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The country of untamed etselop

Volgogradsky Bridge was bent, bent yes not bent. “Such miracle in the world yet was not“, - after this verdict of the experts who were surveying designs of the bridge and did not find any destructions and deformations, the authorities are ready to start up on it a stream of cars again.

In any other country incident with the dancing bridge would take the leading place in mass media. At us very few people except residents of Volgograd paid attention to it.

- Well it was bent, well twitched a little. But did not fail. To whom will carry now, that will pass. But will not pass - means not on the cards. Fate, so to speak.

In Russia it is accepted to believe in destiny. We invented the Russian roulette. Only we can go to attack without having had breakfast also without cartridges. Only we do not pay attention to the bridge which is bent at will of party and builders as we hurry to bring the child to school.

On the other hand, it is well-known: who was fated to be born in the general`s family hardly will become the marshal. The destiny, of course, plays our person, but only within social identification.

Be you though three times Grigori Perelman - will be honored to go with a flasher hardly. And the stream of petrodollars will avoid if it studied in Voronezh in 94, but not in St. Petersburg in 75. Those who in St. Petersburg in 75 - at least are chance. And in Voronezh - 94 - - sorry, did not guess with year and the place of receipt. Destiny -? Or parents conceived not there. Eternal Russian question.

And then instead of a flasher - a blue bucket. And instead of a stream of petrodollars, a leakage from the neighbor from above. Let`s look at

on the street from a big black chlenovoz with eyes of the party member transported by it or the governments. What is seen by him in flashing of a set small and until recently fellow citizens. What thinks. What dreams of?

About the Homeland, about that how to achieve its prosperity, about worthy pension and normal salaries. Or tries to discover eyes of beautiful women. Or thinks about Eternal?

We if it is honest, do not know and we never learn. Of course, there is a wish to believe that in black chlenovoza with glasses black, zatonirovanny very much passengers with black cases sit in black suits, drink Black Jack whisky and keep thinking of the people.

But something prompts that it not so. Etselopa never condescended to patsak. Plyuk - the chetlansky planet. And all of us cannot find the coordinates in Ventura in any way.