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Mass media tchatelno try to hide the real stars!!!

Once, incidentally walking on the Internet my attention was drawn by group = Enemies of flies =, playing very interesting music.

- Yes same discovery of the century! - I thought - This gang undoubtedly has to be at tops a hit - parades of the whole world! If I only knew how there is a lot of, it will shortly mean to me...

Actually, is delightful the picked-up sounding of their original songs with excellent texts and fresh arrangements cannot leave indifferent anybody who would hear them. This group noted all points on the way to success. Having dug more deeply, I opened for myself the hugest world of group = Enemies of flies = (or as they themselves often call = VM =).

When I saw their live performances on video, I immediately began to show it to the friends and acquaintances to learn also their opinion about = VM =. All my acquaintances, despite different musical tastes and what there to tell, the different nations, too very much were positive to creativity = VM =. Then before me there was only one question: - Why this group is not known to general public? .

Yes, the group = Enemies of flies = has a set of clips, but do not broadcast any of them we will tell on MTV.

- Perhaps does not approach on a format? - I thought, and right there went to the acquaintances working at television for diagnostics of this problem. Having examined several rollers, friends safely declared to me that they the most part from them, according to all standards, completely are suitable on for rotation on television. Namely: quality of a sound, permission of video, professionalism of installation, censorship of songs etc. of

Then in what business? This question still remains open...

As for the music of group = Enemies of flies =. They have very courageous texts and not seldom aggressive melodies that not in which case is not bad! Even, the obscene language which sometimes is found in this case obeys as a breath of fresh air, among the pop-music which really bothered in a circle! But there are also instructive songs. So to speak songs for ages . These songs could be on lips not of one generation. But, as I did not try, to find in the

lists of radio groups of all radio stations = VM =, I did not manage. Generally their songs very vital, and too would approach on a format on any radio station. Yes only a hitch not in it!!! = Enemies of flies = I a lot of things learned

On the official site about their creativity and life. This trio consists of two guys (Fyodor Lukashuk - the Bass guitar, a vocal; Mikhail Rusu - percussions, a vocal) and one girl (Olga Lesnikova - a guitar, a vocal). The group was formed in Sochi 7 years ago, (2003) and for these years managed to conquer many peaks connected with the world of show business and music. But with what not feasible work by it it is allowed to make the way on top, it is even difficult to present! Children agree about all concerts, organize rounds, actions with distribution of free disks, sell the albums on the Internet, and even shoot film! Though with that list of talents of this group, they would have to roll on a sofa with a can of beer, and managers would keep ringing to them in with offers on concerts. If = VM = would live in the West, or at least in Europe, so it also was, but for some reason or an obstinacy the group sings only in Russian, and sings about our life. About life of the country which draws in their existence from all directions, without giving either water or bread or an opportunity to do the it is not damage to the pocket, and, above all to bring joy to people. That, not many who know about = VM =, sincerely love them. Without advertizing, without labels, without deception. And such love - the most sincere!

Ya wrote to them. I asked Fyodor many questions. About why they are not visible in Mosvke and St. Petersburg. Why they are not published by labels. The frontman honestly answered all this that his and his group is just very often ignored and give skins under the back, instead of an opportunity itself will be expressed. Well here finally brought me! Fyodor told that = Enemies of flies = constantly give applications for TV channels and radio, for festivals and show, but to sense from all this both was not, and is not present to this day.

Can matter in the name? Well if so, then it is silly! As to you name The Beatles (bugs) or Rolling stones (the sliding stones)? In my opinion neither name, nor that other here not and. Just the Russian show business had a favorable footpath for a long time and to let on it those who due to the real talents could get rid of them in its plans is not. On it = Enemies of flies = and perhaps tens more of excellent teams and will go about

the own business in force floor as on full force they eventually will not have no time not of money! I decided tell

A to all to whom I can. It is simple to inform you of the fact that good groups do not let on a big scene, and meanly show us any cheap stuff! I hope for all general understanding and support! Now you know group = Enemies of flies =. Write to them! Tell them that you know about them. Believe when you send to not promoted group, contrary to all stereotypes the letter, in this world will become three smiles more!

of P. J. Cabels