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About qualitatively new perception of Life (or what is a spiritual, internal Way?)

the Reader, present that you from five sense organs will have only one - touch. You would agree to it in exchange for the large sum of money? Very large? In addition also the authorities receive much!. I think, hardly - to compensate such difference in lameness of perception by nothing.

The same difference, but already towards enrichment of perception of the world (only many times more) occurs after transition by the person of a boundary of Pure consciousness in the Real worlds (what stands behind the level of Pure consciousness or Awakening; as these concepts stand behind mind limits, nothing is told about it anywhere).

And if to consider a question of a subject of development of the person from this foreshortening, that reasonable that the person can make, it to do all necessary quicker there to get! That is life becomes conscious preparation for overcoming of this boundary. Well not just so it is given us?!

All people, will bring to this internal boundary. Washing, driving … for several lives or for a set, through sufferings or very big sufferings, but will bring.

And if it is inevitable, then can better begin to move in that direction (to do that want from us)? What time - that to lose? There is a sense of existence! And having begun to go to this party, the person already learns by the experience that only in such option and harmony with life which all so look for is possible.

This both tried, and all those who overcame this boundary and went further continue to try to inform people. Now question: “We trust THEM?.“ (We will take the same Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Magomet …) If is not present then and to talk yet there is nothing … to see still early …

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Internal development of the person, it is possible to divide into several steps conditionally:

1) Began to be interested (it lacks something...) ... reading literature, communication... that is began to look for answers to the arising questions of life;

2) Maturing... began to look for people who are engaged in the spiritual development. A trial and error method of people contacts masters;

3) Began to be engaged seriously in spirituality (and it is not obligatory in the homeland).

Life demands development - it is not discussed, it for this purpose also is given. I know it or I do not know, I want or I do not want, I will develop all the same. It is internal process.

An initial focal point on this way of development - a boundary of Pure consciousness.

Life trains the person for passing of this boundary, cleaning from it EVERYTHING that disturbs it (therefore is called - “Pure“). Prepares for the movement further, in the Real worlds where he perceives life more and more purely, without distortions, such what it is. That is - it is real .

The spirituality allows to prepare quickly the person for this transition, to approach it almost closely …

Passing a boundary of Pure consciousness which in different cultures and religions is called on a miscellaneous: Awakening, Enlightenment, Realization, Rescue..., the perception of Life at the person changes radically. To such an extent what all the antecedents before, he wants to forget quicker how a dreadful dream. So tremendous difference in feelings, perception, understanding and, and Life. They say that everything that to Pure, it is not life, and fight for existence. Upon transition, through this level of people, turns the mind from the owner into the good assistant and switches perception of life to higher level of consciousness. Thereby it cleans the reason of All the problems and sufferings .

The conscious internal movement in development of more and more high levels of consciousness, in many cultures is called in a word - the WAY. (Life, conditionally, too can be presented how a certain Way, but only it unconscious, and it is very important! In a dream we appear every night in the Real worlds, but unconsciously …)

the Concept “Way“ is often incorrectly interpreted. If I began to read spiritual literature, to be interested in it, then I yet not on the Way. Even, if I began to do some exercises and respiratory gymnastics, meditation... it is still too not a Way. Only bringing all this, training me for the Way. It is so far only a set of information on the Way, both theoretical, and practical. To follow the Way and it is necessary to move on it obligatory performance of a number of conditions:

Traffic conditions on the way :

1) Presence of the Teacher;

2) Group of supporters (team);

3) A Way (accurate vision of the purpose).

Spiritual Knowledge is learned or practically, or not learned in general. Therefore deeply to discuss a subject of the Way, it is possible only at occupations by spirituality.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When a baby bird in egg, he lives and develops under laws of egg. Then, having slightly broken a shell, he through a crack will see fantastically huge world! (The moment when it begins to feel in egg and wishes FREEDOM and is - “Formation for the Way“. One of sets of problems of spirituality - to help the person with it.)

after that it very much hurries to get out quicker from the close world. And having been chosen, does everything possible quicker to learn to FLY - it the BIRD!

Even still being in egg, it was already the bird only when sleeping … ripening to FLIGHT.

And having learned to fly, it rises up … All leading spiritual authorities of mankind told

about RISE. And “dissecting of a shell“ (Awakening) though important, but only the intermediate stage on this Way of a growing.

We live in the world of eggs so far - in the world of a dream and sufferings … So let`s become BIRDS quicker! Knowledge as it to do, eat. Whether enough we want it?.