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Why now so poorly happy faces? Creativity, literacy, leisure of

In the first part of article we concerned the major components more - less comfortable human life (existence of the house, worthy health, labor employment and financial stability) and tried to understand how crash or swaying of these major things influences a look of the person.

I would select three more points which are also paramount for understanding of the reasons of so dramatic change in faces of passersby now, in comparison with times of “stagnation“. So, we will continue:

7. We tell fear to remain jobless

about simple people. Nouveau riches worry about lack of employment less. At us real middle class now and so krokhoten, but the representative of this most conscious and creating layer of the population most we will wound in respect of stability employments. He can be dismissed, in principle, politely / roughly, at any time.

We will take slightly above: it is quite easy for businessman to lose with such work of the built business today too. There is enough that more aggressive and powerful competitor who got support of officials “took notice“ of your business, and - write was gone! It risks to appear at “the broken trough“, and it is even worse - to hang out at the garbage container together with other same poor fellows - almost all country. Whether it adds taste of pleasure of life? By no means! From this feeling and the person at people become sour.

8. Literacy

the generation which many representatives really of are not able to read and write grew Now. Especially if it is children from the remote place. And this illiterate army jerked to megalopolises in search of the better lot too. What is created with education? You can be “dunduk dunduky“, but if you regularly pay for training in higher education institution, nobody will exclude you! “Triple“ all the same are provided to you.

Because if to banish you from “the building of science“, then by inertia will disappear from cash desk of institute and a money of parents for study. The building of science and knowledge have nothing will exist! And here if you “seven spans in a forehead“, the clever man / clear head, but did not find “bucks“ on training - desire to receive pendel and you slide head over heels from a selection committee. It is desirable on the West. Because your clever brain crinkles do not pay a salary to teachers.

Price list: you want to become the bachelor? Please! Thirty thousand c.u. And let knowledge at you with “gulkin a beak“, it is not important. The bachelor - it is not glamourous? And precisely, it is similar to sale of groceries in general store. Does not sound. And here master … Resounds: MASTER! Master of white and black magic, for example. And - the master of economy. All right, but masters now for fifty thousand c.u.

School now at all not in honor. It is shirked in large quantities. And the huge number of children does not know at all and does not want to know that for piece such - school!... If and to go there, then only this way, to hang out. Kosyachok to light up. To compare to series “School“ and once again to decide that the school - “sediment“ also only cripples children`s mentality.

Or to be spudded in a class that to beat the elderly teacher as was near Irkutsk. Or to photograph on video of mockery at weaker schoolboys yes to throw a roller in the Internet. On which knowledge for such things is necessary? Here it is necessary to be able to press a button of “record“ and “bull-calves“ of thin cigarettes about weak to extinguish. Respectively we have also faces in “I Will Tear - at - at!“ style...

Special point - of library. In far Soviet period almost in each secluded corner, nearly in tiny villages. Library - here a starting point of culture in the village and in the small cities! Now the whole villages (there are no people) disappear what to speak about libraries. As a result, also the cultural face of the ordinary countryman disappears.


When the person creates creativity, his face is changed. If many people in a territorial and ethnic community create, the person of the nation changes. In Soviet period scientists, physicians, historians and other creative people made such discoveries that they struck the whole world. The phenomenal number of simple Soviet citizens were engaged in creative search. Even the joke was such: “In the country there is nobody to work!“ - all thought out something, invented, composed, rhymed, danced, embroidered with beads, litsedeystvovat, spun... And it is good! From that and persons joyful, creative, light those years more on streets, than now was incomparable.

Remember: earlier such superpopular magazine - “Equipment of youth“ where our Soviet kulibina imparted ideas, experience, drawings was issued. Showed each other as it is possible to improve any thing. As perepayat the domestic receiver that it caught frequencies not worse, and even is better Japanese. How to collect this or that useful, and sometimes and not really, but the mechanism, remarkable on a set of functions, or the unit. As from the broken stool to create an exotic skulpturka and much, many other. The improbable number of people in the USSR thought out something .

And cunning and far-sighted Japanese already then with might and main bought up copies of the Equipment of Youth magazine and similar editions in the territory of the USSR. Then our inventions published for all-Union acquaintance emerged in the form of the mechanisms embodied in reality, units and devices in the Land of the rising sun. Here is how appreciated and still appreciate our inventors!

So, people in Soviet period were drawn towards occupation by creativity. Now creativity changed: all seek to make money. , What is better? To whom is as. And still thoughts on “How to Earn Money?“ postpone the heavy print for faces of our contemporaries from among ordinary passersby. But not only them. Businessmen, bankers, politicians. Almost all.

10. Entertainments

When someone entertains you - if you not insensible “äîëäîí“, then your person sparkles from smiles. Leisure, rest, really influences expression of persons. It only at first sight seems that in the Soviet Union there were less entertainments, than now. Remember an honourable title of the most reading nation. Behind the theater ticket, on an exhibition, on stadium people for hours stood in queues. the Number of the museums read off scale.

But that is remarkable - all cultural actions were available, and the audience was pleased by the real actors, but not plywood performers or a grief - comedians. Now faces of modern young people often are not hall-marked with intelligence at all because they do not go to cultural institutions. And here in night club - please! And there not dietary dishes and drinks give, not aspirin for bolezny. Recently showed how the service on counteraction to drug trafficking carried out at night raid in one of clubs of Moscow. Syringes on a floor, fragmentary wrappers from “wheels“ (the tablets applied in psychiatry), ekstez and so forth

At a third young people revealed drug intoxication. Expression of their persons - absent. The running pupils. Both guys, and girls hardly think what they are asked about. And so - every THIRD! It to you not dances in rural club at the Soviet power. Then try, appear in such look. In a trice will send to police station. Then - on treatment. And what here spiritual features, if every third in concrete club - the delusioned!

In conclusion I will assume that people threw off a hypocritical mask of Soviet period in recent years and showed the real face. That is freedom gave not only a free hand and languages (reorganization, publicity), but also showed to the world a true face of the inhabitant.

Whether so it? Unfortunately, there is no definite answer. But what happy faces the beginning of the eightieth of last century was in hundreds in thousands is the fact times more. And many of today`s embittered persons sparkled pleasure and quiet happiness three decades ago. Yes, times were others. Yes, then these people were young.

But why now at young and young absolutely other expression of persons? Above-mentioned ten points, I think, partially shed light on this riddle.