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Kani`s history

the Settlement of Kani - the usual mountain aul. Kani is one of the Lak settlements of Kulinsky district. Height above sea level - 1800 m, distance from Makhachkala - 155 - 160 km. Kani`s

- in the past the homeland of tinmen, bricklayers, and during the Soviet era - a cradle of talented teachers, doctors, engineers, economists, scientists.

Kani - originates from the small settlements which were located on hills around the present village. Earlier in the ancient time in the neighborhood of the present village of Kani there were small settlements: Byachiaribakiu, Akiilabakiu, Tsiovkirabakiu, Butsulttakhalu. Confirms it the remains of the bases of houses, graves and other objects.

Kaninets have a legend of delivery in marriage to the daughter from a tukhum of “Avburttigyukhjul“ to the settlement on the hill of “Byachiaribakiu“, and on a present cemetery of our village there is a gravestone monument with an inscription:

Ayzhayzhallikhjal of a dushr,

Avburttigyukhjal the sura,

Maylul chchatiaya chchatiayn

to Chchann bizlay buvkissara

(“I am a daughter of eminent hunters, the sister of seven brothers, without having attacked the earth on bushes of an isir, I came to the groom to the house“).

Different circumstances of economic, social, household character served as the reason of association of these the settlement to one village. The spaces for construction of the new village of the elder of all settlements which gathered for the choice decided to release two oxen and on that place where these oxen will lay down to build the mosque and around it to build the general village. The place was so chosen and construction of the present village is begun. On a wall of the mosque there is an inscription 1734 year.

Among toponymic names is of interest the name of some districts: “Gjulutsialu“, “Tsiuvkiravalu“, and some other. Behind the district of “Gjulutsialu“ there was one of ancient settlements, the name of the district probably from the name of this settlement “Gjullal above a sphere“ the village “Gullov“ (Huns).

According to the teacher Imranov Kamil, told him 120 - summer Abuyev Yusup from the village Kazi - Kumukh that Aglar - the Khan moved from Kazi - Kumukh rebellious, proud tukhum “Avburttigyukhjul“ to the district Akiila to a tank. To that place about which we speak above.

On the hill “Tsiuvkirabakiu“ there was one of settlements relating to Kani too. The name it probably proceeds from the name of ancient tribes of fire worshippers.

The man`s population of the village generally was engaged in an otkhodnichestvo, were tinmen and bricklayers, shoemakers.

There were in the settlement experts arabists, sheikhs. Here it is necessary to mention such names: Sapizhullakh - Haji, Zagidi - Haji, Bakyi - Haji Dibirova, Keesha Mahomed - Haji, Moussa - Haji, Amirshchekh - Haji and many others.

There was in Kani also a famous doctor - the doctor Shchulumi - Divir (Suleyman), to him there came patients from every quarter of Dagestan. It did drugs of herbs. Suleyman and a cancer illness treated.

Dibirov Maksud taught in Balkharsky madrasah. He was fond of poetry, composed poems on the beloved, was interested in Malley Balkharsky`s verses. According to Guseynov Maksud had Malley`s letters to Patimat Kazi - Kumukhskoy.

Big communication was available between our village and the village of Tsushchar. According to stories of old men Tsushchar came from kaninets. Tell that kaninets gave a vajpa (vakja), part of a harvest, a certain share to natives of the village of Kani.

On the small small river of “Kanink“ there were three small mills where ground wheat.

Revolt in 1877 did not lay kaninets aside. Kamil from present Imranov` family participated in it. Kamil together with Galya`s wife was sent into exile to the city of Arkhangelsk, having buried the husband Kamil to a tamzha, Ghali returned to the village and married the younger brother of the husband.

In 1914. In the village of Kani there lived 842 persons, there were 5 godekan here.

There were among kaninets also red guerrillas who battled against Denikin and other White Guards: this is Saidov Said, Alikurban and others.

The Second World War claimed the lives of 57 kaninets from 122 participants of war too. Participated in war the 14th officer, among them there are 2 lieutenants, 2 senior lieutenants, 3 captains, 4 majors, 1 lieutenant colonel, 1 colonel.

The major Kadayev Abdulkasim Kadayevich who is awarded the order the Red star took part on parade by the Victory Day in 1945, and in 1975

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