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How to decorate a drawing room?

If you plan to start dressing of a drawing room after completion of repair, you strongly risk. Many original jewelry demands a “dirty“ preparatory work. It is necessary to take care of such decor at the initial stages of repair.

Columns usually build at construction of the house. However at desire it is possible to create “support“ where it was not. The falseness - a column, or pilasters - a rectangular ledge on a wall comes to the rescue. It is an excellent way to visually reduce too big room of a drawing room, to break it into functional zones.

Falsh - walls in a drawing room most often build during creation of superficial niches. They can be necessary for a picture (in falseness - a box hide illumination) or plasma placement (hides wires). In the lower part falseness - walls it is possible to place the built-in regiments or if depth allows, the full-fledged place for storage, or even a fireplace. Minus decisions: reduction of the area of a drawing room, and not visually, and is quite real.

Arch apertures are used for zoning of a drawing room. With their help it is possible to divide the narrow, long room into parts or to emphasize a bay window, a niche.

A stucco molding - attribute of a classical drawing room. Modern sockets and eaves make not necessarily of plaster: plastic analogs are cheap, are easily painted in any color, are simple in installation. The stucco molding should not be in a drawing room too much. Rather modest border on perimeter of a ceiling and the socket for a chandelier.

In interroom doors instead of glasses it is possible to insert stained-glass windows . They are ordered specially or replace stained glass usual glass. Advantage of the similar decision - any drawing is available to you. However it is necessary to call the master - the fitter: independently it is quite difficult to replace glass in the majority of modern doors. It is possible to think of stained glass in advance: let it will be inserted at factory, at production of a cloth. However it will limit a circle of “patterns“ available to you. Stained-glass windows can be inserted into sliding partitions or to arrange falseness - a window: a box on a wall with a stained-glass window and illumination from within.

Perhaps, upon termination of repair you will come to a conclusion that the drawing room turned out too dim and boring. It is possible to recover walls by means of a border on ceiling perimeter (many are on sale in a collection with the combined wall-paper). Alternative: a list on a cliche, ready stickers - dekoretto.

If in a drawing room there is not enough visual center, you are forced to look at naked empty walls - borrow with their photowall-paper . The panel can be vykleivat over usual wall-paper. Do not forget that too large drawing reduces room volume. Choose pictures with a large number of details which will not bother to examine over time.

we recommend to apply to fans of graffiti drawing on an empty, monophonic wall. Today on sale there are excellent acrylic paints of all flowers of a range. In a drawing room in which in the evenings more often only some one corner is lit it is possible to use luminescent paints.

Repair is ended, the furniture is placed, it is time to add those trifles which build up “character“ of an interior to a drawing room: pictures, photos, mirrors, shelves, etc. of

are suitable For pictures monophonic walls better. In case of motley wall-paper we choose a wide frame. Is as follows: large cloths hang up the rule obliquely, it is slightly higher than the level of eyes; small - at the level of eyes, directly.

A collection of cards, photos of close people in an identical framework or a passe-partout are hanged out by groups. It is possible to make a collage in one big frame of photos.

The mirror in a drawing room is not obligatory, but at desire why and not to hang up? It is good if light, being reflected from a mirror, gets to the most dark corner; at the same time it is not recommended to hang up the reflecting cloth strictly opposite to windows and doors.

For souvenirs, various collections it is enough to get the shelf on a wall. Especially interesting “exhibits“ can be illuminated. On the same shelf it is possible to put several books which guests will be able to thumb through in your absence (to while away time).

All details of a drawing room up to furniture accessories and door handles are decor elements. In creation of an interior there are no trifles. Arms, bars, hooks of curtains, furniture handles, loops of eaves - except the direct task carry out also decorative function. Therefore have to be combined with each other and with furniture on color and style.