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The Snow Maiden`s secrets or How competently to look after face skin in the winter?

First of all, let`s decide on rule No. 1 in care of face skin in the winter which accurate observance will allow us to minimize such “winter problems“ as a peeling, vascular setochka and redness.

So, this rule says: you put the moisturizing cream on a face no later than in 30 minutes to an exit to the street that moisture on skin managed to be redistributed. What does it mean, you ask? I answer.

Our skin - the most difficult body which independently regulates the content of water in each layer. Most of all moisture is in the lowermost layers, gradually to a horn layer its contents decreases. Also it depends on temperature and humidity of environment. On cold skin catastrophically loses moisture, at the same time the top layer partially delays it from more lower layers. When we use moistening, there is a redistribution of water on all layers: its absorption in the lower layers and evaporation of surplus from the top layer. Therefore skin does not become covered with ice on a frost when putting the moisturizing cream.

Cold wind, differences of temperatures and a central heating, alas, dry up in the winter our skin, the person especially suffers. You think, with it it is necessary to reconcile as to inevitability? At all not. First of all always air the apartment before going to bed! Oxygen is so necessary for our sections for updating, give them such pleasure.

There is one more wonderful way of moistening of dry air in the apartment. Put for the night near the bed the capacity filled with water. Damp air will help to eliminate small wrinkles and a grayish shade of face skin. And if you add one droplet of essential oil of a lavender to water, then will provide yourself also quiet sound sleep.

And before this dream useful will be to please the face with a pleasant winter masochka. You ate the owner of fat skin , you will be suited:


Kefiric mask

Kefir (1 table spoon) + 1 tablespoon of cottage cheese.

the Mask apple - proteinaceous

One wiped apple plus one egg white.

If you were lucky, and you have a normal skin , then your recipes here: Zheltkovo`s

- an oil mask

the Yolk crude - 1 feature, glycerin - 1 teaspoon, polished apple - 1 piece.

the Kefiric mask

Kefir and oat flour - on 1 table spoon.

All masks hold 15 minutes, then wash away. And here masks for dry skin : Zheltkovo`s

- an oil mask

Fruit juice (apple, a lemon, grapefruit) - 2 teaspoons, a half of a crude egg yolk, cottage cheese of 9% of fat content - 2 teaspoons, vegetable oil - 1 teaspoon.

Having carefully pounded, mix the ingredients given above and put the received gruel on a face. You hold a mask of 20 minutes, then wash away and apply nutritious cream.

the Mask from bananas

1/4 part of banana carefully to knead, add 1/2 spoon of your favourite nutritious cream, on 3 droplets of a lemon and olive oil. To put for 15 minutes.

During the winter period this mask will well support skin. The pulp of banana represents a fine natural humidifier, and the rich content of vitamin A is important for the dry, angry skin.

There are some more simple secrets of winter care of face skin. How you will treat, for example, “snow massage“? This procedure will surely strengthen effect of the masks used by you and will give to skin a pleasant pinkish shade. Are intrigued?

So, take a gauze napkin, wrap in it a little snow. Then within two minutes massage a face in the direction from a chin to a forehead. By the way, this procedure strengthens walls of blood vessels and promotes renewal of cells of face skin.

Generally, having slightly changed the famous phrase “Rescue of drowning - work drowning“, it is possible to tell safely: “Preservation of beauty of face skin in the winter - business of our own hands“.

And at desire to keep its any evil blizzards and frosts to us are not terrible!