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Fraud with SIM - the card. Who will pay for that guy?

Imagine a situation: you got new SIM - the card. Did not manage to insert it into phone as you receive the SMS - the message: “Hello! We report about transfer 63,08 rubles for repayment of a debt on other number issued on you. The debt is satisfied completely. In more detail 00XX“.

What there will be your reaction? Correctly, you will begin to call in subscription service of support or you will go to office of service of the cellular company.

Such case happened in 2009 with Svetlana N.:

- In subscription service I was answered that the application for trial is accepted, and on it can leave from three to sixty days, but if there is a desire to accelerate process, it is necessary to address to office. At office, of course, attentively listened to me, began to check information. Also found out: in July on my maiden name and the address to which I do not live nearly two years, but on data of the valid passport someone got SIM - ku at the dealer which especially are connected in the summer by the people to various mobile operators directly much “without departing from cash desk“, on the street.

At office of service took the statement that I did not acquire any number in July; it turns out that it is registered on the mythical, nonexistent person. Made photocopies of the documents confirming that the surname at me is already more than five years another and to the specified address I am not registered.

Still I was assured that money after trial will surely return to me. No, 63 rubles, in comparison with world crisis, money, of course, insignificant. But you feel somehow uncomfortably, knowing that at any time can make out you a bill for the means which are allegedly spent by you for mobile communication. And then it is necessary to wait for two more months of a denial that you did not do it. And it is fine if SIM - the card is able to use nobody any more. And suddenly someone will continue to call from this number what then - to pay not only for himself, but also “for that guy“?!

And if to judge by comments of staff of the cellular company, to find responsible for such illegal connection, and especially to punish, it is almost impossible. It turns out, any who owns your passport data (and we sometimes leave them in a set of places) and wants to you troubles has for this purpose all opportunities if it is possible to meet the unfair seller of SIM - cards, and such, apparently, it is enough.

Svetlana, having decided that this event can be regarded as fraud, tried to address to the Department of Internal Affairs. And here popularly explained to it that are obliged to adopt the statement at it, but hardly business will receive the course - too the small sum: 63 rubles. Here if you were “thrown“ for one thousand rubles - then another matter!

- I solved: if such connection without my passport became possible to one operator, so there is a probability that on my name there are SIM - ki other mobile operators of the republic with numbers about which I do not suspect. And then I went to offices of other operators with a request to check my assumptions. Thank God, this time my fears were not confirmed. But there is no confidence that tomorrow they will not come true, any because if it occurred once, probably, can occur also in the subsequent.

Here, probably, everything rests against honesty of the specific person who directly is engaged in sale of SIM - cards. How check people who are attracted to such work? Our newspapers dazzle with announcements: “Sellers free are required for these - cards, responsibility, skill to communicate. The salary worthy“ or “Is required the promoter on this - cards, z / » high, of 18 years“. Skill to communicate can be checked on the place. And here is how to check - whether the responsible companion got? At it on a forehead it is not written!

Having asked these questions, I addressed for explanations representatives of several cellular companies operating in our region. And here what was succeeded to find out. The scheme of interaction with dealers is extremely simple: to office of service - the department of work with dealers addresses the individual entrepreneur / owner of cellular shop. Here it has to pass a necessary minimum, hand over something like examination, having received in exchange the certificate. After that the person is given an opportunity to get SIM quantity - cards with numbers of the operator and to sell them to everyone (certainly, under certain conditions, where also obligatory providing the original the identity document enters) in the salons, or involving in distribution of those whom we continually see on prospectuses of the city - “sellers free this - cards“.

And conclusions arise such: one company qualitatively works with the dealers, providing necessary trainings, and another, probably, in general does not work with them, preferring it is simple to receive money from the realized SIM - ok. As a result simple people, conscientious subscribers suffer. And to come to court not for long. Though here too there can be difficulties. Court, having decided that the sum is small, can think that you in vain take away time from judges and to impose on you a penalty. And where in that case to find the truth?

Generally, today Svetlana N. is forced to sit and wait, than trial will end. It is unprofitable to change the operator to it: close relatives and the best friends to whom the girl talks most often have numbers of that cellular company, as at it. It is possible to assume if there is something similar once again, to Svetlana everything is it is necessary to replace the operator. And then, perhaps, the operator will lose about ten subscribers, or perhaps and more …

At least, among acquaintances of the girl who fell a victim of unfair work of dealers of the company at once, this mobile operator can lose for a long time trust or lose it for ever.