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Why you need the Internet the website

there is such wonderful knot of the Internet of Akavit - one of numerous counters of attendance of Baynet. And so he tells not less strange things: at the time of writing of article in the Belarusian segment of Worldwide Network it is looked through from 2 - x to 2,5 - oh millions of the websites and about 15 million pages. One of the largest Belarusian catalogs of mobile and digital devices Onlayner. by according to independent data of Google Analytics declares 120 thousand unique visitors a day and more than 1 million viewings of pages a day. Besides both Akavita and Onlayner and leader of the Belarusian Internet of TUT. by declare the steady growth of number of visitors. Such is statistics and harsh realities of life. So the harsh realities of life Bill Gates`s by voice broadcast that if you are not on the Internet - you are not in business. Also it is possible to sneer as much as necessary at Microsoft corporation and its child family of the Windows operating systems, however it is impossible to refuse B. To Gates in professional intuition and in talent of the manager and prodvizhenets: for May, 2010 according to the statcounter server. com - ki use Windows axis from XP to 7 to 85% of the population of Earth having computers.

However, we will return to our rams. And our rams - development and design of the websites. So, why the founder of Microsoft so of forces enclosed in development of Worldwide Network and why the question of existence of the representation on the Internet is so actual:

Human life becomes more dynamic, more and more time is taken by work, and less time private life borrows. The working day can borrow successful experts till 12 - 14 o`clock in days or, at standard 8 - mi working hours, to differ in such high intensity that in day off his only desire will be to extend legs on a sofa and to sleep. Now think where such expert will look for a new mobile gadget, the juice extractor on kitchen, a good hairdressing salon or HUNDRED for the car? I think, it is expensive to it in the Internet - shop and search engines. we Will take

the reverse of the medal: time is, money is, but there is no desire to stand in queues, to listen to councils often of nekompetenty consultants and in general to trudge for three - nine lands on other end of the city or to ring round tens of firms searching, for example the clown on birthday to the beloved child. Again it is simpler to enter a network and to find there what is necessary, having investigated the Internet - shops and the websites - catalogs with numerous offers.

Before any consumer often sharply rises a choice problem: goods of different brands can cost identical money. Let`s make a reservation that the goods in this article are understood not only as material things (laptops, mobile phones, small bottles with a pacifier for baby food), but also services (car repairs, beauty shops, legal and funeral agencies). Users often go online not only to find, but also to compare. And where as not on the Internet boundless opportunities for representation of the goods to the best advantage open?

A often happens so that “gossip hotline“ already told that “this enterprise does perfectly. But here kill I remember only as is called, and there is neither phone nor the address“. Then the user just drives in the name of the enterprise into a search box. In this case even the simple website - the business card plays a huge role in advance of goods.

Is even more interesting a situation in the sphere of corporate sales. Offices with European-quality repair and fancy office equipment became time sign long ago. As well as the high-speed Internet at these offices. And now imagine the average supply department specialist or logistics on a workplace: it has a set of the Business Belarus “ catalogs “or “Building“ and there is a computer with the Internet where he will look for the offer of transport or missing accessories? Will make 100 calls with the same question or will tick on the keyboard inquiry in 10 - 20 signs and it will be lazy to click a mouse? In this case for advance of goods it is quite good to have the corporate website, however both the catalog, and the website on the Internet - the business card will be also pertinent. now present to

A the stable company with the adjusted network of sale and big staff. Phones, faxes, mobile phones - are ringing, ringing, ringing. And so just on the corporate website, or if the company not just stable but also really big, own Internet - a portal is necessary to do regular updates about what goods arrived what is unavailable more and when it is and to send there regular customers. And still it is possible to fasten various modules, for example a form it is a line of the order or a form of placement of actual tenders or vacancies.

Well and the most important, need for recognition - one of the leading requirements of human mentality. And just it is awfully pleasant to prove to be to the world. Joke. From elements of truth.

Summing up the aforesaid, there is a wish to tell that to think that development of the website is necessary today if business is created yesterday - honor it to be late and to creep anyway in the tail of events. And business does not love neither late, nor creeping in the tail.