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Advertising in Murmansk as it is

From the very beginning of work in Murmansk of our magazine advertizing and if it is more correct to tell - the income from advertizing was always a financing source for normal work of publishing house. During the work when there is a potential client who needs advertizing, and not just advertizing, and good advertizing, we, of course, first of all were guided by construction companies not only Murmansk and area, but Severo - the West of Russia. Most of such clients from among heads of these enterprises perfectly understand that simple advertizing, the Internet - advertizing, advertizing of the website or advertizing services will always be useful to them, they will help to strengthen the positions and to expand the activity. The client whom advertizing influences has to know where he should call or write, and also the client has to know - that specifically he can buy. But here what piece happened to the word “advertising“. Within these years I had an impression that during conversation with the potential client, at least in Murmansk, it is not necessary to pronounce the word “advertising“ at all. Do not give that my God! At once, when I in conversation the client incidentally heard the word “advertising“ - that here began!

The phrase from lips of clients - “this advertizing already zadolbat!“, was the most tender of all heard. And after some time, I strongly recommended all the managers... No! Did not recommend, and just ordered during conversation with potential clients the word advertizing not to use. And instead of the word “advertising“ the client has to hear the word “information“. They and spoke - “We want to offer you distribution of information on your reputable organization, etc. “ and the word “advertising“ was not mentioned at all! In most cases it helped while any client outright did not say - “It that, advertizing perhaps? So also spoke in clear - ADVERTISING“. What immensely surprised our managers and especially sensitive with this frankness of clients just entered into a stupor! This reaction of clients to the word “advertising“, of course it is possible to explain with emergence in the market of mass of the different companies which could offer the client “practically all advertizing services what only are“. And this client, having burned on these businessmen using the word “advertising“ already just with shudder remembered this negative experience, and at each opportunity the client shifted this negative to quite responsible advertisers. Not advertizing, but a narrow circle of the offer to clients of the services as that - advertizing in mass media, advertizing on radio and TV, outdoor advertizing - billboards was a widespread mistake of “those“ companies. And, here, for example, about what is a contextual advertizing on the Internet or even the fact that there is a simple advertizing and advertizing of the website on the Internet, not only the client did not suspect, but they also did not know - though this advertizing represents just huge segment, with good opportunities for advance of the company on a commodity market and services.

Advertising in Murmansk - its features

I in general advertizing and the related activity with clients in Murmansk has the features about which it is possible to write the story or the whole treatise. For example, I precisely know already the silence periods when advertizing of clients and her consumers does not work or “slack seasons“ when in the market of advertizing practically nothing can be made.

The first period and it the last when advertizing becomes especially heavy - it is New Year`s Eve time and winter vacation which can proceed almost to the middle of February. At this time business life, and advertizing, respectively, as the movement of fish in dead cold water, practically fades. All participants of the market or the client who need advertizing are in anabiosis, and, with rare exception, do not make attempts to leave independently this state. For an explanation of this phenomenon when advertizing does not cause interest and the client is silent, I have several explanations and perhaps they approximately approach the real description of a state of affairs. The first of these assumptions is what many companies - our clients so earned in the previous time much that to them it is simply lazy something also advertizing yet is not interesting to be engaged in it. And such client indulges in contemplate inaction and the same client carefully trains himself for a season of activity and then advertizing is required to them. Other clients for whom advertizing is a way to earn a living and they are contractors previous, are forced to adapt to a situation and to suffer silently, patiently expecting when advertizing is demanded and the beginning of activity in the market of advertizing is especially necessary for them.

The second period of calm when advertizing is already necessary, but weaker and not such stagnant as the first any more, falls on the summer period of time, up to the middle of September when any client (read the advertiser) as the careful parent (he is a businessman) brings from the South of the kids to school. It is the period when advertizing for clients is demanded. Then after nondurable surge in activity on accumulation of financial “fat“ of the company smoothly turn into hibernation. And such “advertizing“ with your permission works around. The whole year when the client says - “advertizing is necessary“ or the client refuses - “advertizing is not necessary“ repeats almost with identical monotony.

I believe that for our Russia this state of affairs in the sphere of any advertizing, there is it a contextual advertizing on the Internet, outdoor advertizing, social advertizing or even creative advertizing, in most cases fairly, with these or those insignificant deviations.

The client who does not need advertizing

And so, I continue a subject how advertizing by some clients - heads of the companies in Murmansk is perceived. I already mentioned that most of clients do not see themselves without advertizing and knows that advertizing is necessary to them. But here on the phrase “majority“ at me to the memory at once is recured by other heads who do not treat this majority. Such client considers that advertizing of services of their company is something superfluous, silly and unnecessary. And also such client considers that their advertizing demands unnecessary expenses and they so will live. At the same time I was always touched by the following standard phrases proceeding their lips of such clients:

- all know us! Advertizing is not necessary to us! (However, this client does not specify, who these “all“. There can be it the cleaner at office or the personal driver of the CEO, and also passersby who are regularly passing by living nearby).

- advertizing ….? - I will call back to you … (The client priznosit verbally expressed soft form of refusal and it means that this client will not call back. At least, in the near foreseeable future. That is directly to tell that it does not need advertizing very difficult).

Before my eyes for these years since 2005 there passed a number of the companies which did not pay almost any attention to advertizing of the services. Set from them were just closed as the client did not learn where to it, actually, it is necessary to address. Other clients to whom advertizing is not especially necessary (in their opinion) drag miserable existence and it is quite possible that they are waited by the same fate, as previous.

I believe that the reading this text of people if it is the head or the head of the advertizing department adheres to other point of view and knows that advertizing for the client is an excellent way to increase sales level.

However advertizing, and also in ways of giving of advertizing, methods of advertizing and locations of advertizing is essential distinctions, as at the cost, and a way of submission of information.

Any client has to know that he one of the most effective of locations where advertizing is especially effective, is, undoubtedly, television. But this advertizing has the features. It is necessary for effective impact on audience that advertizing of the client constantly was present at TV, but services on advertizing and their big cost (in particular on production and placement of videos of advertizing) just are too expensive for the majority of the companies. But on television there are other fish in the sea and on hand business - communities is available such advertizing and its democratic and rather cheap method of distribution as the Internet - advertizing, the same contextual advertizing about what I already mentioned above. It is possible to post online the website, to make to it advertizing and to begin its advance.

The advertizing subject in general is many-sided and many-sided. And what I wrote here - only small part from the boundless ocean of advertizing.