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How to respect itself to force? 7 qualities necessary Go to armies

appeal time, and many young guys who should get to armed forces worry only in one occasion. How from the first day to put itself so that respected?

Ya long time stayed in army (only in military colleges studied about 8 years, and spent all these years in barracks).

I watched how one people, coming to army, quickly and without efforts became leaders, others fell by the lowest social step. And if you think that everything depended on the level of aggression or a bezbashennost, then it not so. Everything occurred in itself.

Someone began to be respected nearly from the first day, from the first day nobody recognized another. I saw many cases when “house boys“ outdid semi-criminal colleagues.

So that you were respected, you have to possess 7 main qualities.

1. Appearance. In a military registration and enlistment office pay attention to how you look. Dirty, slovenly, inaccurate do not love from the first day. Now, as a rule, the form is given by the size. As soon as you change clothes, you watch that as you look. It is very important.

2. Ability to be on friendly terms. At once on arrival to part look for the fellow countrymen. Both from among young soldiers, and from old. Try to keep nearby with each other and not to give the in offense. If suddenly there is a conflict situation, support the fellow countryman.

3. High self-assessment. If the person wants that he was respected and appreciated, then the first who has to make it, - so it he. Never the person who is not respecting himself will be respected by people around. It is the law. How to find out what self-assessment at you? Very simply. Track that you speak about yourself. Whether you dare to speak about yourself badly? For example: “What I am a fool! “, “, As always, nothing is impossible to me!“, etc. If yes, that you need to learn to respect yourself. To respect it what you are.

4. Ability to share and help. You share everything that is with companions. There are cigarettes - share. Sent a parcel - you share. But here it is very important to keep balance. If you feel that someone begins to live at your expense, then at once stop it. State directly the discontent.

5. Physical development. People always try to keep step with well physically developed person. Men subconsciously have respect for those who are stronger. The boxers who were pumped more up usually, fighters etc. It is better if you go to army, being able to be tightened at least 15 times.

6. Ability to listen. It is very important. Nobody loves talkers. And nobody will respect the person who is not able to listen. There is such saying - who is able to listen, that is able to read mind.

7. Sense of humour. It is not an obligatory element, but very desirable. I often observed what general respect and love humorists enjoyed. Why does that happen? Very simply. These people give the rest good mood and fun. Positive energy. Therefore ability in time to insert a successful joke (even if not the) very fine influences how will treat you.

There are main points which I can select. They define position of the person in army collective. At all not ability to fight and be the most spiteful demobee.

The respect is defined by readiness to show merits.