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Rio de Janeiro with own eyes from the ocean.

For the first time I saw Rio de Janeiro from the ocean. Usually tourists and vacationers for travel to Rio de Janeiro choose by

the air transport.

is Impressed by the unusual district: woody mountains and islands externally very similar to big mushrooms.

of Rio de Janeiro - one of the most densely populated areas of the planet.

was based it in 1502.

is the city of colors.

is Struck by a difference between the rich areas which are built up with skyscrapers and shopping centers, and poor slums.

At once the majestic statue of Christ Izbavitel attracts attention, Christ`s hands symbolically as if embrace all city.

the Monument is located at top of the mountain of Korkovado (in translation - the Sugar head), the biggest mountain of Rio.

Height of the statue of 30 meters, costs it on a pedestal 8 meters high and considering also height of the mountain in 395 meters over ocean level, is visible almost from everywhere.

To a monument it is possible to climb the narrow-gage railroad, by the regular bus or on the escalator, the pedestrian footpath also there conducts.

is located also the monastery San In the same place - to Bent, constructed in 1587. Inside the monastery is ornated by gold and is also one of the main sights of the city.

the city with the numerous skyscrapers, is as if hidden between huge woody hills which gradually go to the open ocean.

On a legend seafarers, approaching coast of Rio de Janeiro, took the gulf for the mouth of the deep river.

And appeared the name of the city of Rio de Janeiro that in translation designates - the deep river.

Rio de Janeiro turned into a resort, the city of beaches, beauty, fun, carnivals and, of course soccer for a long time.

However Maracana stadium on us did not make special impression, this enormous outdated construction and as however and many other places of Rio - - Zhaneyro, is not pleasing to the eye purity.

Is interesting that, despite the open ocean, the port remains enough too - dirty, of course to bathe in such water not really - that and there is a wish.

By the way, is persistently recommended to visitors before visit of Rio de Janeiro, to do vaccination against hepatitis A, B, malaria and yellow fever, and I do not advise you at all to drink water from under the crane.

But on other side of the city where there is a resort area and sandy beaches Copacabana are located, Ipanema and Le Blond, reigns ideal purity, everything is designed for tourists, visitors and vacationers.

Here you receive excellent European service.

Directly through the road from beaches rise respectable hotels, restaurants and sports grounds for vacationers.

We were in February, air temperature was about 25 degrees, waters 20 - 25, but by the standards of local population it is very cold, I even saw the people dressed in sweaters and warm trousers.

Average temperature exceeds 30 degrees in a shadow in the summer and for natives it is considered norm.

On beaches, respectively, bathe only visitors, well and we did not fail to make it, water in the ocean excellent, only for want of habit very salty.

to us was not necessary to visit all beaches, we were only Kopakabamo, but even according to the description of the friends made to ourselves impression in their similarity.

Locals on beaches usually appear after the working day in the evenings to play beach soccer, volleyball and other outdoor games, also musicians of various directions act here.

In general Portuguese very sports and mobile people liking to spend cheerfully free time.

In the city without problems can quite the cheapest way also call a taxi or to hire the car.

the type of travel is Very extended by a self-locking device.

U me the impression that with transport in Rio of problems, probably does not exist in general developed.

Local population reaches for work and on the affairs by diesel buses, and the subway which works from 6 to 23 o`clock, except Sunday.

of “Crush“ as quite often happens at us, I did not observe anywhere and not to time, in transport there is always a lot of place at any time.

Till 1960 Rio de Janeiro carried out function of the capital of the state, now Brasilia is considered the main town of the country.

of Rio - - Zhaneyro carries out the role which was more suitable it is a resort, shopping and port center of the state.

The bulk of vacationers consists of tourists - Europeans of middle-income, they with great pleasure come to have a rest on excellent beaches of the Atlantic Ocean with the families and with friends.

Excellent coffee made impression on me, it is cooked practically everywhere, it costs little, but at the same time has remarkable taste. Instant coffee you will not see

anywhere and if you ask it, consider that you humiliated the owner of an institution.

Even being near port where there is no such scope as in the central part of the city, having come into a cafe, disrespectable from a look, I tried excellent coffee and the old owner - the Portuguese treated me with tasty rum.

In general, rum from a sugar cane in Rio de Janeiro is considered national drink, it is on sale everywhere and costs little very much.

The local population quite friendly concerns to people of white race, but we were warned that there are also such areas, (at us them call criminal, and they have favelas (slum)), in which it is better not to go to a night-time, and in day if there is a strong wish, it is obligatory - not on one.

By the way, from that party were quite often heard fire shots.

all the same prevailed Curiosity, and I in the company of two friends, all - decided to walk there.

of the House there, unlike the business center of the city which is built up with skyscrapers are made of cardboard boxes and other available waste. It is visible that there really there lives the most poor, criminal part of the population, but they met us quite friendly.

Natives smiled, with interest and respect examined white people, and for some reason were even delighted, having learned that we are Russians.

the Only unpleasant reminiscence at an exit from the favela, remained the moment when 12 - 14 summer teenagers, having surrounded us and swinging knives, began to demand cigarettes and money, but incident somehow quickly in itself was exhausted.

Approached adult Portuguese and dispersed hooligans.

Locals generally talk in Portuguese, Spanish and English remains minor therefore we had some difficulties in understanding here.

In the downtown a set of small trade shops and enormous prestigious shopping centers where you can get various souvenirs and hand-made articles from mahogany.

Away from beaches and entertainment centers we found infinite quantity an art - galleries and the museums, of course, to look at them everything, we did not have enough time.

Unfortunately, to us was not succeeded to visit a carnival too, but it is easy to understand, I consider temperament of South Americans and thorough training by this traditional four-day holiday which takes place at the end of February - the beginning of March, scope of this marathon.

Of course, we brought with ourselves the mass of impressions. I Advise

to you at an opportunity to surely visit dreamboat of Ostap Bender.