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How to become the debutant of the Vienna ball?

to be turned under sounds of the Vienna waltz with the gallant gentleman on the parquet rubbed to gloss, in a snow-white dress, with the sparkling eyes not conceding in gloss to a tiara at all... Unless it is not dream of any representative of a fine half of mankind? Even the most ambitious and not trusting in fairy tales girls want to feel at least for one evening princesses. And we have this opportunity.

One of the most important balls in Moscow - the Vienna ball - a secular and cultural event which takes place annually under patronage of Magistrate of Vienna and the Government of Moscow, and also Embassy of Austria in Russia. In April, 2010 the Eighth Charitable Vienna ball took place. Every year action is devoted to a certain event, for example, 65 - to the anniversary of the Victory (this year), to birthday of A.S. Pushkin, etc. On traditions, each ball open about hundred couples of debutants: girls in white dresses and the young man in black dress coats. The ball takes place in the Arena or Gostiny dvor and continues till the morning.

Contrary to rumors that this action has especially elite character and it is possible to get on it only “on protection“, practically everyone can become a participant. Under “almost“ I mean that there are certain requirements to candidates: only unmarried girls from 16 to 23 years can become debutants.

Also girls should pass a casting. Every year it is more and more applications for participation in a ball. So prepare for a competition, as in the best higher education institutions. On interview you will be asked about level of proficiency in foreign languages, a family, the place of study and work, knowledge of literature and music.

Very often girls ask: who is taken on a ball? But we did not calculate a formula of the guaranteed success. Certainly, it is worth showing good manners, a step, sense of humour. For you ability to dance and free knowledge of English works (often interview is held in English). If your parents are going to go on a ball, surely mention it. Smile, and relax, eventually.

The entrance on a ball for debutants is free, however it is worth entering the following indispensable attributes of the debutant in the item of expenditure:

A white dress (from 8000 rub indefinitely). Many ask whether it is possible to take dresses in hire. Debutants of last years, and I among them, do not recommend to do it for several reasons: for example, after waltzes, quadrilles and galop hems of dresses often turn into a tatter. Of course, all this can be avoided, but think whether itself should spoil evening nervousness for a dress and attempts to hold a hem. Besides, as a last resort, for the same sum it is possible to buy a dress from one of girls who were debutants to you easily.

Concerning a style - there is no consensus here. I guarantee that the probability to come in identical dresses is incredibly small. The only council - not to take very magnificent dresses and dresses with a grid as it will cling to everything and to be torn.

Shoes (2 couples - one on occupations, one on a ball - white or silver). It is worth putting on shoes for a ball that it is a little to carry of them the last rehearsals. Also prepare that after night of dances your shoes will take not a fantastic form.

Hairdresser (makeup artist, at will) . As a pleasant bonus of the Vienna ball serve of a tiara which organizers give to all debutants. Every year they different - on mine gave to a ball Swarovski`s tiaras which, despite the unconditional beauty, very painfully stuck into the head. Therefore I recommend to discuss with the hairdresser options of a hairdress and the best way of fastening of tiaras in advance, otherwise you risk to get to yourself at least a headache as a maximum - a lobotomy during a pas with the inept partner.

Tants - classes (occupations take place about three months in one of dancing studios of Moscow). Their visit is obligatory (under a list), the admission only for good reasons. After three truancies - deduct. Can deduct also for systematic violation of the rules: delay, non-compliance dress - a code and rules of conduct during occupation. Frightened? Quietly - nevertheless people and if to be respectful to organizers and properly, then to you will answer the same.

Other ladies` trifles : stockings, handbags, manicure, jewelry.

The Vienna ball is not just one night of dances. These are new friends, feeling of an anticipation, magic. It is the sea of positive emotions. I cannot unambiguously tell what was pleasant to me more: a ball or months of rehearsals and expectations. Or even time after - the first days … Feeling as if dropped out of the world … Exchange of photos, impressions … And even after time we gathered huge crowd to take a walk, dance or play.

So as our remarkable dancing-master Stanislav Popov speaks, “Dance and be happy !“.