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How to refuse diapers or an important subject a pot?

One fine day when I changed a diaper to the kid, me the thought came to mind:- But whether it is time for us on a pot? The pot to us was presented beautiful, in the form of the machine, but as it appeared inconvenient. The kid climbed up from him, seated on him toys, pushed in him socks etc., but itself did not want to use him for designated purpose. It was necessary to leave for some time a pot alone, and most to be engaged in search of literature in this subject. Now I know that schooling of the child to a pot is a process long and demands huge patience. All children are individual also time frames when to the child to go to a pot does not exist. To learn, it is necessary to try and want.

So when to begin

1. As soon as the child learned to go when he can sit down and get up, show him a pot and acquaint with this new subject. It is the best of all to do it after food or a dream. Buy a convenient, steady and easy-to-use pot. Avoid the pots connected to a chair or a high stool in which mix up game, food and excrements. All this well in itself.

2. Do not listen to councils of grandmothers and neigbours who say that diapers are harmful, and their children went to a pot nearly from the cradle. This is your child and only you know whether he is ready to master such important sanitary product as a pot.

3. Show to the kid that the pot is intended to place there contents of diapers before throwing these contents into a toilet bowl. Till two years it is quite enough to acquaint the child with a pot and to explain for what it is necessary. It is not necessary to abuse the child if he is not able to handle a pot yet. In the summer let resembles without diapers and does in panties. If it has dirty panties, he will understand better that he is soiled. So he will quicker learn to understand that it is necessary for it and for what the pot is necessary.

4. You should not refuse diapers at once. Leave a diaper at night until the child does not ask it to clean or you feel that it is ready to it. If a diaper in the morning dry, then congratulate the child surely. Dry diapers will remain night only by the end of the third year of life.

5. Listen to the children. Sounds an - a or pi - pi will prompt about desires of the child. Also the kid can drag himself for panties or sit down on hunkers. Very well if he asks a pot or will bring it. Estimate its efforts and sincerely be glad if it fills a pot and if nothing is impossible, then be not upset. Everything is good in its season.

6. Offer the child a pot in the morning, after food and after a lunch dream, and also before withdrawal to a dream. Lift it from a pot as soon as it filled it that became it clear for what this subject is necessary, and amicably go to throw out contents in a toilet and to lower water. This process very much is pleasant to children.

7. Well and the most important - is less than conflicts and hysterics. The more you will press on the child, the more he will resist. Do not abuse it if it still soils a diaper or does not get to a pot, encourage its progress. He will learn everything if not today, then tomorrow.