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Firing at bottles: how to turn a simple entertainment into fascinating game?

If you have a pneumatic weapon, for certain such Russian national entertainment as firing at banks or bottles is not alien to you. This simple game the tent shooting galleries which bred lately in city parks suggesting to vacationers to practice in accuracy and promising to the most successful shooters a soft “ toy a miracle - yudo meyd in offer a chayn“.

Of course, the idea of firing in itself at bottles is tempting - the shooter sees the result at once, unlike traditional firing at a target. I want to bring to your attention the option of this game, in my opinion, which is successfully combining training in shooting accuracy, strategic and tactical thinking.

the Requisite and participants

So what will be required to us?

1. Certainly, the pneumatic weapon. One unit suffices. However, the type of the weapon is not basic - if only shot something, capable to fill up a bottle.

2. Set of bottles. We will need at least 10 plastic bottles or similar by the size and durability of targets. It is important that at hit of a bullet they fell to the ground, and at close flight steadily stood on the earth, ignoring as well wind. Bottles can slightly - be filled slightly with water for stability.

3. Paper, paper clips or adhesive tape, felt-tip pens.

Bottles should be wrapped up paper and to fix by paper clips or an adhesive tape. Now bottles - not just targets, it is soldiers .

All participants of game are divided into two teams. Equality of number of players in each team is not obligatory, one team can consist even of one person, and other of 10.

of the Rule

Game consists of 8 rounds. In each round one of teams attacks, and the second - defends. On the following round they change roles. Thus, each team 4 times attacks and 4 times defend.

The defending team exposes not less than three soldiers in a firing line. In total at the beginning of game at their each team on 10. It is possible to expose all at once. The firing line is chosen depending on the level of skill of the parties, from 10 to 25 meters. The attacking team does so many shots on the opponent`s soldiers how many they are exposed.

The fallen targets are considered as the killed and do not participate in game more. The escaped soldiers receive the next rank, and on their “uniform“ a felt-tip pen the mark (a tick, an asterisk, etc.) becomes . Ranks I offer such: private, sergeant, foreman, lieutenant, captain . Signs of distinction have to be well visible to shooters.

What soldiers to expose, the defending team solves (here and the strategic thinking is applied). In what soldiers and how many time to shoot, the attacking team solves (here and the tactical thinking is applied).

After 8 - go a round game comes to an end and the parties consider points for the escaped soldiers.

The private - 1 point, the sergeant - 3 points, the foreman - 7 points, the lieutenant - 20 points, the captain - 80 points. the team which scored the greatest number of points Wins.

Certainly if one of teams during game lost all the soldiers, then game stops and the opponent appears the winner.

If teams big, then number of targets it is possible to increase, for example, to 20, and the minimum number of soldiers by one round to 6. If it is not enough targets, both teams can use the same targets, “changing clothes“ of them for “uniforms“. It is desirable that each team had the color of uniforms and signs of distinction, for avoidance of confusion.

In what tsimmes?

Besides competition in accuracy, players have to develop strategy and tactics of game. For example, to expose sergeants or to keep? To concentrate the fire at the foreman (risking to make at the same time other soldiers of the opponent in sergeants) or to shoot at all soldiers of the opponent (risking to present to the lieutenant`s opponent).

Game also promotes development of command thinking: players have to solve who undertakes what soldier of the opponent. Certainly, the most important targets should be charged to more skilled shooters. If the team consists of one person, then he does all shots, otherwise, players distribute a limit of shots among themselves. Here ability to agree and look for a compromise - the major skills for any team game is shown.

That whom this game interested I suggest to try. Perhaps, practice of game will show need of change of some rules and addition of new.