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The reasons for honesty of

Reason are not a gift which is given by gift. For its development it is necessary to work hard. Earlier the reason was an unusual occurrence, people badly understood thanks to what it arises, and considered it as the miracle arising thanks to practices and merits of antecedents. Now there are data that development of the majority of abilities depends on commitment of the person in this life, on availability of spiritual information.

Honesty, of course, has to be the basis for any reason. People are not born honest or liars. Only at a certain vital stage they reflect: who they what they want to be are. Then the understanding of need of honesty comes. And, than the high price should be “paid“ for honesty, that the identity of the person appears more largely. Honesty - an indicator of health of mind.

What reasons are found by the young man to be honest?

The first reason is, of course, public - achievement of mutual understanding and respect in collective. Honesty is a predictability, an opportunity to agree, that is, this necessary condition of self-governed behavior of the person.

Honest in modern society to be unprofitable therefore the developed analytical mind is necessary to come to understanding of need of honesty. Mind which sees not only momentary benefit, not only a number of the being people, and mind which guesses existence of the collective intelligence punishing and awarding is necessary.

It can be and - strong honesty it is possible to be proud of a question of self-esteem, as well as the rolled muscles. Also the desire of intellectual health as regular dishonesty perverts the cogitative device can be the cause of honesty.

The person can gain also religious honesty if believes in God and realizes that for a meeting with it after death it is necessary to live honest life. The belief in eternal life of human soul gives to the person necessary freedom from the world of violence.

What else reasons can be at the person for honesty, the reasons which society has to open for the young man in school days? “the philosophy of common cause“ has to be such cause. The science which comprehends laws of the universe more and more deeply and removes religious myths has to undertake obligations of execution of those expectations which were assigned to religions, namely: resurrection of the dead and life eternal. Only through establishment of this purpose and by the conclusion of the contract with each honest person the mankind can survive in modern conditions. Of course, it is not the legal contract, just each person has to know that if it is honest, it in common cause if he is a liar, he is a parasite of common cause. And here the science should not compete to religion - if God comes, then the religious option is accepted while it is absent, the scientific project is carried out. Only mad honesty can rescue mankind from madness.

Honesty happens both external, and internal. If with external, in life and in communication it is more and more less clear, then internal, demands a constant reflection and the analysis and if you want, psychoanalysis. It is necessary to study and be able to use instruments of thinking - laws of logic and informatics.

The lie is a dam in a streamlet of information flowing in our mind. If there is a lot of such dams, then mind work is broken, it revolves, issues false decisions. And sometimes work of mind is completely blocked.

The natural reasons leading to honesty violation are the fear and greed (envy). The started cases of fear and greed multiplied by activity of mind generate malignant gossip, theft, hatred, revenge, aggression, anger.

It is necessary to be able to operate the desires and to be able to refuse them. Fight against greed by will power development, maintaining an ascetic way of life.

The fear is overcome by its understanding, understanding of its reasons. The organism has the same reaction of fear to different frightening irritants therefore if to overcome any one fear by means of training, then it is possible to consider that the organism was prepared for others.

Work because idle mind begins to indulge in empty reflections, envy, rage, fear can cure reason of many illnesses.

The mood on a positive, on search of a reasonable basis and expediency of all things, rationality and benevolence of world around is necessary for reason. The faith in God, feeling of its beauty and a harmony begins with it. Thanks to it the love arises. Self-confidence is based on it.

The pedagogics disclosing the value of honesty, responsibility can be considered as spiritual.