to force you to suffer. Even if it seems to you that this nonsense has no influence on your life, think - can, you cannot just realize to a descent all catastrophic nature of consequences?

5. Look for in yourself shortcomings . It is very important. If suddenly it was not succeeded to find - compare yourself to others. With those who are precisely best of all. Why you could not also? The most advanced can combine this point with the third - and to begin to compare the life with the ideas of ideal life. The main thing - do not forget to suffer! I will repeat, it is very important.

6. Look for at others shortcomings . But is not present - not in order that on their background to lift to themselves a self-assessment. It is not our way. We will look for shortcomings in order that to point to them. In total - the help to the neighbor - not the last business, people are imperfect and do not realize the imperfection. If to help them to realize, the gratitude will not keep itself waiting. The main thing to voice the opinion it is sharper, only together with negative emotions of people acquires information better.

7. Always be dissatisfied with everything . Pretend that you tested in this world already everything and nothing can surprise you. Then you will be considered as the intellectual and begin to be respected. Besides, to support an image of contemptuous indifference, it is necessary to strain fairly. Consoles only the fact that then everything will begin to turn out by itself.

8. Look for a dirty trick . You know that all with an ulterior motive. If someone did you good, so he prepares muck! If you were lucky, so behind this gleam the whole crowd of troubles will appear. Be always on the alert! Watch!

If you practice these recommendations daily, results will not keep themselves waiting.