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Automobile electronics: benefit or potential danger?

the Modern car without electronics - a nonsense. Clever silicon under supervision of the cunning software operates operation of the engine and brakes, a wheel and suspension bracket. Soon, speak, the driver is not required at all, sat down in a car, keyed couple of figures - and read yourself the magazine or the annual financial statement to whom that approaches more. Beauty! Whether oh?

Scientists from the Californian university in San - Diego thought of safety of the cars stuffed with electronics, having looked at a problem from the point of view of the hacker.

Automobile electronics - in fact, the same computer trained to make the decision on the basis of indications of various sensors and to interfere with control systems of knots and units for correction of their work.

Is not present in the world of a computer which would not be subject to the competent hacker. It is only necessary to study iron and software, to think over and find the solution.

Hackers with university diplomas for a start in details studied the standard CAN system - Controller-area network, the protocol of exchange of information of devices of an onboard network of the electronic equipment of modern American cars. On the basis of this protocol electronics practically of all production of the American automotive industry of the last years works.

Then the special software of CarShark, some kind of interceptor of information packages capable to introduce amendments in them was developed.

As a result the hacker program had an opportunity to influence all systems and knots, from control of locks of doors and the conditioner, to brakes and the engine.

During demonstration of opportunities of new software developers “plaid pranks“ - loudspeakers of an onboard sound suddenly “got the idea“ on full power, indications of a speedometer jumped as the hares who are getting away from a fox, and the conditioner suddenly “shot“ at a face to the driver a stream of hot air.

It is still florets! Any was not difficult to organize uncontrollable drift at a huge speed, to kill the engine and to block doors. Operated all these arts from the ordinary laptop from other car moving nearby.

It is curious that all focuses resulted “incidentally“ from introduction to system of excess number of packages of casual information. What opportunities will open if CarShark “is licked into shape“ and will begin to correct signals purposefully?

Scientists visually showed that any electronic system created to facilitate life can be used in the opposite purposes.

Conceiving the experiment, experts from California sought not only to show the skills and abilities, but, first of all, to draw attention to problems of safety of modern cars with an electronic stuffing. According to one of professors, producers of cars neglect safety of the systems, and ignore a possibility of their breaking by malefactors.

That, experiment was obviously successful. The CarShark developers calm what today to repeat it to the “ordinary“ hacker not on forces, not only special knowledge will be required, but also access to the car, the malefactor it will be necessary or “to alter“ the on-board computer, or to enter additional devices into structure of electric equipment.

Is it difficult? Good luck on roads...