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Whether the asteroid falls to the Ground?

tirelessly frighten us Recently by asteroids. About what will be on Earth if the asteroid falls and as to fight against it, show feature films, computer reconstruction, on this subject scientists argue. And here still the calendar of the Maya comes to an end... We are threatened really by accident?

Scientists say that the probability such is. Near Earth in solar system the asteroid Apofiz turns. This celestial body was found in 2004 and at once received the name meaning in translation “darkness“. The probability that the asteroid falls to the Ground is equal about 1/45000, i.e. 1 chances from 45 000. Trifle, of course, but unpleasantly.

The asteroid rotates in such a way that it will fly up quite close to Earth in 2011 to year and will safely fly by by. In April 2029 years the asteroid will return and will approach Earth on the same distance at which our artificial satellites, about 35 thousand kilometers above sea level rotate. But also then Apofiz will fly by further too.

And here in 2036 to year just also that one forty-five-thousandth probability of collision will arise. If it occurs, then the blow from collision will be equivalent to explosion of hundreds of atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima with all subsequent delights: tsunami, eruptions of volcanoes, fires and next nuclear winter. The chairman of the board of Planetary community Dan Gerachi considers threat from falling of an asteroid quite real.

Scientists want to live too therefore they decided to study Apofiz. Are for this purpose involved the university telescope in Chile (MIT Magellan telescope in Chile) and the infrared telescope of NASA in Hawaii (NASA’s Infrared Telescope Facility in Hawaii). It became clear that the asteroid consists mainly of pyroxene and an olivin. Meteorites with such structure on Earth only about 9%. Apofiz`s sizes from 270 to 415 meters in the diameter.

Methods which will allow to avoid disastrous collision are developed. The SpaceWork Engineering company created the special satellite which has to face Apofiz in space and thus displace its orbit. Then from the satellite researches will be conducted. Already today scientists are sure that to blow up atomic bombs on an asteroid or to shoot at it rockets is useless: it will not help.

Scientists from the SpaceWork Engineering company thought up other way. They suggest to create the special satellite on which to an asteroid people with the necessary equipment will be brought to break away small pieces of a body of an asteroid and to reject them. Then the asteroid will be displaced in other party. Now scientists develop this method, and the project will be transferred to NASA.

There are also other offers on change of an orbit of an asteroid. In America a competition on the best project on neutralization of an asteroid was held. It was won by the student of University of Queensland Mary D`suza (Mary D`Souza) who suggested to wind an asteroid with the reflecting polyester film. A sunlight, being reflected from a film, will push together an asteroid from its orbit. For implementation of such project it is enough to cover with a film 50% of a surface of Apofiz. It is possible to wind an asteroid with a film by means of the satellite which will rotate around it.