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For each of us it is very important to door to have the world where it is possible to have a rest from the big World, its vanity, experiences and cares. This world our House. Here we create that unique cosiness and comfort which allows to relax after the unlucky working day, to get rid of noise of streets and transport. From the big World separates us all nothing - an entrance door. The entrance door has to guarantee safety of your world against burglaries and protection against external irritants, be - that noise of annoying neighbors in the platform or the moving elevator.

in the market is provided Today the huge choice of doors, for every taste and color, beginning from wooden and finishing with the steel, revetted materials, such as a laminate, vinyl skin, lining, an oak interline interval.

First a mention of entrance wooden doors is the share of 3000 of N e (Ancient Egypt), made of a sikomor or the German maple. In Italy the most ancient arch door is, perhaps, the Etruscan door in Voltaire (the 4th century of AD) . For many years existence of a door changed, the design of a door box changed, and ancient doors on pins - “revolving objects“ were modified at technologically advanced doors on loops. For the material serving as raw materials for doors even more often used a tree, and the nut and an oak which are famous for the durability were and remain the most used wood materials whereas more valuable breeds of a tree: the maple, a black rosewood, a pear, a tic, an ash-tree, sweet cherry and others were temporary favourites in different centuries.

As far as allow to judge the creations of outstanding sculptors and architects which remained up to now, doors from a tree already then were diverse on a design and decorating.

of Intensive construction of cult constructions, begun in the Middle Ages, served as incentive for production of doors of various sizes, forms and styles. Development of production of doors reached huge scales in the 18th century in Italy, and the Italian masters so perfectly seized skill of production of doors that attributed them supernatural abilities. Later, in the 19th century, masters of France, developed the unique style on production of wooden furniture and doors that allowed them to win first place in this industry. After war mass production of factory products then identity of each door disappeared began. In the 21st century, return to creativity in production of doors begins.

For the consumer, very whimsical and razbalovanny, is at the moment presented a great number of producers of doors, from - for what it is quite difficult to decide on the choice to whom to give preference. In this case professionals advise to pay attention to existence of awards and the state certificates of quality that speaks about interest the producer in the product and desire to develop it. Also it is worth estimating existence of original perspective decisions, we will allow the special sealant having the increased sound insulation.

in the conditions of crisis special attention is paid to doors the house-keeper of a class. Of course, it is difficult to call these doors reliable, but nevertheless in most cases will be able to protect your house, however, will not save from the thief of the professional also other expensive doors.

At the choice of a door should pay attention to the following characteristics:

- cloth thickness, desirable for this class of steel doors, makes about 55 mm., that approaches on safety;

- the angle of opening of a door usually 90 degrees;

- a door can be completed with two locks and the door lock.

- as a covering is often used a polymeric covering that prevents metal corrosion;

- is desirable to pay attention to quality of processing of steel. Existence of agnails, roughnesses speaks about low-quality production.

Especially important correct installation of an entrance door, it is desirable to entrust this procedure to the professional as service life and operation of a door depends on it.