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You want to grow thin? Ask me AS! Or three golden rules how again to become “yum-yum“ of

As that quickly there passed the winter and also imperceptibly the spring flows at summer.

And unexpectedly “the moment of X“ “suddenly“ came - It is time to undress! But having squeezed, with big work, in the last year`s dress you feel as the soldier of the Middle Ages dressed in a fighting cuirass. And favourite jeans were buttoned only from the seventh attempt when you pulled in a stomach so that became the face are similar to a young frog of Kreyzi Frog, and a liver, having got out of a shape, became thin laying between edges and a lung. And nevertheless it is a victory! But the opposite mirror does not share your delights, reflecting a sad picture of the sides which are hanging down around a belt and the sticking-out stomach, and there is only one opportunity to hide all this shame. The big landing parachute …

“Heart-breaking show“, would be told by a burro of News agency and would not be right at all.

But not everything is so sad …

For a start be looked in a mirror once again … Attentively you look in the face to the reflection, and then writhe a mug and put out the tongue at it …;) The world, will become much more colourful at once.

Also it is not necessary to remember feverishly the “Kremlin“ diet, an urinoterapiya “across Malakhov“ or number of clinic of a laser liposuction... All this temporary measures after which the organism will surely take a revenge in the form of even big kilograms.

“The tranquility, only tranquility“ - shouts Carlson, sending the next bun to itself to a mouth. Follow an example of it. This character, to put it mildly, “is moderately well-fad“, but it does not prevent it to be cheerful and cheerful. And it is correct. Since to be engaged in self-flagellation there is no sense any. And harm - a huge number …

Simply try to conform to three golden rules, and you will always be in that form which you will choose.

And so:

Rule first: “Be defined what you want! Or create an ideal picture!“

O than it? About what at first should be understood what you really want. You want to get through a two-three of days into an old dress or you want to become again harmonous “yum-yum“ which were when that, in not absolutely remote past. Or even if in absolutely far, does not matter.

And if you choose symmetry, but not ascetic leanness, then be not too lazy and find old and not really photos on which you that “yum-yum“ also is.

Then sit an hour with these photos in silence and a quiet situation.

you Can light several candles, or make to yourself a fragrant bathtub. Only any alcohol. Relax, and remember those times and those states, ease and carelessness which were then. Remember what you were what dreamed of to what you rejoiced. (Also do not come down in pity to yourself real, just enjoy memoirs). Having remembered, just want to become such again. Easy, harmonous, vigorous, free. Remember this image. And then paste photos in those places where they will catch sight more often to you. Let`s tell on a mirror in a bathroom or on a dressing table. And it is obligatory on a refrigerator door.

Rule second: “Hope for Allah, but tie a camel“

Having remembered an image and having wanted to become “yum-yum“ again the brain and subconsciousness received team and a task. Also began to realize it actively. Also it will be healthy if you help them.


The first: Fall in love with yourself such what you are. Yourself like you at present or not.

Second: All the time you hold the image of “yum-yum“ in the head.

Third: Indulge yourself! Yes! Indulge. Receive pleasures more often. Buy good things, have a rest in good resorts eat tasty food. But do not sabotage process! (See the third rule)

A the rule third such: “Better it is less, but It is better“ than

that do not limit yourself in anything, but know when to stop. You like to eat well? To be indulged with buns? Cakes and ice cream do not leave you indifferent too? Yes ON HEALTH! Only learn to derive pleasure from taste, but not kilotons. Buy more expensive products, but in smaller quantities. Eat everything that you love, only for a start divide the usual portion into two … and it is three parts better. And eating a piece instead of a chunk, feel on how many taste of familiar dishes and sweets became better. But the image of “yum-yum“ in the head will help not to roll down back in a gluttony to you.

Agree, there is nothing difficult in all this. And award quite worthy.

* Only with alcohol be accurate. It is artful and perfidious. Except own “empty“ calories will force to absorb a lot of things undesirable

I the last small rule: “Do not strain Space!“

It that it is not necessary to become every minute on scales or to be wound with centimeter. Just live with pleasure, rejoicing each trifle and enjoying every moment. And you will notice soon that the world around you changed also you again that “yum-yum“ which were when that ….