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Why to a goat a bayan, and the woman - the company?

Here are interesting why at people, at women in particular, the gregarious instinct is so strong? It is necessary to find the company for any business. Because same it is impossible - one. To go shopping, walk with the child, to play sports. And it is even necessary to cross stitch in crowd of adherents too. “Oh, it is the truth? Speak, you embroider? Wonderfully! And I, I embroider too, represent! And let`s embroider together!“.

No, I like to chat behind a cup of tea with the close girlfriend too. But: flies - separately, cutlets - separately. To communicate till a way either to time, or in the course of something - categorically it is not pleasant to me. For communication there has to be a place and time which is not taken any more with anything too. As well as for other affairs. Which, by the way, in turn, communication - most often a hindrance.

For example, I categorically do not like to go shopping with friends. Strange, truth? Apparently, nothing so pulls together as joint shopping. And it is possible to advise each other something, both to consult and to choose as joint efforts a thing more suitable. One head, as they say, it is good, and two - it is better.

And here, having judged thus and having phoned to the friend, full of hopes, you come for hunting for fine.

- You do not want to measure this jacket? It seems to me, to you will go. Watch what nice, the truth? And color pleasant! Try on! - the girlfriend opens a hunting season.

- Tan, well you know that I not came for a jacket. It is necessary for me jeans and boots. Jackets at my place two or three, by the way, are almost same, olive...

- No, well you look what cool! And your size just! And olive at you at all not such! This is much better! Look! It and can be carried in the spring, instead of a jacket... Well what you rest, it is possible to measure that-? Same it is free! And jeans, by the way, can be picked up then under it...

- Tan, well why I will be it to measure if I am not going to buy in principle, and? Jeans are necessary to me blue, others me to anything absolutely. And blue jeans under this jacket will not go. He to me will destroy all harmony, it is necessary to buy under him the whole clothes, represent? Give better your blouses we will look... Here, watch, it seems quite good.

- Oh and well, no, such I do not want. To me not sixty more that such to carry. I short want... In! This the fact that it is necessary! It is pleasant?

- Eeee... Well... You know... Interesting blouse and. Only it seems to me, all this is more on schoolgirls such models, Tan. It is a little childly somehow, you do not find?

- Normally, at all not childly! Now I will try on, and you will see... There now, look! However, it is healthy? Truth? Well, it is pleasant, well? What you are silent?

- Eee.... Well kakbe... To you - that is pleasant?

- Very much! Well, to take, huh?

- Tan, or perhaps still we will look, and? Then here we will return if that.

- Eh. Yes well you. You will eternally spoil all mood. Let`s go to your shoe...

And I already know that in shoe Tanka will ache and be capricious as the small child, revenging me for the lilac blouse which is not bought by her in view of my wrinkled muzzle of the person in terrible rosettes. And for not bought by me green the jacket which was so pleasant to it. Or on the contrary - someone from us will be angry from - for foolish unclear why the purchase made under pressure of the friend. That it only the beginning of long confused day when we senselessly loaf from shop in shop, persuading each other to buy absolutely not the necessary and beaten-out on style from clothes thing, on the contrary dissuading from purchase of the pleasant model. What any of us will buy as a result of so nothing, or will buy absolutely not that it is necessary and that was planned. What then, sitting where - nibud in cafe behind a cup of coffee is perfect without legs from the reeled-up distance in kilometers, we chorus will be distressed on “Here and Money It Seems Is, and to Buy Something Decent simply - Is Unreal“...

... Or collectives for festivities with carriages are still popular; never participated? There, here the Internet dazzles with posts: and which else of Otradnoye, and? Let`s walk together! And that is boring!

And adherents - neighbors with children before half a year surely are. In the country as - in any way baby - boom. Yes, let people unfamiliar, but with the general interest. Will be about what to talk, and this is important. For this purpose also meet.

All morning of the mummy call up, gather, wait and catch up with each other as with small children by certain time to leave very difficult.

- Hallo! Luda? This is Olya! All of us - decided to go and! We meet! We have green Tako!

- Light! Hi once again! You gather, do not wait for us! We will find you in park! Woke up, began to eat again! Now I will feed, then it is necessary to change clothes! If that, we on blue Bagstere! Yes, walking, sedentary carriage...

At last the company assembled - even seven people, here are cheerful - that will be. It to you not alone on the avenue to and fro. With jokes and humourous catchphrases of the lady carry the carriages to the nearest park.

From first minutes of joint festivities it becomes clear that seven are, contrary to all signs, very unsuccessful number. On the sidewalk you will not be developed by the seven because our sidewalks are not calculated on it. And in a different way as get up - on two or on three in a row, - it turns out that someone one trudges behind closing in proud loneliness. And not to solve this problem in any way.

Conversation, naturally, turns around same, and nobody wants to listen about foreign babies, but there is a strong wish to tell about the. And not just to tell, and to show the rest who is better mother here and at whom the child grows more ingeniously.

- And mine already sits!

- And how many to you?

- Five and a half!

- Creeps? Is not present?. Oh, mine in five already crept so what not to keep up!...

- And washing mother calls already! In four months! And shouts - ma - ma - ma - ma - ma!

- Well, ma - ma! Wash in four - that month already by name - to a middle name called mother!

... And then at someone in the middle of crowd the child in a carriage begins to shout, and other mummies look at it angrily - osuzhdayushche while it does not run away from group of girlfriends far away in bushes.

Someone should cook home a dinner, and someone lives with the grandmother and remembers a lunch only at a table.

Someone got used to walk for five hours, and someone on one and a half, but not to break the company, remains also forces down to himself and the child all mode. But it is somehow inconvenient to leave before all. It is necessary to wait until all company gathers home.

At the very end of walk it becomes clear that Vadik at Sveta who is most senior already goes itself and looked in all carriages, - generally now is ill. In the morning the doctor came and. But, as there is no temperature, and on the street what teplyn, besides great Komarovsky writes that with sick children it is necessary to walk hardly no more, than with healthy and agreed with girls, - Light decided to go for a walk. And told nothing to nobody - and why. You will think! Not plague at them! And entertained the Vadik who sulked all walks and was unwell, showing him lyalechek in carriages.

After that the company hastily leaves, in a hurry agreeing “then to phone and repeat such wonderful walk“, and, gritting the teeth on the silly woman - Sveta, scatters in all directions...

Personally it was far more pleasant to me on walks with a carriage when the child slept, to read, either to listen to music, or to think of the. Than to listen to continuous others chatter on an infinite subject “and here our Vasenka...“. To go where you will want, to leave when it is convenient, to leave home as soon as wanted...

And so practically in everything.

It is together difficult to play sports because preparation at all different. It turns out, someone will work too much while another will work not enough. It is far more pleasant to be engaged at the speed - to float, run, do exercises.

To work together, for example, to clean up - too nothing good. Each worker fixedly watches all the time others: but whether they shirk there on the quiet, everyone tries not to overwork, and literally it seems to everyone that all made work - it is exclusive his merit, the others here so, on backup dancers.

Not, it is simpler than one. And, main thing, more productively. Both to work and to have a rest and to be engaged in something as a hobby. Without spending time and forces for collecting and talk. Allocating to communication - both real, and virtual - separate time and without being engaged at this time in anything any more.

Well at least, me it seems so...