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Comedy “Revenge of Fluffy“. Whether animals against powerful excavators can stand?

“Stop up the beak!“

When the adult man hysterical shouts similar to the most ordinary crow, we can draw two conclusions:

1. He “went mad“;

2. The crow brought it to “a white kaleniye“.

The director of the movie “Revenge of Fluffy“ Roger Kumble made simpler: connected both points in a whole. The fact that the animal is capable to enrage the person the behavior - not news. All dog lovers, aelurophiles, owners of canaries, popugaychik and other living creatures know about it.

The cat who, for example, in March gads on the apartment and bawls with might and main terribly enrages, demanding a kitty. As the man it can be understood, but instead of a kitty who needs to be looked for somewhere, to palm off the tablets “Antiseks“ more simply. And up to this point nerves of the person stretch to a limit.

However once and cats were wild animals. But people came and continue to step on habitat of animals. So it happened that our cities and settlements grew where there lived a wild animal. The movie “Revenge of Fluffy“ tells about only one episode of invasion of people on the nature. The construction company cuts down the reserved wood, blows up the rivers with dams of beavers and intends to build up all with new houses.

People - that need to live somewhere! That it is more important: preservation some there mythical unkempt beavers or fifty thousand dollars? The builder Dan Sanders (Brandan Fraser) first, without reflecting, chooses “grandmas“. And the logic in it is because on fifty pieces “green“ it is possible to buy so many beavers in the market! On Moscow “bird`s“, for example.

And animals, having overheard conversations of people about plans of corporation, solve in all ways to protect the house - the reserve. Authors of a picture nominated to fight against the person and his injurious plans a brutal gang from badgers, beavers, birds, a bear and put at the head of the man of courage - a raccoon. It is fluffy - birds go to protect the wood from an aggressor in the person of Dan. That is why the man also shouts to a crow “Stop up the beak!“ that the lover of any brilliant knickknacks with a beak - “the sent Cossack“, the troublemaker of the character of Fraser.

Its mission - “to get“ the leader of people on building to such an extent that all of them went away to the smoke-filled megalopolises. Other animals in the movie try to annoy Dan too. Unless it is pleasant, for example, when you, say, run on the electric treadmill, and someone cuts down supply of electricity and as a result the cloth of a path brakes, and you a shell fly the head to a wall?

What is interesting in the movie “Revenge of Fluffy“ - it is positioned as the comedy (and it is the truth!) . But sometimes from tricks of “dumb animals“ against the person it becomes real not ridiculously. It seems to me, search with cruelty in this plan lives in movie fabric.

But also at once I will tell that scenes with animals are magnificent. The graphics of a raccoon is traced on lovely sight, and gestures of his tiny pads are very pertinent, all of them on business. The flashing mimicry of animals in a picture is one hundred times better than not too expressive game Brook Shields, for example.

The title role of the representative of mankind was played by the actor Brandan Fraser. To me it was remembered in the magnificent saga “Mummy“. In first two “Mummies“ Fraser played flashingly, very harmoniously fitted in vobraz. And here he disappointed in the picture “Revenge of Fluffy“. The grown heavy uncle with a ridiculous hairdress, in a dressing gown, all from inconsistent, soft … It is strange that he holds such position where sharpness, speed in decision-making and a character warehouse zhelezobetonnost is required if you want.

I am drawn more towards negative evaluation of the work of Brandan Fraser in this picture, but from it it does not become worse! The matter is that I consider as the main character of the movie of a raccoon. It is object of sympathies. And when he tries to be protected by the tiny pads from a dart shot with sleeping pill - me, to the viewer, it is a pity for him and there is even a wish to protect.

It is remarkable that in the movie “Revenge of Fluffy“, on the one hand, is a pity for animals properly, but with another - itself and would “strangle“ them for such boorish tricks against the person! Difficulty is in that whose party to choose: animals that protect the house, or people, that is us which need to live somewhere and it is necessary to attack wild territories.

In general, all movie “Revenge of Fluffy“ - a naughty smile. When the millionaire is called by his mother, and he her reminds a descent: “Mother! You remember, you owe me 25 dollars!“ - that involuntarily you smile. And so all movie. I will not remember that when viewing somewhere it was boring. It is a kind, cheerful picture though sometimes the humour is very primitive.

Assessment: 8 of 10.

It is possible to look … No, not so. So that`s that: I declare that “The revenge fluffy“ is recommended to viewing to all, young and old for own entertainment.