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To smoke or not to smoke in the car? Reflections of the autolady

it would Seem, a quite good combination aurally: “Car, woman, cigarette“. Almost like “Sky. Plane. Girl“. Standing on the crosswalk, out of the corner of the eye I will always catch the car from such autolady. It holds with one hand a wheel, in fingers another smokes a long sigarette.

The woman glances at the traffic light, releases a thin stream a smoke. The head of it is squinted to the left because she speaks by the mobile phone. Seldom which of women driving uses the “free hands“ device, so we are arranged. All picture in general is so harmonious that I am covered by envy.

When I smoked, the husband mercilessly drove me from salon with my tsigarka because non-smoking. I muttered something like “Wait a moment, a dedunyushka!“, in sense, I will have the car, there will smoke how many will get though on two cigarettes in a row. Also I will listen not to a pop-music, but “Civil defense“ and early albums of “Cinema“. Years later car I got, but, unfortunately, I do not smoke any more so a half of pleasure from driving is lost. Never at me will be such clever and considerable look, as at these autoladies with a cigarette. And especially you will not include “Civil defense“ at children.

When you smoke, all and all on light against you. As the partner in life male non-smoking individuals who immediately begin to persuade you to leave off smoking meet entirely. Some - it is very categorical, some - it is motherly careful that is not less opposite. Palm off a plaster, tablets, articles about harm of smoking. It is necessary to leave the man - there is no need to show rejection of such many-sided personality as you, already at the initial stages of the relations. When I left off smoking, men began to give to me back-handed compliments: “And why you do not smoke, it is so beautiful and sexual“? Probably, by the time of parting with a cigarette my shape so lost sexuality that people did not know any more, than to embellish me.

When you smoke, all taxi drivers and dispatchers have against you plot. Specially send the car where it is impossible to smoke, and mock all road. On all my entreaties: “Yes I in a window will smoke, it in a trice will disappear“, taxi drivers gloomy askanced at me and grumbled that is not present, it is impossible to smoke, he also in the car does not smoke. Here go outside, there and smoke. And in the car it is impossible, badly will smell and covers can be burned.

Where all these people after my parting with a cigarette got to? Now picture absolutely other. At best, when I approach the caused transport with a brood of children or the pregnant woman, the driver just smoked in salon and diligently waves hands, dispersing a smoke. Directly - pushes out a smoke in the opened windows, and the smoke very much rests, clinging small transparent handles to chairs. The driver optimistically answers all my indignation - now we will go, will quickly disappear.

For me these assurances are similar to the following: the driver descended on - big on a front seat. The smell in salon costs intolerable. However he kindly suggests to proceed to you in this car to the destination. Is not going to clean a small group, and consoles you in the phrase - now we will go, we will open a window, a plowing and will disappear. That for illusions! In the car in which smoke constantly there is an intolerable stench, regardless of that, it moves or costs. How I did not notice it, being a smoker?

Well, you smoke in the car. But good cigarettes! And when you sit down in salon, the smell costs such as though from it a minute ago the fox was smoked. Also smoked - a taxi it is free, welcome.

- Really smells? - the driver is surprised, and confusedly smiles, showing brown uneven teeth quantity five pieces, - And I dezodorantiky sprinkled a little, I think, does not smell already.

- Smells, - suppressing nausea attacks, I push out children from salon. The fox was smoked, the skunk remained.

Coming back to the autolady - the real woman, as if is a lot of she smoked, will dare to smoke in the car never. Only slightly - slightly, in a window. And in salon it will not be reflected in aromas in any way. Because even if the autolady also smokes, she smokes expensive good cigarettes, most often lungs and with menthol. In parallel it supports easy conversation with passengers of the car, with the cell phone and the inspector of traffic police who was lucky to stop such treasure. With by itself if nobody nearby it appeared. It looks smartly, than suggests me an idea of own inferiority.

To tell on conscience even if I still would smoke and would try to make it driving - I would be waited by a shattering failure. I and without cigarette when I drive the car, remind the drummer behind a drum set. To take, for example, drivers of share taxis. Heard a joke that drivers of minibuses in the course of work inevitably get the third hand to count and transfer delivery and a huge stomach to hold a wheel when drive off from a stop?

Neither the third hand, nor a paunch will help me. Not that to speak by the mobile phone, but also just coherently I am not able to make sounds during driving. Fortunately, such as I, on roads am a little. Generally stay at home, articles scribble, impart experience.