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Pi`s number in modern Russian army

Is interesting, our Russian army would win against the German. Not this, modern. And that that on June 22 crossed the border and suddenly attacked the country which is peacefully sleeping Sunday morning.

At first sight, modern arms, all our T - 90, SU - 37 and the Grad systems would raze to the ground Wehrmacht with its antediluvian Yu - 87, T - IV and MT submachine guns - 41.

However, it is very curious, that advanced equipment shown to the whole world on May 9 at the Red Square is all our modern army or only its most part?

Before war in the country various the CB was developed about 2 tens various types of planes. Now show us a glider from the generation plane 5. From various foreshortenings.

Submarines still leave to the water area of the White Sea, it is difficult to deny this fact. Especially when the rockets launched from them on the Kamchatka ground fly for some reason towards Norway and please our northern neighbors with the most beautiful fireworks.

Purchase in France of helicopter carriers, certainly, will protect our country from attack of Georgia. One year of service, of course, is sufficient for development of modern equipment. Replacement of divisions with crews, surely, will increase controllability troops.

And still interestingly, our modern Russian army would win against the German Wehrmacht of a sample of 41 years? whether

I will be headed in case of war: Abramovich - a narcomat of heavy mechanical engineering, Deripaska - Gorky Automobile Plant, and Chubais - logistic support?

And whether will register Ksyusha Sobchak in nurses, Philip Kirkorov in sappers, and Dima Bilan in guerrillas?

I if instead of Levitan reports from the front is broadcast by Boris Moiseyev whether it will raise spirit of Red Army men and krasnoflotets?

Whether and to Sergey Zverev who rushed under the tank with a linking of grenades will put a bust in the homeland of the Hero?

Or Germans, without encountering any resistance will reach Volgograd. And, looking at the bridge dancing through Volga, will marvel Asian cunning of the opponent, having decided that prepare for them the second Stalingrad copper. Also will turn back in native Faterlyand.

And only lonely “Mace“ will fly over the country looking for in a random way the place for a landing …