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“I did not hear at all that there is such type of the photo that it is. Sometimes I notice goods only because to me it priglanutsya by their photo in a global network or on the board, but did not even suspect that someone purposely tried to realize so that to draw attention of the viewer. Such photographing somehow specially is called?“ Approximately thus I was asked by one acquaintance when learned about my website. However, some do not reflect over certain it seems usual and everyday things as a goods picture in a web or the advertizing leaflet. It is without what it is impossible to present the Internet today, and for sound subject photographing of not rather only one camera at all, even super professional which is usually banal is not present at sellers who will need to make a beautiful picture of own brands for the Internet - shop and the paper advertizing catalog. And from a photo at which the potential buyer watches extremely often zavisitprinyaty decisions on the choice of goods then on the second plan other positive sides move: technical (if it concerns equipment), terms of payment, the company the producer and popularity of a brand and others. It is obvious that installation of a picture generally - it is already remarkable, and - it is even better than the beautiful photo, its existence can directly help to exert impact on sales level. More Internet will now be organized - shops, new technologies in a grid quickly develop. Application a flash on any portal will draw attention to it and will help to make unforgettable, and in that case if the real opportunity of management and also original game directly on the Internet portal, this fact absolutely not superfluous is given, it will help to make any Internet - shop more competitive and allocates from numerous such that means similar to them to become already more difficult. the combination photo and a flash - technologies, it guarantees excellent results, and it just not only progress for the sake of progress. Estimate … …. Interactive three-dimensional photo …. Virtual fitting room … … For three-dimensional and each photographing huge place is taken by light, a practical opportunity to regulate it and to correct the direction of light, to create unusual ev … Light gives the chance to show object of shooting of shooting according to the imagination of the photographer and the client`s wishes. Here uniform lighting for ideally natural perception will be possible and also dot light to dabyaktsentirovat attention on a relief and the invoice of a subject and others. Quite often when shooting various elements, backgrounds, people or animals (I, naturally, do not carry people to accessories) are applied that allows to embody composition, a plot or the whole history, it rezultatogranichivatsya only by the imagination of the performer. Often the decision for each task is in process of work and the result can be very unexpected. Work with liquids and bulks always gives a “live“ shot if it is possible to be expressed so. “To catch“ a shot not easy, here precisely a lot of things depend on luck, it is sometimes easy to spend many days, to fill in, wet everything that surrounds you, but not to receive a good desirable picture. Therefore that special satisfaction is tested by the photographer when in a picture it is possible to imprint the movement of water extraordinary magnificent, live, imperceptible, imperceptible earlier which in a picture stopped to remain in eternity … Whether not too I went too far in adjectives here? Tried to choose the best word.